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1821 saw the birth of their third child, Carolyn ; they now had two girls and one boy. It was also the year that John served as Overseer of the Poor. Professionally it was one of the more diverse years. He was heavily involved in inclosure work particularly at Chilfrome, but was also working on a wide range of landed estates, mapping them, valuing them and arranging their sale ; he was also in his third year as Steward to the Lord of the Manor of Rampisham, Mrs Daniells.  The diary opens however with details of his work at Wraxall which is not otherwise mentioned in this diary.

The inside of the 1821 diary

Wraxall Glebe

Arable Plot

Js Curtis

£39 0 0 pd [paid]

20 0 0

Higher Ten Acres & Moor

Js Curtis

Acre and half

Wm Curtis

£4 12 0 pd

4 12 0

Higher Five Acres


£13 10 0

Lower Ten Acres

Jacob Bridle

£27 0 0 pd

12 10 0

£84 2 0

Let Thomas Beater two Lots of the Hill at 38£


Wraxall Glebe 1821

Mr Plowman for the acre & half

£4 12 0

James Curtis Ten acres Moor & Barton

£38 0 0

Wm Curtis the Five acres

£13 10 0

Lower ten acres Hay Js Curtis

Aftergrass Wm Henning

£15 17 6

£2 17 6

£74 17 0

Mowing by hand with a scythe did not result in a close cut. The Hay crop for Lower Ten acres at Wraxall was worth £15 17s6d but the grass left behind – the after grass- was used to feed cattle after the harvest. If the meadows were used for ‘common pasture’ the commoners would be allocated strips of meadow from which they would be able to take the hay. After this the field would be ‘broken’ to allow access by the commoners cattle. Most parishes had strict rules as to who was entitled to the grazing, as to when the fields could be ‘broken’ and when the cattle had to be removed to protect next years hay crop. In this case however the after grass was of a single field belonging to the rector glebe land and a solitary villager had the right, for the sum of £2 17s 6d to graze his cattle their after the harvest. Disputes occasionally arose about the depth of cut made in the grass. At Child Okeford the rector took a farmer to court accusing him of not cutting the grass hard enough. He alleged that the amount of hay [from which he would claim his tithe] was reduced thereby. As it happens he lost the case but we can see the temptation placed in the farmer’s way; the after grass was not titheable.


















The next page starts off with an interesting note ,240 bricks to one perch 14 brick wall”. Strictly speaking a perch is an area of land rather than a length. However as a perch was a square rod and a rod was a unit of length [5 ½ yards] he may have used the term perch and rod interchangeably. Next comes a record of who bought the tithe hay for the year.







S Brake

£15 0 0

15 0 0 pd


Messrs Willy & Watts

£18 2 6

5 0 0

13 2 6 pd


Mr Watts

£10 0 0

3 0 0

7 0 0 pd


Mr Ireland

£7 5 0

2 0 0


Richard Ellis

£6 2 6

6 2 6 all paid


Mr Stickland

£8 5 0

2 0 0

6 5 0 reced


Mr Tucker Shaw

£1 15 0

Sold to J Chubb @ 35s


Butcher Morris

£1 7 0

1 0 0

0 7 0 reced


L Dunford Frith

£1 11 0

0 11 0

1 0 0 reced


R Swatridge

£1 11 6

0 11 6

1 0 0 reced

£70 19 6

20 5 0

He then records the sale of wool, from which it appears that he sold about 20 packs of wool.

Wool 1821

82 Fleeces & Lambs wool at 1s per lb [imperial pound weight]

1 Pack weight @ 29 ½ lb












Diary Entries for 1821

Accounts entries



1st -2nd January 1821

Plotting Chilfrome

Cash in hand £7 7s 3d

The Act to inclose Chilfrome was passed in 1814 but clearly took some time to get started.

3rd4th January 1821

Working upon Jobs for Mr W J – Ld I

WJ = William Jennings Jnr.

Ld I = Lord Ilchester.

This is the first entry where he records working for Lord Ilchester.

5th– 6thJanuary 1821

Plotting Chilfrome

£3 10s Reced one Yrs Rent of my Land on Frome Hill due Michas last

Michaelmas is the 29th September. Frequently bills were paid late. This is the first record of him owning land. Frome Hill is south of Dorchester which is a strange location for him to own land. It is not heard of again.

7th January 1821

At Home

8th– 11th January 1821

Plotting Chilfrome

12th January 1821

Rent day at Evershot

Went to Yeovil with my Cows but did not sell

Similarly this is the first reference in the diaries to farming.

13th January 1821

Plotting Chilfrome

14th January 1821

At Home

15th16th January 1821

Plotting Chilfrome

Brought forward £10 17s 3d

Paid Mr Trenchards Meat Bill for one Yr £23 14s 8d

Pd Mrs Martin to pay Bills £10 0s 0d

Pd Brett Tailor £2 14s 6d

Pd Ways Bill for Lead for Gutter &c £1 6s 7d

Pd Mrs Martin to pay Bills £3

Pd Thompkins for Meat 11s

Pd for Picture Frame £2 8s 6d

Pd 2 weeks keep for Edwin 12s

Pd Man bringing Cows back from Yeovil 2s 6d

He was either feeling flushed or guilty when he paid his meat bill a year late.

