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The inside of the 1838 diary. Note the printed ‘signature’ which differs from the one on the front page. He used the two types of signature on his map in a variable fashion.













In 1838 John Martin was in the midst of his busiest career period. Tithe commutation work was at it’s peak and he had to employ a number of assistants to help him cope even when times were good. And times were not good ; in April disaster struck.


Diary entries


January 1838

1st January 1838

Working on the Ransom Poor Rate

From last years book £400 2s 5d

2nd January 1838

Broad Maine Rate

Went to Broad Maine to Value lands

Oddly there is no record of any tithe commutation at Broadmayne [as it now is] despite it being a parish in it’s own right. This concerns the Poor Rate.

3rd January 1838

Valuing at Broad Maine

4th January 1838

Valuing at Broad Maine

5th January 1838

Returned Home I stayed at Broad Maine Mr Balstons

Gave Mr Balstons servants 5s

6th January 1838

Mr Doddington

Journey to Wincanton when the question regarding the water was heard before the Commnr of Sewers -slept at Shepton Montague

Paid Turnpike &c 5s

The Court of Sewers was established by Thomas Cromwell in the reign of Henry VIII. It was responsible for all things ‘drainage’, including water courses, weirs, drainage ditches etc. I have found no reference to this sitting. The Earl of Ilchester had a number of lands in the Somerset levels and it may be to do with this.

7th January 1838

Returned Home

8th January 1838

Writing Letters and Doing various matters relating to my accounts

Paid Postage of Stratton Maps and Papers 2s

9th January 1838

Working on the Ransom Rate

10th January 1838

Taking Off the Stratton Map Half Size with Pantograph

This was a Commutation map. Landowners would often require copies for their own purposes and this was a quick way of producing a reduced size map.

11th January 1838

Working on Broad Maine Poors Rate

12th January 1838

Working on Broad Maine Poors Rate

Godmanstone inclosure

and part of the day subdividing Allotments on the Map

13th January 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

Subdividing allotments on the Map

14th January 1838

At Home

15th January 1838

Lord Ilchesters Rent Day

Godmanstone inclosure

delineating Fences writing names in allottments and making List of Allotments and Roads

16th January 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

making Draft of Award

17th January 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

Do. Do.

18th January 1838

Upwey inclosure

Doing something to the Award Maps and preparing for Award [Had Xmas party]

Another example of a Christmas Party in or near old twelfth night.

19th January 1838

Upwey inclosure

making list of Allotments & Roads and making draft of award The Hardest Frost tonight for the last 18 years

20th January 1838

Upwey inclosure

making Draft of Award

21st January 1838

At Home

22nd January


Upwey inclosure

making Draft of Award

Paid Expenses at the Bull Stratton charge £1 10s

Martin stayed at numerous Inn’s during the course of his work many of which, like this one, survived until 2020.

23rd January 1838

Upwey inclosure

making Draft of Award

24th January 1838

Upwey inclosure

making Draft of Award

25th27th January 1838

Stratton Commutation

At Stratton finding out State of Property

28th January 1838

At home

29th January 1838

Upwey inclosure

making Draft of Award

Altering the Melbury Rate and working on the Broad Maine Rate

30thJanuary 1838

Upwey inclosure

making Draft of Award

working on the Broad Maine rate when finished the same & writing to Mr Saunders respg Owermoigne Rate

31st January 1838

Stratton Commutation

Upwey inclosure

Working on Map making out

making Draft of Award

Godmanstone Edwin made Sketch of Village for Exchange between Revd Goodenough and Bridge 10s


1st February 1838

Stratton Commutation”

Working on Rough Maps exmng properties &c and dined at Mr J Jennings ½ pst 3 o/k ½ day

2nd February 1838

Stratton Commutation”

rather unwell – working on Maps writing Names in Lands &c [a whole day]

3rd February 1838

Went to Ilminster with Arthur to School

Arthur was now 11 yr’s old and starting school at the grammar school at Ilminster. Why there? Nobody knows.

4th February


At Home

5th February 1838

Went to Stratton with Edwin making Lines on Langford Farm Slept at Stratton

Paid Expenses at Stratton £1 2s

One of the few direct references to surveying techniques. Making lines was the laying out of the base lines on which the survey was to be made.

6th February 1838

Stratton Commutation Finding out State of Property and measuring at Stratton.

Paid for Edwin at Stratton Bull Inn £1 2s 6d

7th February 1838


8th10th February 1838

Stratton Working on Particulars & Rough Map

11th February 1838

At Home

12 -13th February 1838

Stratton Working on the Fair Map

Paid Mrs Martin £5

Paid Stroud of Fordington mending my Carriage £1 16s 8d

Paid for Books and paper at Mr Patch’s 12s 4 ¼ d

Paid at Dorchester for things 10s

14th February 1838

Upwey & Godmanstone inclosure

Journey to Dorchester with Drafts of awards &c giving Mr Bridge on Godmanstone and Mr Stone for Upwey instructions respecting awards

1 day each slept at Burton

Received ½ yrs interest on £375 Wilts& Dorset Bank due Xmas 1837

£9 7s 6d

Paid Mr Wm Jennings 2/ 5 ths of above 9.7.6

£3 15s

Banking in the 19th century was a private business, more in the way of a partnership than anything. Members had to buy shares in the bank and their names were published annually.

15th February 1838

Returned Home [from Godmanstone] called at Stratton and found out a few Queries in State of Property

Received of Mr Ingram for Eton College Charlton Map £16

16th February 1838

Working ½ day on Stratton Particulars the other ½ Writing Letters &c Mr Pine of Gittisham was at my House.

John Pyne was born in Upottery in Devon. By the time he came to work for Martin he was already 23 yr’s old and fully qualified as a surveyor. He stayed with Martin for at least three years and in 1844 is found in London doing his own tithe commutations.

17th February 1838

Making out Particulars and Valuation for Mr Sabine of Cheddington late Bellamys and part of my Bill amended for him to get allowed before the Master in Chancery

Another enigmatic entry.

18th February 1838

At Home

19th February 1838

Stratton Commutation Attending at Stratton when the Map was signed by the Proprietors

Paid Expenses 2 s 6d

Paid for Pencils 3s

20th February 1838

Upwey inclosure [charge]

Went to Sherborne by order of the Commnr to see the Monkton award respecting the Fence between Upwey and Monkton But found there was no award deposited at the Clerk of the Peace’s Office

Expenses at Sherborne 3s

21st February 1838

Went to Beaminster to see Mr Peter Cox and received a Years interest on Beaminster Turnpike of Mr Samuel Cox -Treasurer

£425. 9 11

IN PENCIL – 24 1 5

401 8 6

22nd February 1838

Working on Maiden Newton Poors Rate

See W&Dorset Bank Book { Paid £4 18s 6d more than was entered in last Years Book 14th Sept Mr Russell Beaminster Turnpike} £4 18s 6d

Paid Postage £1 7s 5d

In Wilts& Dorset 330. 5. 10

Williams’s 39. 5. 4

Notes 19. 1. 0

Gold 8. 3. 0

Silver 1.4.0

Yeomanry Book 3.9.4


right 401.8.6

This would seem to be Martin totting up his wealth.


23rd February 1838


24th February 1838


Paid for Box for Maiden Newton Tith [sic] Map to London 3s

25th February 1838

At Home

26th February 1838

Went to Loders respg the Survey of that Parish also to Bridport respg Mr Leggs Sword and Pistol

27th February 1838

Mr Churchill and Mr Sturt [?] Valuing Tithes of Bowine and Almshouses Land with Mr Charmen charge £2 10 0d each slept at D###l

28th February 1838

Went home by way of Dorchester and attended the board of Guardians respg Copy right of Maps and at the same time fixed with Mr Charmen the Tithes of Bowine at £21. 10 0d and Almshouses Ld at 24£

Paid for Umbrella 6s 6d

Paid expenses at D### and Dorchester 7s 6d

Although tithe maps were paid for by the landowners they were not owned by them. Even in those days copy right was vested in the map maker. The Poor Law guardians often wanted copies of the tithe maps for which an additional fee was payable to the surveyor.


1st March 1838

Went to Chilthorne

Paid Mr Tilly Tailor £4 12s 6d

2nd March 1838

Messrs Petty and Cowdry Staking out the Lines of Division in Parks 2.2.0

Paid Sandiford setting apple Trees at Chilthorne £3

Paid Mr Edwards on A/ of salary £25

Paid English 4 weeks £1 8s 0d

3rd March 1838

Went to Batcombe with Mr Edwards respg Measuring Parish

4th March 1838

At Home

5th March 1838

Corfe Castle Poor’s Rate

Went to Corfe Castle arrived there about Five o’clock

Expenses to Corfe 6s

Paid for Books at Dorchester 4s

6th March 1838

Copying the Town map of Corfe

7th March 1838

Attending Mr Taylor making Particulars of Town

Robert Taylor was a local magistrate at Corfe.

8th March 1838

Valuing at Corfe

9th 10th March 1838

Valuing at Corfe

11th March 1838

Dined at Mr Taylors

12th March 1838

Corfe Castle Rate

Valuing at Corfe

13th -16th March 1838


17th March 1838

Do. went part of the way home Slept at Dorchester

Paid Servants at Corfe 15s 6d

Paid expenses home slept at Dorchester and Turnpike13s 6d

Gave Edwin 5s

18th March 1838

Arrived home about 12 o’clock

19th March 1838

Writing Letters &c and altering Melbury Osmond rate

Paid Rendalls Bill Glazier £7 13s 6d

20th March 1838

Sent Mr Tooks of Sherborne my Office Copy of Particulars of Bincombe and went to Batcombe in the afternoon £1.1.0

Paid Mr Guy for measuring as per Bill £35.0.0

Paid postage 6s 2d

Pd for Canvas for Map 6s 6d

21st March 1838

Pasting Paper for Maps and went to Batcombe

Pd Mrs Martin to pay for Further a/ £10.0.0

22nd March 1838

Pasting Frome St Quintin Old Map a fresh

Paid for a New Chain 7s 6d

A new Gunter’s chain.

23rd March 1838

Corfe Castle Poor’s Rate

Went again to Corfe arrived there about Five o’clock

[IN PENCIL] Sold Mr Trenchard’s Calf £1 11s 6d

Pd Edwins Bill at Stratton £2 9s 1d

Pd Expenses to Corfe 5s

24th March 1838

Went to Ailwood and Viewing Afflington and Corfe Common

25th March 1838

At Corfe

Let my Land at Chilthorne to Mr Bengefield from this day at £24 a year

Paid my Bill at Corfe and part of Arnots Bill £9 12s 10d

Gave servants 7s

Expenses at Dorchester & turnpike and Garden seeds &c £1

This was John Bengefield born in 1781.

26th March 1838

At Corfe examining properties &c

Paid for mending Weather Glass 5s 6d

Paid for Coals £2 13s 1d

Paid Mr Spinks of Charminster his Bill including moiety of Wrackleford Valuation £11 17s 9d

An interesting reference to the repair of his barometer.

27th March 1838

Do. Do.

and went part of the way home slept at Dorchester

28th March 1838

Returned home about ½ past nine to breakfast answering letters &c

29th March 1838

Attending my garden the whole of the day and calculated the Value of Little Maine Tithes for Mr Talbot of B Maine

30th March 1838

Working upon the Corfe Poor’s rates

31st March 1838

Do. Do.


1st April 1838

At home

Paid English £1 8s

2nd April 1838

Finished Mr Goodenough’s Map

Pd Mr Balster for Spirits

£3 0s 0d

3rd April 1838

Went to Rampisham in the morning and to Melbury House in Afternoon respg Troop Work

Received for 48 Sheep £71

Paid Chain Man at Batcombe £1 12s 6d

4th April 1838

Doing various jobs and putting in measures into Maiden Newton Map from Mr Brownes Map [Old Inclosures]

Pd Matthew Parker at Chilthorne £3

Pd for Thorn Plants 7s 6d

Pd Carpenter at Chilthorne for Gate Parts &c £3 2s 6d

Paid Mr Edwards of Yeovil for carpeting £1 14s 0d

5th April 1838

Went to take keep for Couplers

Pd New Hat £1

Paid Various Errands Yeovil seeds &c 13s

Paid Sartain for Hedging 15s 6d

6th April 1838

Went to Yeovil Market and sold the couplers to Farmer Harwood of Michelny

7th April 1838

Measuring Land at Cattistock for Mr Fryer charge

8th April 1838

At Home

9th April 1838

Working on the Corfe Rate

Paid Farmer Strong to keep a Heifer £1 5s 0d

Gave Edwin to go after Arthur 5s

Paid for a Hat for Arthur 18s

Fortunately for what was to follow the boys were at home.