Martin married in 1816 and we see him paying his wife, Mary, two amounts £10 and then £3 to pay domestic bills.

Edwin was born in 1820 and baptised in June of that year. Why did he need to pay for two weeks “keep” and what did it involve.

Although he did not sell his cows at Yeovil he still had to pay for them to be brought back.


January 1821 was an expensive month for Martin with over £40 pounds [£2300+ in modern values] being paid out for a variety of reasons. At at time when agricultural labourers subsisted on bread and little else he spent £23 + on meat. Almost a years wages for an ‘ag lab’. It is not clear why he spent 12s on ‘keep for Edwin’.

17thJanuary 1821


Preparing Vellum for Ld Eldon’s Maps

He got his days wrong in these entries.

18thJanuary 1821


Taking off Ld Eldon’s Maps on Vellum

£10 Reced of Willm Thompkins for a Cow

19th -20thJanuary 1821


21stJanuary 1821

At Home

22ndJanuary 1821

Plotting Chilfrome

23rdJanuary 1821

Preparing Vellum for Ld Eldon’s Plans

According to Wikipedia John Scott, a lawyer and politician was created Earl of Eldon in the “County Palatine of Durham” in 1821 and then bumped up to Viscount Encombe in Dorset. Encombe House is near the village of Kingston. Presumably Martin was working on Estate maps for him.

24thJanuary 1821

Taking of Do.

25thJanuary 1821

Sale of Timber at Ransom

Working upon Ld Eldon’s Plans

£9 Reced of Ralph Swatridge and Wm Thompkins for Cows

Martin usually refers to Rampisham as Ransom. The text explains why.

26thJanuary 1821

Went to Ransom & divided the Large Allts [Allottments] on the Hill into three Pieces –

27thJanuary 1821

Making Ld Eldon’s Fair Maps

28thJanuary 1821

At Home

29th -31stJanuary 1821

Making Lord Eldon’s Maps


John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon studio of Sir Thomas Lawrence oil on canvas, circa 1828, based on a work of 1826 NPG 464© National Portrait Gallery, London Creative Commons Licence.

The Encombe estate; surveyed by John Martin in 1821.



1st – 3rd February 1821


Reced of John Vine in part of Potatoe Land due Michas 1820 } pd 7d

Potatoe lands are dealt with in the section on farming.

4th February 1821

At Home

5th -6thFebruary 1821

Working Lord Eldons’ Map

7thFebruary 1821

Making Sketches of Pen for Sir Rd Hoare

Faintly in pencil

Begun loaves from Ransom 2 a week.

Pd Mr Daws Bread Bill } £3 2s

Sir Richard Colt Hoare owned Stourhead and Penselwood. He was famed for being an antiquarian and archaeologist. He was to die in 1838 aged 70 yr’s.

8thFebruary 1821


Pd Thompkins for Meat 4s 8d

9th– 10thFebruary 1821

Making Lord Eldon’s Plans

11thFebruary 1821

At Home

12th– 15th February


Making Sketch of Silverton for Mr Wm Jennings

Pd Smiths Bill of Ransom for Beans &c £2 5s 9d

This was probably for land owned by the Earl of Ilchester.

16th– 17th February 1821

About Ld Eldons Maps

Pd for Coals £1 14s

Dogs Chain 2s 8d

He kept several dogs for Hare Coursing and they occasionally get a mention in the diaries. Of his most important animals – horses there is no mention at all.

18th February 1821

At Home

19th February 1821

Made Plan of Laverstock for Lord Holland

Brought Forward

Received £38 3s 3d

Paid £69 6s 10d

Henry Vassall Fox 3rd Baron Holland was a Whig Politician. This was a part of an estate sale at Laverstock near Salisbury.


Henry Richard Vassal Fox 3rd Lord Holland. Taken by author at National Portrait Gallery.








20th February 1821

Do. and went to Farmer Comdens Sale

Purchased Barrener £8

A barrener is/was a cow that had been mated but is not in calf.

21st February 1821

Went to Ransom &c

22nd February 1821

Went to Hardington respg Fence Farm Common &c

This is Hardington Mandeville in Somerset. Martin was one of two valuers to apportion the tithe rent-charge in 1841. How he came to be involved in the parish in the first place is not known.

23rd– 24th February 1821

Making Sketch of Chilfrome for Valuing

Reced of Bitha [sic] Colmer in part for rent due May 1820} pd 18s 6d

Who Bitha Colmer was is not known.

25th February 1821

At Home

26th February 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure receiving claims

£11 4s Reced of Miller & Way for a Cow

Pd for Garden Seeds 3s

27th February 1821

Do. Ransom Hay Sale

Pd for Veal 3s

Pd for Bullock Heart 1s

The entry for the Bullock Heart is unique. Udal in his ‘Dorsetshire Folk-Lore’ notes that a Bullocks heart placed in the chimney was the usual remedy to prevent witches and fairies entering the house.


The entry for the Bullock Heart is unique. Udal in his ‘Dorsetshire Folk-Lore’ notes that a Bullocks heart placed in the chimney was the usual remedy to prevent witches and fairies entering the house. This being their usual portal of entry.