10th April 1838


11th April 1838

Do….and went to Melbury House respecting Yeomanry

12th April 1838

Working on the Corfe Rate and went to Maiden Newton and affixed the Notice to the Church Door to hear objections to Rent Charges £1 1 0

Paid Carriage of M Newton Tithe map from London 3s

Charge again

Paid for Besoms 2s

All important parish notices were attached to the Church Door.


13th April 1838

Good Friday – Done a little to the Corfe Rate

The only time in the diaries that Good Friday is mentioned. Despite it’s religious significance it did not stop him working.

14th April 1838

Working on Corfe Rate

15th April 1838

At Home

16th April 1838

Working on Corfe Rate

Paid Alex Wellman for Gardening £1 5s 6d

17th April 1838

Do. Do.

Boy Measuring 1s

Paid Mr Yeatman for Wine & Spirits £4 18s 0d

18th April 1838

Finished Corfe Rate

Gave Edwin to go back to Ilminster with Arthur 5s

19th April 1838

Went to Beaminster to see Mr Russell respg the partition Deed between Mr Cowdry and Mr Petty but he was from home- Saw Mr P Cox & informed him of the meeting at M Newton to hear objections to Rent charges- delivered Tender for Corscombe at 1s/ acre and to be found a man.

Paid Half a Years Tithe £1 19s 9 ½ d

Paid Mr Thomas Jesty Balance of Bills £2 8s 9d

Paid Waygood & Co for Office Grate & Fender &c £2 2s 0d

This is the only reference in the diaries to him tendering for a contract. He did not get the job.


20th April 1838

Pasting Paper &c

Expenses at Beaminster pens &c 2s 6d

Paid Chain Man at Loders £2 0s 0d

21st April 1838

Went to Dorchester with the Corfe Rate and made declaration for Seven Parishes as Valuer

Melbury Osmond

Melbury Sampford



Downfrome [Frome Vauchurch]

North Poorton

charge 1 guinea each

Paid Chain Men Batcombe £2 12s 0d

Paid Bill at Maiden Newton measuring Downfrome & Waiter

£4 12s 6d

Expenses at Dorchester 6s 6d

Paid for Paper £1 1s 0d

Paid Mrs Haydon Maiden Newton 11s

The purpose of this declaration is not clear although probably to do with the Poor Rate assessments.

22nd April 1838

At Home

23rd April 1838

Yeomanry meeting at Toller Down

Pd Mr Pope for Spirits £3 5s 9d

Paid Mr Pyne on a/ £5

Despite their short acquaintance Martin felt no qualms about advancing John Pyne his salary.

24th April 1838

Went to Allington with Mr Pyne for Measuring that Parish

Expenses at Bridport 3s 6d

Pd Groves of Ransom for Bran 5s

Do. Poor Rates 1s

Note the change of spelling of Mr Pines name.

25th April 1838

Pasting Paper writing Letters and preparing to meet to Morrow [sic] on Godmanstone [& Piddlehinton Rate]


Red Heifer to Girt Bull

Pd Mrs Martin £5

The first entry where Martin kept a note of which cows he sent to the bull.

26th April 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

Journey to Godmanstone respg Exchange between Mr Goodenough & Mr Bridge

Mrs Martin taken very Ill

Paid English £1 8s 0d

Paid Boy going after Dr Graves 3s 6d

Pd Dr Graves £3 3s 0d

Out of the blue his wife fell acutely ill.


27th April 1838

Mrs Martin very Ill

Robert Graves was a physician living at Bradpole [in 1841] who was also an attendant at the ‘Madhouse’ at Halstock.

28th April 1838


Went to Toller with Edwin & Mr Richards viewing boundary’s etc

Her illness did not stop him working.

29th April 1838

At Home

30th April 1838

Corfe castle rate Rating the Sundries and Doing something to Stratton Tithe works Mrs Martin Still Very Ill


1st May 1838 1838

Stratton Commutation -numbering Rough Map Edwin went to Ilminster after Arthur His Dear Mother very ill

Paid Wm Perratt on a/ £5

look Back for another 5£ in last Yrs Book [4th October]

Gave Edwin 5s

Arthur must have gone back after his visit in early April.

2nd May 1838

Doing Various Jobs and Pasting paper [Mrs Martin is worse today]

Paid more for Chain Men at Batcombe £1 15s

Paid Carriage 4s 6d

Paid for Canvas for Map 3s 4d

3rd May 1838

Stratton Commutation Numbering Rough Map and adding 7.5% to present rental of tithes

Paid Dr Graves £3 3s 0d

There is no record of Dr Graves visiting again but he received a second fee.

4th May 1838

Stratton Commutation Working on the Painted Form Rent Charges &c

5th May 1838

Do. Do.

6th May 1838

At Home

7th May 1838

Stratton Commutation Journey to Stratton getting more signatures to the Map and Valuing the Wracklefords for dividing the Rent Charges between the Farms

Paid Expenses Stratton & Dorchester 12 6d

Reced of the Received of the Revd. Geo Gould for Valuing Broadway &c £18 11s

Gould was not the rector of the parish but owned land there.

8th May 1838

Stratton Commutation Journey to Stratton taking up the Lots in Broad Mead and getting more Signatures to the Map and waited on Mr C Henning at Dorchester respg copy of agreement

9th May 1838

Mrs Martin much worse and sinking fast Stratton Commutation Working on the Particulars – Fair map &c & Rent Charges

Pd Robt Dunford Ch Man Toller £1 2s 6d

Robt Miller himself & Boy £1 3s 0d

10th May 1838

Stratton Commutation

Working on the Fair Map and &c Rent Charge

11th May 1838

My Dear Wife expired 10 minutes before 3 this morning -leaving us in the greatest distress Aged 54 years.

Just two weeks after she was taken ill his poor wife Mary died.

12th May 1838

Altering the Corfe Rate ½ day – ½ day about Stratton Maps &c

Next day he was back to work.