28th February 1821



1st March 1821


Pd my Share of Bill at the Acorn on Chilfrome £1 7s 6d

Lost at Cards 6s

Pd Mrs Martin on acct £1

Pd Plowman for Bran &c £2 7s 6d

2nd March 1821

Finishing Laverstock Returned &c

3rd March 1821

Making Lord Eldon’s Plan

4th March 1821

At Home

5th March 1821

Went to Chilfrome Staking Allottments

£9 Received Miller & Way for a Barrener

Paid for Meat 13s 6d

Gave to luck 1s

6th March 1821

Making Lord Eldon’s Maps

Paid Mr J Jennings for Jacobs C Keaper 12 s 6d

7th -9th March 1821


Paid for a Cow and Calf £11 11s 0d

10th March 1821

Measuring Trenching at Ransom

11th March 1821

At Home

12th March 1821

Went to Beaminster

Pd for errands and Shoeing Horse 3s

13th March 1821

Went to Stoke respg Poors [sic] Rate Slept at Woodstreet

This is East Stoke. Woodstreet farm, owned by the Jesty family with whom the Martin’s were friendly, was close by.

14th-17th March 1821


Pd for Pencil and Rubber 1s 6d

Expenses at Dorchester 1s 6d

Paid for Shrub 5s 6d

Gave Servant at W. Street 2s

18th March 1821

At Home

19th March 1821

Making Stoke Poors Rate

We would call it the Poor Rate i.e. the rate for the Poor. They often called it the Poors rate i.e. the rate belonging to the poor. A subtle difference.

20th -21st March 1821


£50 Reced of Mr William Jennings a Years Salary due Michaelmas 1820

Paid Mr Wm Jennings 5 Years Insurance of my House up to Xmas 1821 £7 18s 4d

Jennings does not appear to have had any working involvement with Rampisham but at the time of Tithe Commutation refers to himself as ‘Agent for the Earl of Ilchester’. This ‘salary’ is probably a retainer for Martin’s work for the Earl of Ilchester

22nd March 1821

Do. when finished

12th January Pd for Errands at Yeovil not carried for 16s 6d

Pd for a Blank Book for Stoke Rate but did not use it 2s 6d

Another reference to him preparing the Poor’s Rate assessment at East Stoke.

23rd March 1821

At Home about Garden &c

Paid Plashing Garden Hedge 3s

24th March 1821

Making Sketches of Sale Lots and Public Roads for Chilfrome

Pd small Sums not recollected £1

25thMarch 1821

At Home

26th March 1821

Dined at the Turnpike Meeting Acorn

27th March 1821

Cleaning off and packing up Lord Eldon’s Maps

28th March 1821

Set off for Hampshire to Value Mr Ashleys Estates at Arnewood slept at X-Church [Christchurch]

This was under the auspices of the Sway and Arnewood inclosure in Hampshire.

29th March 1821

Valuing at Arnewood and slept at Lymington

£3 Reced of Mr Butcher for Mr Jones’s Maps

Postage &c on this 2s 6d

30thMarch 1821

Returning Home slept at Dewlish

£11 13s 4d Reced from Arnewood Inclosure what Mr Wm Jennings paid Public expenses

Pd Expenses travelling to and from Arnewood £1 12s 6d

31st March 1821

Arrived Home


1st April 1821

At Home

2nd April 1821

About Jobs at Home

Pd Mrs Martin on Acct of House keeping £3 0s 0d

3rdApril 1821

Making out Valuation of Mr Ashleys Estate at Arnewood

Pd Mr Yeatmans wine and Spirit Bill £6 4s 0d

Pd Wm Miller for Dung 10s

The importance of dung, is reflected in the number of entries concerning it over the years.

4th April 1821

Went to Chilfrome to find out mistakes in Measuring

5th April 1821

Went to Mudford respg Dr Daniells going out Tenant

Dr Daniell charge

Mudford is North of Yeovil. The Daniell family owned the Manor of Rampisham.

6th April 1821

Went to Chilfrome respg Map

Pd Mr Dunning for Feed £2 4s 0d

7th April 1821

At Home

8th April 1821

At Home

9th April 1821

At Home about Jobs

Pd for 9 Oak Slabs £3

10th April 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure valuing lands

11th -14th April 1821


15th April 1821

At Home

16th April 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure Sale of Lands

17th April 1821


18th April 1821

At Home about Jobs

Cow to Bull

19th April 1821

Working upon Chilfrome Map


A portion of John Martin’s inclosure map.

20th April 1821

Making Sketch of Quakers Charity Long Sutton

In the 16th and 17th century the Tucker family owned land in Long Sutton a part of which, Sutton Hosey, was sold in 1704 to a William Steele. On his death in 1715 he devised the estate in trust to a charity in support of the Quakers which apparently survived until 1921.[1]

21st April 1821


22nd April 1821

At home

23rd April 1821

Rent Day at Ransom & dined at Association dinner

Pd for ½ Hundred of Cheese £1 1s 0d

Pd ½ Years Taxes £4 2s 71/4d

An unusual unit for cheese.

24th April 1821

Making Sketch of Quakers Charity Long Sutton

£10 10s 0d Received half a Yrs Salary from Ransom due Ldy Dy last

Pd Mr J Jennings for Rogue Smiths writ £1 3s 6d

Pd Charlotte Holloways Boy for Work £1 5s 0d

Since Jennings was a solicitor we may assume that ‘Rogue Smith’ was being taken to court by Martin.

25th April 1821

Finished Do.

26th April 1821

Went to Bridport Respg Loder &c

£32 10s 0d Received of Mr Templer bill on Bridport Turnpike

27th April 1821

Went to Chilfrome finding out State of Property


Postage upon Stoke Poors Rate 2s 4d

Paid for Ink & Pencil 1s 6d

Paid Carriage of Jones’s Plans from Lymington 3s 4d

Paid for Carriage of Vellum 4d

Paid Postage on Businesses 1s 6d

Pd for Horse Keep at Bridport March £1 1s 0d

Expenses at Bridport 8s 6d

28th April 1821




29th April 1821

At home

Brought Forward

Received £166 19s 7d

Paid £134 19s 5d

30th April 1821

Working upon Chilfrome Map


1st May 1821

Tithed Mr Noakes’s Lambs [28] and sold them to him for 14£ [sic]

Pd for Stamp receipt when reced Bill on Bridport Turnpike 1s

John Noake was a tenant farmer in Wraxall born in 1767.

2nd May 1821

Numbering Chilfrome Map &c

Pd for a Doz small Knives and Forks 14s

3rd May 1821


Pd at Ransom for Oats Straw &c £4 18s 5d

4th May 1821

Making Particulars Survey of Chilfrome

Pd Mr Shepherd of Bridport for Black Cloth for a Coat & W[aist] Coat £3 11s 0d

5th May 1821


Pd Chain Man on further Acct attndg Commissioner Valuing &c £1 15s 0d

Pd Mr J Jesty’s Malt Bill £11 6s 3d

6th May 1821

At Home

Reced of Mr Oakley Bill upon Mr Hardy for Plans of Water Trial £6 6s 0d

Pd Mr Oakley what I reced for him being Balance Bill on Arnewood £9 25s 0d

Pd Postage on Businesses 6d

Another enigmatic entry presumably in view of the next one to do with the Arnewood inclosure.

7th May 1821

Scaling Chilfrome

Pd for Hops 3s

Pd Daniell & Beachem Bill for Grt Coat £3 16s 9d

8th May 1821

Attending Mr Noake at Wraxall finding out his estates at Chilfrome


An expensive pencil – it would cost about £3 today.

9th May 1821

Completing Map Names &c as corrected yesterday

Pd Thos Hows 3/-

Do. Rd Groves 2/6d

10th May 1821

Scaling Chilfrome

11th -12th May 1821


Pd for a Pencil 1s

13th May 1821

At Home

14th May 1821

Evershot Fair

kept today instead of Saturday

Pd Chubb & Jessop Sawing my Plank 11s 10d

Country fairs were not spontaneous affairs. They were granted anciently by the King and had to be celebrated on specific unalterable dates. Evershot fair was held on the 12th May and was primarily for, as Hutchins describes it ‘bullocks and toys’. As a considerable amount of festivity was involved there was a risk that if the fair fell on a Saturday, such festivities would spill over into the sabbath. This was anathema so the fair was postponed.

15th May 1821

Scaling Chilfrome


Ink Bottle at Noahy [?]

Pd Curtis of Ransom Shoeing Horse 10s 4d

Pd for 1000 Laths from Weymouth £1

Pd Man Gard[enin]g 1s 2d

16th -17th May 1821


Pd Mr J Jennings for 2 sacks of Pot[atoes] 5s

Pd for Ear Pick &c 3s

18th May 1821

Making out Particulars of Lands in Portland for Mr John Henning

£50 Reced of Mr Wm Jennings on Acct

Pd Mrs Martin on a/c £15

19th May 1821

Put Pony on Ransom Hill


Pd Mr Swaine for Coals £7 7s 11d

20th May 1821

At Home

21st May 1821

Scaling Chilfrome Map

Pd Thos Brett Nailing Trees 2s

22nd May 1821

Making three Sketches of Laverstock and Ford for Lord Hollands Sale

Pd Andrew Groves for having my Horse Shoed at Bridport and Turnpike 3s

23rd May 1821

Scaling Chilfrome Map

24th May 1821


25th May 1821

Tithed more Lambs at Wraxall 20 & scaling Chilfrome

Paid Whites Boy for Work 5s 4d

Paid for Fish 1s

26th May 1821

Scaling Chilfrome

27th May 1821

At Home

28th May 1821

Scaling Chilfrome

29th May 1821

Went to Toller Down Fair from thence to Bridport Measuring Down Hall Estate


dotted line Mr Millis

Down Hall Estate near Bridport. The sale was ordered by a decree of the High Court of Chancery as a result of a legal dispute between Nathaniel Down [presumably the owner] and Joseph Gundry.

30th May 1821

At Bridport Measuring Dined at Mr Colfox’s

31st May 1821



1stJune 1821

Do. and went Home

2ndJune 1821

At Home Robert Jenning here

Probably Thomas Robert Jennings one of the sons of John Jennings. He was to meet with an accident that paralysed him and rendered him an imbecile. He was placed into a private asylum but subsequently died.

3rd June 1821

Went to Bridport in the evening

More work on the Down Hall estate.