13th May 1838

At Home

14th May 1838

Maiden Newton Commutation

Attendg Assistant Commnr to hear objections to Rent charges

Reced of Mr Roper for Measuring his Estate at Shipton Gorge £5

Expenses at Stratton 2s 6d

15th May 1838

Stratton Commutation Attending meeting at Stratton with Maps & Particulars

16th May 1838

Stratton Commutation Working on the Moduses and Draft Apportionment


Old Cow to B – Thompsons

17th May 1838

My Dear Wife Buried

Paid Bearers £1 10s

18th May 1838

Stratton Commutation Working half the day on Rent chargs examining Book of apportionment &c and Doing something to alteration in Maiden Newton in Rent charges

Pd for an every Days Hat for Arthur 8s

Paid ½ Years Taxes £3 13s 5d

Paid Mr Warden for writing out Broadmaine Poor Rate 15s

Pd Charlotte Pullman in full of all demand £1 10s 0d

Paid for Gown making 7s 3d

Charlotte Pullman was the wife of an agricultural labourer and probably ‘laid out’ Mary after death and made her shroud. She was similarly paid after the death of John’s sister in 1845.

19th May 1838

Stratton Commutation SC Working on the Fair Map &c – & Rent charge

20th May 1838

At Home

21st May 1838

Stratton Commutation Journey to Stratton and Wrackleford to see Mr Pattison respg Tithes and at Stratton respg moduses Edwin went to School with Arthur

Gave Edwin 5s

Expenses at Stratton 2s 6d

Pd more small Bills 15s

Received my Bill of Mr Johnson £8 8s 0d

22nd May 1838

Stratton Commutation Finished apportionment -and Examined Maps

Paid at Stratton 2s

Paid Edwins Chain Man & Boy at Toller 13s 8d

23rd May 1838

Rev A Johnson Receiving Rents at Rampisham 2.2.0

24th May 1838

Valuing Frome Vauchurch

Paid on a/ at Hoyle 10s

25th May 1838

Stratton Commutation Attending with Maps & Rent Charges at Stratton

Paid English £1 8s 0d

26th May 1838

Preparing for Permanent Duty and sent off the Maiden Newton Rent charges to Chas Pym Esq ATC

Charles Pym was an assistant tithe commissioner. He had to approve the draft apportionment before it was sent to the Tithe Commission in London.

27th May 1838

Went to Shaftesbury in the afternoon

28th May 1838

On Permanent duty at Shaftesbury

Paid Mr Edwards on further a/ of his salary £25

Mr Edwards was another of John Martin’s assistants.

29th May 1838

Do. Do.

Mr Edwards went to Loders to Measure Land for Mr Templer

30th May 1838

Do. Do.

31st May 1838

Do. Do.


1st June 1838

Do. Do.

2nd June 1838

Do. – returned Home

3rd June 1838

At Home

4th June 1838

Valuing at North Poorton

5th June 1838

Valuing at Batcombe

6th June 1838

Valuing at Batcombe

Edwin affixed second Notice of Tithe meeting to the Maiden Newton Church Door

Paid for Cheese 6s

Received of Mr Frampton Five Years interest on the Cerne Turnpike at £5 2s 0d per cent per Annum due Ly Dy 1838 £25 10s

7th June 1838

Went to Toller to find out mistakes

Paid Mr Mullins’s Bill £2 8s 10d

Paid Bill at the White Lion Measuring Allington £9 10s

8thJune 1838

Went to Cerne Visitation and working on North Poorton Valuation

Pd Chain Man at Loders

Mr Edwards measuring }2s 6d

Mr Edwards’ Expenses £1 1s 0d

9th June 1838

Melbury Osmond Commutation

Attending Mr Wm Jennings in my office when the Boundaries of Melbury Court was [sic] finally fixed and making out Particulars for agreements

Pd Chain Boy at Downfrome 10s 6d

Pd Chain Man at Allington & Boy £3 8s 0d

Paid at Visitation for Parish 15s

Paid Edwins Chain Man at Toller £1 1s 8d

10th June 1838

At Home

11th June 1838

Writing Letters &c & went to Corfe Castle in the afternoon

Let have for House 10s

Paid Mr Olwen on a/ £15

Paid Expenses out & Home £2

Mr Olwen was yet a third of his assistants.

12th June 1838

At Corfe Castle going through the Rate with Mr Taylor, Mr Willis and Mr Robson and returned part of the way Home slept at Winfrith

13th June 1838

Arrived at Sherborne about 1 o’clock

14th June 1838

Sherborne Rate

Attending Special Sessions till 8 o/k in the Evening and returned Home

Expenses at Sherborne 10s 6d

Paid weeding Garden 3s 6d

Martin’s role in the Poor Rate is not known but it caused considerable controversy locally. See section on Poor Rate for further elaboration.

15th June 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

Attending at Godmanstone with Commnr respg Exchange between Farmer Frampton & others

16th June 1838

Pasting Paper &c

17th June 1838

At Home

18th June 1838

Sherborne Rate

Attending Appeal at Sherborne when the appeal was dismissed

Expenses at Sherborne 5s 6d

Reced of Mr Colson for Valuing Studland Tithes £12 12s 0d

19th June 1838

Went to Ilminster after Arthur

Paid Expenses at Ilminster and Turnpikes 9s 6d

20th June 1838

attending the Corfe Rate further Sent the Draft Apportionment & Stratton map to London”

Paid for Canvas for Maps 10s 6d

Paid English 4 weeks

21st June 1838

Miss Eliz Jennings Married to Mr Wm Holgate

Dined at Mr Crew Jennings

William Holgate came from Staines. One wonders how he met a Dorset girl?

22nd June 1838

Altering the Corfe Rate Final

23rd June 1838

Reading over Papers relating to Tithes of Tintinhull and working on Batcombe and Frome Vauchurch

There is no explanation as to why he was involved in the affairs of Tintinhull.

24th June 1838

At Home

25th June 1838

Went to Allington to proceed to Value Lands &c for Poor Rate

26th June 1838

Valuing at Allington

27th June 1838

Do. and returned Home

28th June 1838

Queen Victoria Coronation day

Evershot celebrated with a brass band, a merry peal of church bells and a dance in Melbury Park which over 500 people attended. Martin did his bit by spending a guinea towards the fireworks.