4th June 1821

Measuring at Bridport

5th -7th June 1821


Pd Mr Fletcher for Trees 13s

8th June 1821

Loder Inclosure Examining Drft of Award returned Home

Pd Chain Man on the Bradpole & Allington Business 15s 6d

Liquor for Do. 7s

Pd my Expenses on the Bradpole Business £3 15s

9th June 1821

Making Plan of Bradpole & Allington

Paid Postage on Business 5s 10d

10th June 1821

At Home

11th June 1821

Making Plan of Bradpole and Allington

Brought Forward

Received £223 5s 7d

Paid £206 1s 4d

12th June 1821

Finished and sent it to Bridport

13th June 1821

Scaling Chilfrome

14th -15th

June 1821


Paid for a 12 feet deal 8s

16th June 1821

Went to Woodstreet Mrs Martin there

Pd for Exchange of Saddle £2 2s 0d

17th June 1821

At Woodstreet

Paid for a New Hat £1

Expenses to and from 8s 6d

18th June 1821

Returned Home from Woodstreet

Pd Mrs Martin on a/c £3

Pd Boy & Girl for work 4s 6d

19th June 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure 4 o/k [o’clock] dinner

Pd for 36cwt of Coals £3

20th June 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure

Mowed my Grass

Pd Expenses at this Meeting Chilfrome £1 4s 9d

The importance of the Hay harvest cannot be overstated. In earlier times the hay harvest determined if the livestock would survive the coming winter and the wheat harvest, in July/ August, if the human population would.

21st – 23rd June 1821


Pd Mr Meech for a Slab for Paint 4s

Paid Mr Beater for Hay £1 10s

Paint for domestic purposes was supplied in slab form. No ready made paint in those days.

24th June 1821

At Home

25th June 1821

Ricked my Hay Courtlands

Pd Mowing 8s

Do. Haymaking 2s 6d

Do. Do. 5s 8d

26th June 1821

Making Collecting Sheets for Chilfrome

Court rolls recorded the manorial tenancies but had to be checked against what the tenants believed were there properties. Sheets were distributed to those with claims under the inclosure act for later collection.

27th June 1821

Working upon Chilfrome casting &c

28th June 1821


29th June 1821

Loder Inclosure Meeting Examnd Accounts &c

Pd for Horse at Loder 2s

Pd for Look [sic] for Garden 3s

Pd Horse &c Dorchester 2s 6d

Pd for White Lead 12s 4d

30th June 1821

Went to Dorchester with Population form for Evershot

Population in 1801 /497

Males 289

Females 278

Total 567

Militia man 6 = 573

Population 1811 498 increase 75

John Martin was Overseer of the Poor in 1821 and was responsible for gathering the data. In those days a simple enumeration of the population. It was not until 1841 that individual households were recorded.



1st July 1821

At Home

2nd July 1821

Working upon Chilfrome Castings &c

made Loder Rate

Pd Boy 2s 4d

3rd July 1821

Working upon Chilfrome Castings &c

4th July 1821

Do. ½ a day

Pd for Fish &c 2s 6d

5th July 1821

Staked out Public Road at Kites Green and took up Horse Hills

It is assumed this is at Chilfrome though the 6” OS map of 1888 does not show such areas.

6th July 1821

Collecting Property Chilfrome

7th July 1821


8th July 1821

At Home

9th July 1821

Collecting Chilfrome Property

10th – 14th July 1821


15th July 1821

At Home

16th July 1821

Ricked my Hay in Courtlands

Pd Haymaking 4s 9d

Do. 2s 6d

Do. 3s 6d

The tithe map shows a number of fields known as Courtlands. These had probably been owned directly by the manor at one time. This particular field was known as Rowland Courtlands after its owner Adam Rowland.

17th July 1821

Working upon Chilfrome Inclosure

18th July 1821


19th July 1821

King Geo the 4th Crowned


20th July 1821

Working upon Chilfrome Inclosure

Let Mrs Martin have on Account £5

21st July 1821


22nd July 1821

At Home

23rd July 1821

Dorchester for myself and to

Went to Plush for Mr Wm Jennings respg Hardy and Devenish

£12 10s Reced this day Interest on £250 on Navy per Cents from Mr Pattisons Bank who has power to receive the same due 5th July instantly

Martin had extensive holdings in various consuls and bonds.

24th July 1821

Working upon Chilfrome

Pd Exchange for a new Bridle 12s

Expenses at Dorchester 5s 6d

25th July 1821

Completing Loder award Maps

26th July 1821

Completing Loder award Maps

27th July 1821

Went to Chilfrome examining claims with Farmer Guppy

28th July 1821

At Home the whole day

29th July 1821

At Home

30th July 1821


Pd Wm Knight Tailor for Mr B Jesty 15s 6d

31st July 1821

At Home with Men in Garden

Pd Men Gardening 4s 6d


1st August 1821

Loder Inclosure put off

Working upon Chilfrome Rough scheme

2nd August 1821


3rd August 1821

Do. when finished the same

4th August 1821

Measuring Cop:[pice] in Melbury Park

5th August 1821

At Home

6th August 1821

Measuring Coppice in Melbury Park &c

Pd for Rose Pink &c 2s 6d

Pd John Thompkins making Hedge in Poor Close 5s

Another form of paint.