29th June 1838

Working on Allington

30th June 1838

Walford and Son’s

Went to Tintinhull respg Tithe matters


1st July 1838

At Home

2nd July 1838

Doing Various Jobs in the Morning and went to Allington in the Afternoon [Began Mowing on Barrow]

Paid Mr Warden } £1 13s Poor Rates 6d

Gave Edwin 4s

3rd July 1838

At Allington Valuing

Paid Sergeant Hoskins for 5 days giving information of Property at Allington £1

4th July 1838

Do.- and returned Home

Pd my Expenses £1 10s

5th July 1838

Working on the Allington Map

£18 Received for making Poor Rate for Broad Maine

Paid Subscriptions to Coronation Fireworks &c £1 10s

6th July 1838

Maiden Newton Commutation

Attending Mr Pym Assistant Commnr when Draft Apportionment was confirmed

Paid Mr Tilly Tailor his Bill £21 16s 6d

Paid Chain Boy at Toller 7s

7th July 1838

Ricked barrow

8th July 1838

At home

9th July 1838

Haymaking and Numbering the Allington Map

10th July 1838

Ricked Courtlands

11th July 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

altering and enlarging the award Maps for the purpose of Exchanges and making Draft of award for Exchanges Mr Edwards altered the Maps £5 5s 0d

Paid Wm Perratt Balance of Bill £35 10s 4d

12th July 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

making Draft of Exchanges for Mr Bridge

Pd on Account 4th Oct 1837 £5

Do. May 1st 1838 £5

A Yr & ½ interest of 100£ due March 1838 £6

Balance of Bill £35 10s 4d

Total of Bills £51 10s 4 ½ d

13th July 1838

Messrs Walford & Sons

{Mr Benj Jesty died aged 66}

Attending on Mr Clarke of Tintinhull at Evershot Examining Parish Books &c respecting Rates £1 1s 0d

and haymaking Ricked Pipershay except ½ an acre

£3 3s 1d Reced Interest Wilts & Dorset Bank current account

£9 7s 6d Received ½ yrs interest on £375 due Midsummer 1838

Paid Wm Jennings 2/5ths of above £3 15s 0d

Expenses Godmanstone 3s

Martin was co-owner with Benjamin Jesty of land at Somerton known as Mowries. Martin continued to manage the land with Ann Jesty [nee Jennings] Benjamin’s widow.

14th July 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

Attending Commnr reading Draft of Award

15th July 1838

At Home

Pd Mr Harvey for Two New Chains 13s

Pd Chain Men at Toller £1 18s 4d

16thJuly 1838

Poorton Commutation Working on Particulars casting values Mr Edwards worked two days on Particulars casting.

17thJuly 1838

Poorton Commutation Working out Rent-Charges

18th July 1838

Journey to Poorton with Abstract Rent charges and examined the same with Mr Symes £2 2 0

19thJuly 1838

Poorton adjourned meeting. Mr Benjamin Jesty Buried at Bubbdown [Bubbdown] Mr Edwards making out Particulars for agreement 10s

Paid Haymakers 13s 6d

Do. 13s 6d

Do. 16s 10 ½ d

Pd Mowers £1 14s

Haymaker 2s

Paid for a Cheese now and had one before £1 2s 6d

Paid English £1 8s

20th 21st July 1838

Working on Allington Particulars

22nd July 1838


23rd24th July 1838

Working on Allington

25th July 1838

Glanvilles Wootton

Journey there and Valued Newland Manor as Umpire between Mr Percy & Mr Raymond

Paid Double Gun Smith 5s

Bucknell for Tea £1 10s

Gave Edwin £1

Paid him Expenses 4s 6d

Paid for Canvas for maps 2s 6d

Paid Mr Wellmans Bill 4s

26th July 1838

Glanvilles Wootton

Journey there and met Mr Raymond and Mr Percy when the acreage of the Manor of Newland was finally fixed

Paid Man shewing me the Lands at Newland 2s 6d

Paid at Glanvilles Wootton 3s 6d

Paid John Drakes Bill £2

Paid at Newland 2s 6d

Paid for two Pigs £3 10s

27th30th July 1838

Working on Allington

P Cox for Journeys 5s

Reced on a/ of Godmanstone inclosure £150

31st July 1838

Working on Allington in the morning and went to Bere Regis in the Afternoon

Pd Mr Richards to pay chain Men at Toller £1 10s

Paid Mr Olver on a/ £5

Paid Edwin £1


1st August 1838

At Bere Regis Valuing Mr Manuels Tithes

Joseph Manuel actually lived at Bloxworth just outside Bere Regis. The commutation at Bloxworth did not take place until 1845 and was not done by Martin.

2nd August 1838

Do. Do.

3rd August 1838

Returned Home and began making out Particulars of Bere Regis Tithes

Expenses at Bere £1 5s

Pd Mr Toll of Sherborne for Paper 15s

Expenses at Sherborne 2s 6d

Manuel Does not appear to have owned any land in Bere itself.

4th August 1838

Percy and Raymond

Attending at Sherborne as Arbitrator on the Value of Wootton Newland

5th August 1838

At Home

6th August 1838

Went to Ilminster with Arthur And returned by way of Allington resp rate slept at Bridport

Paid Arthurs ½ Yrs Schooling £25 13s 10d

Paid Expenses at Ilminster and Bridport £1 5s

7th August 1838

Examining Rate with Mr Tucker and returned home in the evening.

8th August 1838

Mr Banger

Went to Wytherstone and Valued Tithes of Farms and divided the same between Tenants slept at Wytherstone

charge 3 Guineas

Paid servants 2s

9th August 1838

Working upon the same all the morning and returned Home and went to Batcombe in the afternoon Respg rate

£3 12s Received for a Pig

10th August 1838

Corfe Castle Rate

Journey to Wareham to consult with Parishioners respg appeal

This was an appeal against the Poor Rate that Martin had prepared.

11th August 1838

Corfe Rate charge 4 Guineas

Appeared before the Magistrates at Wareham when the Magistrates gave orders for a Revision of the Rate [Returned Home]

Paid Expenses £1

The owners of the Clay workings at Norden argued they were pits not mines – and they won.

12th August 1838

At Home

13th August 1838

Putting the Office to rights after papering And adding Canvas to the Toller Map writing letters etc and working on Allington Rate


Victoria to B

Paid Susan for Balance of Wages up to May } 16s 9d

Do. ¼ wages to 1st August £2 12 6d

Pd her for money out of Pocket 5s

Pd her on acct to pay for trifling things in House 10s

Susan Frampton was just 17 yr’s when she came to work for Martin after his wife’s death. To judge by the censuses she was to remain a servant throughout her life, the last record of her being a “Lodging House Keeper” in Weston Super Mare in the 1881 census.

14th August 1838

Working on Allington Rate

Pd Mr Percy for Cheese 19s 5 ½ d

Pd Carriage of a Hogshead of Beer 4s

Paid Haymaker 3s

Paid Thos Cox’s Bill £1 11s 7d

15th August 1838


Paid for Quills and Ink 1s 2d

16th August 1838

Finished the Allington Rate and Writing Letters &c

17th August 1838

Stratton Commutation

altering Draft Apportionment the whole day and packed the same with Map for London 2.2.0

Paid Poor Rates £1 1s 0d

£100 received of the Earl of Ilchester on a/ for Commutation work

18th August 1838

Went to Dorchester Sale of Mr Pitts Property slept at Mr Caines

Paid for Canvas for Map

19th August 1838

At Home

Pd expenses 5s

Pd for Parchment &c at Mr Patches £1 5s

20th August 1838

Working on Allington Rate and sent off the same to Allington and working on Downfrome

21st August 1838

Working on Downfrome Rate and valued Downfrome land at Chantmarle

22nd August 1838

Charminster Commutation Attending at Charminster to receive Maps of Landowners When Mr James Henning & Mr Sherrin did not produce theirs

23rd August 1838

Adding Paper to Toller Map and Valued Downfrome land at Chantmarle

24th August 1838

Wootton Newland

Journey to Wootton Newland to review the Lands

25th August 1838

Pasting Paper &c

26th August 1838

At Home

27th August 1838

Valuing Hillfield Farm £1 1s 0d Evershot and Frome Commutation Edwin attending at the Acorn with Maps for adoption

Paid for Canvas for Map 2s 4d

Paid Mr Richards for Toller mending Cross Staff &c 9s

A cross staff was used to ensure off set lines from the base line were at 90 ° to it.

28th August 1838

Casting Hillfield Farm &c and Went to Frome St Quintin to Value Timber between Messrs Cowdry and Petty

29th August 1838

Went to Downfrome respg State of Property and pasting Paper

30th August 1838

Working on Frome Vauchurch Rate of Tithes

31st August 1838

Working on Batcombe Tithes


1st September 1838

Completing the Hillfield Valuation

Received of Mr J Russell for Valuing Mr Cozens House &c at Yetminster £1 1s 0d

Neither party has been identified.

2nd September 1838

At Home

3rd September 1838

Went to Cheddington with Mr Richards to Measure that Parish

Paid Mr Richards for paying Chain Man £5

Reced of him back £2 5s

Paid for Canvas 5s 6d

Another new assistant. The logistics of getting all the tithe commutations done as quickly as possible must have put a strain on all concerned.

4th September 1838

Working on Batcombe and From Vauchurch Rent charges &c

5th September 1838

Do. Do.

Paid Mr Cleall for Mr Richards Board &c when measuring at Cheddington £6 16 5d

6th September 1838

Attending at Batcombe the whole of the day respecting Poors Rate

7th September 1838

Altering the Batcombe Rate [Poor Rate] and working on Downfrome Rent charges

8th September 1838

Working on Downfrome and Batcombe Rent Charges

Pd for Baskets 1s 10d

Pd more Canvas 6s 6d

9th September 1838

At Home

10th September 1838

Working on Batcombe& Downfrome apportionment

11th September 1838

Working on North Poorton apportionment and Pasting Paper

12th September 1838

Went to Mosterton with Mr Pine to begin Measuring

Paid Mr Pine to pay Chain Man &c £5

Paid expenses 2s 6d

13th September 1838

Went to Dorchester Races with Edwin in the Carriage Dined at Mr Caines and paid him for 30 sheep

Paid for a Watch for Edwin £12

Pd Mr Caines for 30 sheep£46

Paid expenses at the Races 5s 6d

This was in fact the last meeting at Dorchester itself. The local Rector, Revd. Henry Moule, was a vociferous campaigner against the racing which he associated with vice. Way too much drinking and gambling for his liking. The event in 1838 extended over two days and the 14th was the last day of racing there. Instead the racing was reconvened at Waddon Vale near Beaminster where it survived for another 19 years until it too closed in 1857.




14th September 1838

Working on North Poorton Commutation and assisting taking of Toller Map

Paid Groves Haymaking 7s 6d

Gave Edwin to go after Arthur The Scarlatina being in the School 7s 6d

Pd English £1 8s 0d

Scarlatina [Scarlet Fever] was a bacterial infection. Causing tonsillitis initially complications could affect the skin, the heart or the joints. Today it is treated by penicillin.



















15th September 1838

Mr Easton called at my house respecting Cattistock Map & I agreed with him to make a Rough Map for 6d per acre & 1s for all that required Measuring [and making Sketch of Allington Map Wilts for Mr Wm Jennings to be charged to commutation £3 3s 0d

George Easton was a local land surveyor who undertook the commutation at Cattistock. Martin clearly had a major input to the map used.

This is Allington a tithing in the parish of Allcannings, Wiltshire. Frances Atwood was the valuer at commutation of the tithes. Ld Ilchester owned 200 + acres in the village. Doubtless he made Martin an offer he could not refuse.




16th September 1838

At Home

17th September 1838

Went to Downfrome and back to Cattistock correcting Map

£2 2s 0d Reced of Mr Stein my Bill

Pd Susan a/ of House 10s

Do. 1s 10d

18th September 1838

Looking over Road at Chalmington which B Cox had been Doing and Valued the same £46 15s 0d and afterwards correcting Cattistock Map

Pd Pitcher Gardening 3s

Pd Mrs Guppy of Batcombe for Mr Pines Lodging 8s

19th September 1838

Working on Cattistock

20th – 22nd September 1838


23rd September 1838

At Home

24th September 1838

Working on Cattistock &c

Paid Alex Wellman for measuring at Kingcombe 11s 8d

Do. for Gardening &c 7s 9d

25th September 1838

Went to Loders Valuing

£3 10s Received a Yrs interest of Maria Beater due 23rd of this Month £75 4s 1 ½ d }

John Beater who we first met in 1827 died in 1835 at the age of 36. Again Martin must have thought well of her to lend her £75 [£5k today].