7th August 1821

Casting same & went to Ransom &c

8th August 1821

Colouring Passage at Home &c &c

The paint slab was at last put to good use. Or was it the Rose Pink?

9th August 1821

Dorchester Assizes

He was of course eligible for Jury service. As he was away for two days he probably dis serve on it.

10th August 1821

Dorchester Assizes

Returned Home

Pd for Brandy £2 12s 6d

11th August 1821

At Home and went to Ransom

12th August 1821

At Home

13th August 1821

Making Fair Plan of Little Main Farm

Pd Matthew Knight for 4 pr of Drawers £1 1s 0d

Pd for Gin £2 10s

There is a whole range of expenses here but my favourite is the guinea paid for drawers and £2 10s for gin. At the bottom is the only entry concerning his work as Overseer.











14th August 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure

4 o’clock dinner

15th August 1821


£196 3s 6d Reced my Bill on Loder Inclosure

Pd Expenses of Loder Meetings £6 10s

Pd for Horse on Do. Loder 2s

Loder pd other fines 15s 6d

now £6 10s

£7 5s 6d

16th August 1821

Loder Inclosure to sign award

17th August 1821

Chilfrome Meeting Broke up & went to Froome [sic] to Measure Land for J Petty

Pd Mr Enson for Grocery’s £1 19s 8d

Pd for Horse 1s 6d

18th August 1821

Went to Dorchester upon Framptons Bastardy J Pettys Acct

Paid for Warrant on Framptons Bastardy 3s

For the story of Bastardy at this time see here. The warrant was for the apprehension of the putative father of the baby.


As you might expect the story does not have a happy ending. The Overseers records read: Dec 3rd “Shroud Eliz Framptons child 2s….Mr Conway coffin for Do.[ditto] 7s”






19th August 1821

At Home

20th August 1821

Colouring Passage up Stairs &c

Expenses at Acorn last week on Chilfrome £1 4s 0d

21st August 1821

Went to Ransom

Expenses at Bridport on this day 6s

22nd August 1821

Went to Loder to divide soil allotment between the Lords Sr E Nepean and Mr Down

This was Sir Evan Nepean who died the following year and was succeeded by his son Sir Molyneux Hyde Nepean.

23rd August 1821

Working upon Chilfrome taking up Roads &c

24th August 1821

Staking Road over the Down

25th August 1821

Do. and Measuring off the same

26th August 1821

At Home

27th August 1821

Finally taking up Roads on Map and preparing Fair Scheme

28th August 1821

Making Fair Scheme dined at Mr J J[ennings]

29th August 1821

Do. Misses Wards dined at my House

30th August 1821

Finished Fair Scheme

Pd Wm Knight ^Tailor for Mr B Jesty 15s 6d

Pd Men Gardening 4s 6d

Pd Edward Chubb for a Rope to tie the Cow 3s

31st August 1821

Allotting Chilfrome my Brother George came to Evershot.

Martin had at least four siblings the youngest of whom appears to be George who lived in Oxford and was a servant to St John’s college.


1st September 1821


2nd September 1821


3rd September 1821

Working upon Chilfrome Fair Allotting

Paid Sydenham of Yeovil for a Pair of Wellington Boots £1 8s

Pd for Horse 8d



Invented in 1815 the Wellington boot rapidly became popular and was no doubt very necessary for someone who spent most of his time outside, frequently in the wet. The price in modern terms is not much less than some pairs of modern boots- £80 40p- but I bet I know whose lasted longer. At three times the yearly wage of an agricultural worker it was an expensive purchase.


4th September 1821


5th September 1821

Shooting at Ransom

6th September 1821

Fair Scheming Chilfrome

7th September 1821


8th September 1821

Went to Yeovil Valuing Lands for Mrs Daniell about to be sold

9th September 1821

At Home

10th September 1821

Plush Inclosure Meeting at Cerne

Paid Expenses at Cerne on Plush 8s 6d

11th September 1821



Pd Mr Daws Bred [sic] Bill

Pd Mrs Martin to pay Gilberts Bill & Chas Daws Bread Bill £15

12th September 1821

Allotting Chilfrome & giving Instructions for advertisement

13th September 1821

Went Shooting

14th September 1821

Went Coursing dined at Mr J J[ennings]’s

15th September 1821

My brother George left Evershot

16th September 1821

At Home

17th September 1821

Fair Scheming Chilfrome

18th September 1821


Paid Mr Clayton 1 years tithe due Ldy day last £1 14s 0d

19th September 1821

Do. & went to Ransom

20th September 1821

Fair Scheming Chilfrome

21st September 1821


22nd September 1821


23rd September 1821

At Home

24th September 1821

Shooting at Chilfrome

Pd Pitcher Gardening 10s 6d

Pd for Corn Sieve 2s 6d

A wether sheep is a castrated male sheep.

25th September 1821

At Home

Pd Man Staking roads at Chilfrome 4s

Pd Mr Wm Trenchard for 8 wether sheep last Toller Down Fair £9 11s 0d

26th September 1821

Staking Sale allotments at Chilfrome


Paid for Ink 6d

27th September 1821



28th September 1821


Pd for Oats Eggs &c from Ransom }£2 8s 1d

29th September 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure Making Maps of Sale Lots £3 3s 0d

Pd Postage on Business 1s 8d

Pd for Colouring for Stair case &C 2s 6d

We now discover he did not paint the house himself.