26th September 1838

At Loders Valuing

27th – 28th September 1838


29th September 1838

Do. and returned Home

Paid Spade Man &Turnpike Loders }10s

Paid for salt fish 4s

30th September 1838

At Home


1st October 1838

Went to Ilminster with Arthur and called at Mr Guys on my way back

Purchased things at Ilminster & expenses 15s

Paid Mr Edwards what he paid Postage for me 10s

Mr Guy was land surveyor at Hinton St George near Ilminster.

2nd October 1838

Working on Loder’s

3rd October 1838


4th October 1838

Yeomanry meeting at Sydling Hill

5th October


Working on Loder &c

6th October 1838

Valuing at Frome St Quintin

7th October 1838

At Home

8th October 1838

Valuing at Frome St Quintin

Paid Mr Olver to pay Chain Man £5

9th October 1838

Do. and working on Numerical Survey

Numerical surveys were highly detailed valuations of each plot of land in a parish. This could vary enormously For example at Frome pasture land varied in value from 28s to 14s and acre, meadow from 30 to 50 s and arable 14 to 12s an acre.

10th October 1838

Maiden Newton Poor’s Rate

Went to Maiden Newton and Divided Cottages on the Rate

11th October 1838

Went to Cattistock with Sketches &c for Mr Easton and Mr Bridge to begin valuing &c

12th October 1838

Wootton Newland

Examining the Valuation sent me by Mr Percy

13th October 1838

Working of Frome St Quintin

14th October 1838

At home

15th October 1838

Working on Frome St Quintin Particulars

Gave Edwin 5s

16th October 1838

Working on Frome St Quintin

17th October 1838

Doing Various Jobs in the Morning and went part of the way to Corfe in the afternoon Slept at Winfrith

Paid Mr Edwards what he paid for me for Coals £1 1s 0d

Paid him further on a/ of his salary £25

18th October 1838

Corfe Castle Poors Rate

Attending Vestry meeting at Corfe

Expenses to and from Corfe Castle respecting Rate £2 10s 0d

In these two days the Poor Rate was revalued. As no more is heard of the matter it was presumably settled equitably.

19th October 1838

Revisiting and altering Rate and came part of my way Home & Slept at Dorchester

Paid for Paper at Dorchester 12s6d

20th October 1838

Returned Home in the Evening

21st October 1838

At Home

22nd October 1838

Holding Rampisham Court and attendg the Sub-Commissioner Mr Lewis on Evershot and Frome St Quintin 1-1-0

Paid Henry Conway for Coffin £6 6s 0d

Paid half a years Tithe £1 17s 9 ½ d

23rd October 1838

Sold Mr Trenchard 30 Sheep at 37s each

Went to Loder, slept at Bridport called on Mr Templer respg allotting parts of Loder Field for Sale but it was defer’d

Reced of Mr Trenchard for Twenty Lambs £24

Pd to Luck 2s 6d

Paid to Luck suggests minor gambling debts.

24th October 1838

At Loder Valuing &c

£14 6s 10d Reced ½ Years Rent &c of Mr Bengefield for my Chilthorne Land due Michas 1838

Paid him what he paid for Clover Seeds &c as Bill £1 3s 10d

Paid Mrs Shorts Balance of Bill £18 2 s 9 ½ d

25th October 1838

Do. Do.

26th October 1838


Messrs Nicholls Major & others attending at Bradpole with Mr Stubbs to Value a meadow £2 2s 0d received

Gave Edwin to go to Charminster £3

27th October 1838

At Loder Valuing -and Returned Home

28th October 1838

At Home

Pd Expenses at Bradpole now & time before & at Bridport £3

Paid for Coals at Bridport £7 15s 8d

29th October 1838

Potatoe Rent day at the Fox

Working on Cattistock Map Mr Easton

Gave Mr Eaton towards Church Missionary Society 5s

Paid Mr Olver on Acct £20

Paid Wm Pullmans Bill £4 6s 8d

Paid Robert Pullmans Bill £1 13s 11d

Despite the very similar names they are spelt differently in the diaries.

30th October 1838

Finished the Cattistock Map and Particulars and sent the same by Mail cart

31st October 1838

Working on Loders Particulars


1st November 1838

Upwey inclosure

Attending at Dorchester reading Draft Award Edwin was with me

Paid Mr Gaulton for a Hogshead of Beer check on William’s £4 1s 0d

Paid Public Expenses on Upwey Servants &c 18s

2nd November 1838

Do. Returned Home

Charge Two Days

Paid my Expenses & Edwins £1

Paid for a New Hat Upcots £1 2s 0d

3rd November 1838

Working on Maiden Newton Bill Rate&c

Paid Pencils &c 5s

Paid for a Pig £3 0s 0d

4th November 1838

At Home

5th November 1838

Examining Penselwood Map and writing out Godmanstone & Upwey inclosure Bills

Pd Mr Maiden Poor Rates £1 10s

Paid Mr Bennett of Yeovil in full of all demand £17 5s 0d

Paid a Years Rent of Garden Allotment 10s

It is not clear on which land or property the poor rate at Maiden Newton was due.

6th November 1838

making out Particulars of Melbury Sampford for Lord Ilchester

7th November 1838

Melbury Sampford & Melbury Osmond Commutation Attending Sub Commissioner Mr Jerwood at the Acorn Inn Evershot on both Parishes

17s Reced of Mr Spinks for Measuring Coppice

Paid Mr Spinks Bill for Timber &c for my new office &c £47 13s 1d

Pd on a/ for his Timber at Bubbdown £40 10s 0d } £7 3s 1d

8th November 1838

Mr Nicholetts Journey to Bridport to make affidavit to Value of Field in Allington Dined with the Revd. Mr Fox.