30th September


At Home


1st October 1821


2nd October 1821

Went to Ransom

3rd October 1821

At Home

Pd Mr Warr his Bill for Deals &c £1 17s

4th October 1821

Making out arrear acct for Mrs Daniell and writing letter

5th October 1821

Went to Ransom

6th October 1821

Went to M Newton and Sydling Coursing caught 8 Hares and 2 Rabbits

Reced of John Vine remainder of Potatoe [sic] rent to Lady Dy 1821 3s 7d

Pd Thos Beater for Pig £1

Coursing was a common ‘sport’ and one that appears regularly in the diaries. Oddly a game certificate was needed for rabbits but not hares.

7th October 1821

At Home

8th October 1821

Went to Ransom

Pd Mrs Martin on Account of Housekpg £5

Pd Mrs Seymour for chest of drawers £1 10s 0d

9th October 1821

Measured Wetley at Melbury

Packing Boxes for Lord Eldon’s Plans charged yes

Paid Mr Conways Bill £13 15s 0d

This is Wheatley at Melbury Sampford a pasture of some 23 acres.

10th October 1821

Evershot Court

Pd Matt Knight for a Pair of Trousers £1 11s 6d

Pd Mrs Rowland Rent 10s

Do. Lords Rent 5s 10d

Do. my own Lds Rent 3s 6d

Mrs Rowland was the wife of Adam Rowland why she only got 10s is not known. See the entry for 22nd October.

11th October 1821

Went to Stapleton to Measure Road for Ld Ilchester

Pd Lake for a Quarter of Oats £1 0s 0d

Probably Winterbourne Steepleton.

12th October 1821

Working a little upon Broad Main Map unwell with a Cold

13th October 1821

Writing in Ld Ilchester s accounts

14th October 1821

At Home

15th October 1821

Went to Sherborne Fair with Mr Jesty

Reced of Mr Jesty what I paid for him [tailoring] 15s 6d

Pd Mr Jesty for Table Mats 13s

Pd in Exchange for another Saddle £1 7s

Expenses at Sherborne 5s 6d

Expenses at Odcombe 1s

Pd Erasmus Cox for Work 6s 6d

Do. 3s 6d

16th October 1821

Went to Odcombe to Measure Fields there for Mr Banger

Expenses at Odcombe 1s

17th October 1821

Writing my Lords Accounts

18th October 1821

Do. Bad Cold

19th20th October 1821


21st October 1821

At Home

22nd October 1821

Writing in my Lords Accounts

Mr Rowlands Rent £12

Heriot 10s

Land Tax 5s 2d

Lords Rent 5s 10d £1 1s 0d

£10 19s 0d

23rd – 24th October 1821


Paid Bollen Bal of Bill for Bread 6s 6d

Pd J Thompkins Brewing 1s 6d

25th October 1821

Ransom Court

Martin took over the stewardship of the Manor of Rampisham in 1818. This is the first diary instance of him holding the Manor’s Annual Court Leet.

26th October 1821

Writing in my Lords accounts sent rent of Courtland by a son of Coles of Hook

Caroline Born 10 mins past 8 in the Evening

The birth of his first child. She died two years later.


Note the finger pointed to the entry.

27th October 1821 1821

Writing in my Lords Accounts

Given the proximity to the Ransom Court this probably refers to the Lord of the Manor at Rampisham.

28th October 1821

At Home

29th October 1821

Went to Ransom and Wraxall to see Mr Clement

£39 18s 6d Reced of Messrs Ward and Merriman Cheque on Child and Co London for 1 years Interest from Bishopstone due 29th Sept last

30th October 1821

Writing in my Lords Account

Pd Wm Day for 35 cwt of coals £2 18s 4d

Pd Mr Plowman for Bran & Barley 19s 3d

31st October 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure

Sale of Lands


1st November 1821

Chilfrome Inclosure Meeting

Pd Isaac Frampton for 20 Hund Coals £1 13s 4d

Pd Eras Cox’s work 6s

2nd – 3rd November 1821


Pd my expenses at the Acorn Chilfrome £1 11s 0d

4th November 1821

At Home

5th November 1821

Altering Allotments on Chilfrome Map [charge]

Reced of Mr Wm Jennings

at Somerton on Tithe 2s 4d

Potatoe Lots on East Hill 3s 6d

Meterological Book 2s

Giving notices 18s

At Mr Bangers 2s

Chiselborough Timber 17s 6d

Pd for Mr Field at Long Sutton and pen £1 1s 0d

£3 7s 2d

6th November 1821


7th November 1821

Working upon my Lords Accounts

£12 0s 0d Reced of Mr J Jennings for a Pony

£10 10s 0d Reced ½ yrs Salary Ransom

Paid Mr Wm Jennings for 7 Pound Hops 7s

Pd Mr Wm Jennings

£7 0s 3d

£1 Reced of Mrs Henning

Thompkins to Ldy Day1820

Melbury Men to 1819 £4 15s 0d

Do. to 1820 £5 9s 6d

East Hill 1820 £13 17s 10d

Bitha Colmer on Acct to May 1820 18s 6d

£33 1s 1d

8th- 10th November


Pd Pitcher on Chilfrome for labour 3s

11th November 1821

At Home

12th November 1821

Working upon my Lords Accounts

£150 Reced on Acct Chilfrome Inclosure

13th November 1821

Allotting Chilfrome

14th November 1821

Allotting Chilfrome ½ day

Pd for Canvas 10s

15th November 1821

Allotting Chilfrome

Paid Mr ### ½ yrs Taxes &c £7 16s 1d

Paid Eras Cox for work 6s

16th – 17th November 1821


18th November 1821

At Home

19th November 1821

Completing Chilfrome Allottments

20th November 1821


21st November 1821

Staking Allots at Chilfrome

22nd November 1821

Finally scheming Whittles Allots and Ld Sherbornes

23rd November 1821

Staking Allotments at Chilfrome

Pd Eras Cox at Chilfrome 7s

Do. for myself 3s 6d

24th November 1821

At home went to Ransom

25th November 1821

At Home

26th November 1821

Subdividing allottments on the Map

Pd Js Frampton for 20 Hundred of Coals £1 13s 4d

27th November 1821

Went to Chilfrome to Stake Allotments forced to return on Acct of Rain

28th November 1821

At Home about my Lords Accounts

29th November 1821

Staking Allotments at Chilfrome

30th November 1821

Staking Allotments at Chilfrome

This doodle appears in the diary at this point.

Purchased £150 in the 5 per cents per Mr Pattisons Bank £167

Pd Eras Cox on Chilfrome 2s 6d



1st December 1821

Went to Dorchester to purchase Thorn Plants for Chilfrome Glebe [charge]

Pd Mr Day for 35 of Coals £2 18s 4d

Pd Mr Plowman for Bran & Barley 19s 3d

Pd Isaac Frampton for 20 Hund Coals £1 13s 4d

Pd Eras Cox’s work 6s

Pd my Expenses at the Acorn £1 11s 0d

2nd December 1821

At Home

Pd Eras Cox in full 4s 6d

Paid Mr Chubb Poor Rate of 1820 10s 5d

Pd Him Church Rate of 1821 6s 3d

3rd December 1821

At Home about Jobs

Pd James Daw for Labour Carriage of Pegs &c Chilfrome £1 10s

Pd Mrs Martin on Account to pay Bills £10

4th December 1821

Staking Allotments Chilfrome

Pd Eras Cox for Labour Staking Chilfrome Allotments £1 0s 6d

5th December 1821

Staking Allotments Chilfrome

6th December 1821

Finished Staking Allotments at Chilfrome

7th December 1821

Went to Corscombe about Thorn Plants and at Home

8th December 1821


9th December 1821

At Home

10th December 1821

At Home

Hopkins House sold by Auction to Mr H J Petty at £119

Pd Stamps for receipts on Chilfrome inclosure 3s 6d

Pd for Roasting Jack and Wine £1 2s 6d

Expenses at Yeovil 1s 6d

11th December 1821

Valuing Ransom Farm with Mr W Jennings

12th December 1821

Went to Ransom

13th December 1821

Making valuation of Ransom Farm

14th December 1821

At Home dividing Mr Whittles Allotment for him &c

15th December 1821

Went to Yeovil to see Mr Batten respg Ransom

Mr Batten was one of the local solicitors.

16th December 1821

At Home

17th December 1821

Went to Ransom

18th December 1821

Ruling Ld Hollands Accounts and unwell

19th December 1821

Very unwell in [sic] Bowel complaint

20th December 1821

Went to Chilfrome and subdivided Mr Whittles allotment for him

21st December 1821

Went to Ransom on Business

22nd December 1821

Shooting at Ransom

Pd Boy 2s

Pd Man Gardening 2s

Paid Colouring Room 3s

Pd Man Gardening 5s

23rd December 1821

At Home

24th December 1821

Writing in Ld Hollands Accounts

25th December 1821

Writing in Ld Hollands Accounts

26th December 1821

Writing in Ld Hollands Accounts

27th December 1821

Writing in Ld Hollands Accounts &c

28th December 1821


29th December 1821


30th December 1821

At Home

31st December 1821

Went to Ransom

Reced of Mr Trenchard 8 sheep £10 8s 0d

Paid Mr Trenchards Meat Bill £9 6s 2d

Pd 300 rates for 1821 for Poor £3 2s 6d

Paid Richard Roberts Bill 13s 8d

Paid Knells Bill for Shoes &c £1 17s 4d

Paid Edward Chubbs Cooper his Bill £2 13s 6d

Paid Rent of Poor Close including Repairs £8 0s 0d

Paid Mr Daws Bread Bill £1 18s 9d

Paid Robert Way for ½ a pig at 3 ½ d per lb 8s 9d

Paid Boy 2s 9d

Paid Man gardening 2s

Pd Man colouring room 3s

Pd Men Gardening 5s

End of Year balance

Received £659 1 10d

Paid £603 10 3d

£55 11s 7d carried forward to Pocket book of 1822


As with the inside of the front cover there are jottings on the insides of the back cover. They have been digitally enhanced as they are unreadable. They clearly concern some agricultural notes but where is not known.







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