£2 2s 0d Received of Mr Nicholetts

£35 18s 8d Reced of Mr Merriman a Years interest on the Bishopstone Inclosure Mortgage due 29th September last }

9th November 1838

Allington Rate and Tithes

Attending Tithe meeting for Mr Fox agreed at £190

Attending Parish officers on Poor Rate charged £2-2-0

£2 2s 0 d Received of the Revd. Mr Fox

10th November 1838

Returned Home by way of Beaminster – Dined at Mr Peter Cox’s Traced some Sketches for him from the Sydling Maps

Pd expenses at Bridport and things purchased £1 2s

Mending Carriage 19s 6d

11th November 1838

At Home

12th November 1838

Writing to Mr Madeley for stencil Letters &c and waited on Lord Ilchester with Reference to Melbury Sampford Map

13th November 1838

Mr Sheridan Journey to Maiden Newton and made Exchange between Mr Sheridan and Crewkerne School £1 10s 9d

Sydling St Nicholas Commutation

Attending at Sydling to receive Maps £2 2s 0d

Richard Brinsley Sheridan was born in 1751 and died in 1816. He was a famous actor. His son Thomas Sheridan was born in 1775 and in turn he had a son also named Richard Brinsley Sheridan born in 1809. This latter had extensive land holdings in the county but lived at Frampton. In his time he was MP for Shaftesbury, High Sheriff for Dorset and member of the Yeomanry Cavalry. Why Crewkerne school owned 30 acres of land in Maiden Newton is not known.

14th November 1838

Making Sketches of part of Piddlehinton for Mr Knight and writing to him respg meeting at Bridport to divide an estate between Messrs Gundry and Dennis

15th November 1838

Working on Frome St Quintin Particulars

16th November 1838

Attending the Chelborough Tithe Meeting when I was appointed the apportioner and dined at Mr Crew Jennings

If Corscombe was the only entry that indicates he tendered for contracts this is the only one that exists where he was appointed.




17th November 1838

Working on Penselwood Map

18th November 1838

At Home

19th November 1838

Working on the Penselwood Particulars

20th November 1838

Sent the Pen Map to Mr Guy and Pasting Paper

Pd Mr Pope for Spirits £3 16s 6d

21st November 1838

Went to Frome St Quintin and saw Mr Petty respg meeting at Beaminster and attendg Mr Smiths sale [under execution]

Paid for Articles at Mrs Smiths Sale £4 15s 0d

22nd November 1838

Doing Various Jobs and working on the Maiden Newton Rate

Paid Mr Olver on fu a/ £10

Although there is a large family by the name of Olver living in Bridport none were land surveyors.

23rd November 1838

making Maiden Newton Commutation expenses rate

24th November 1838

Godmanstone inclosure

Journey to Dorchester respg Exchange between Mr Goodenough & Mr Bridges. Edwin went with me and remained at Charminster

Paid for Paper Pocket Book &c & Expenses at the Antelope for Edwin and self £3

Paid Mr Balsters bill £5 4s 0d

Presumably this would have been the next diary in the series; now lost.

25th November 1838

At Home

26th November 1838

Doing Various Jobs and went to Loders in the afternoon slept at Bridport

Paid for Canvas 5s

Paid Mr Cleall for Mr Richards Board &c when measuring at Chedington } £6 16s 5d

Paid for cleaning Boots 3s 7d

27th November 1838

At Loders at Mr Henry Sewards examining Property Slept at Bridport

28th November 1838

Returned home working on Loders Rate

Paid Expenses at Bridport £1 5s

29th November 1838

Mess Petty & Cowdry

Journey to Beaminster at the Final settlement of Exchange at Frome St Quintin

Paid Expenses 2s 6d

30th November 1838

Working on the Loders rate

Paid ½ yrs Land Tax for the land mic 1838 9d


1st December 1838


2nd December 1838

At Home

3rd December 1838

Receiving Rents at Ransom

Received of Mr Johnson up to this time £4 4s 0d

Paid my Tithe 4s

Pd Messenger with Loder rate 5s

Paid ½ yrs aforesaid Taxes £3 10s 10d

½ Years Land tax 2s 7d

4th December 1838

Sent the Loder Abstract Rate sent Mr Ingram Map of P Hinton and Pasting Maps and working on Evershot Rent Charges.

5th December 1838

Pasting Paper and working on Evershot Rent Charges

6th December 1838

Went to Sydling Fair and Examining the Stratton Apportionment

Lent Thos Cox £2

7th December 1838

making out Mr Jestys Accounts and went to Woolcombe – and pasting the Stratton Maps on Canvas

Paid Expenses for Flower Glasses 10s 6d

8th December 1838

Stratton Commutation Journey to Stratton with Draft Apportionment and deposited the same at Mr Chapmans Charge £2 2s 0d

Paid English £1 8s 0d

£50 Received of Mr Wm Jennings yrs payment

9th December 1838

At Home

10th December 1838

Messrs Gundry and Dennis

Journey to Bridport to meet Mr Knighton the partition Valuation- worked in the afternoon at Loders

Paid Susan what she paid for me 4s 10d

Pd her on a/ of House 10s

Pd Expenses at Bridport and Loder £1 14s 0d

This is the last entry about Susan Frampton although she was still living in as a servant to him in the 1841 census.

11th December 1838

Valuing at Loders

12th December 1838

Returned Home – attended the Loder Vestry on my way home Charge 3 days for Loder

13th December 1838

Working on the Loder Partition

14th December 1838

Do. – ½ day & Pasting Paper &c

15th December 1838

Went to Batcombe with Notice for meeting to produce map

Pd Alex Wellman on a/ of Measuring at Chantmarle &c £1

16th December 1838

At Home

17th December 1838

Pasting Paper and Doing various jobs and looking over the Batcombe Rent Charge

18th December 1838

Went to Ilminster after Arthur

Pd J Lake Digging Potatoes 3s

Expenses going to Ilminster 6s

19th December 1838

Went to Charminster slept at Mr Caines

20th December 1838

Valuing Monkton Tithes slept at Dorchester

Received of Dorchester Union making Frome Vauchurch Rate £10 17s 6d

21st December 1838

Taking State of Property Charminster Village

22nd December 1838

Correcting Charminster inclosure map

Pd Man at Charminster and Expenses at Dorchester 15s

Pd mending Carriage £1

23rd December 1838

At Home

24th December 1838


Attending a Vestry to have the Map adopted

Pd Scott for work 3s 6d

Pd Mrs Coxwell for Charity to woman 5s

Pd Xmas gifts 10s

25th December 1838

Christmas Day

26th December 1838

Attending Frome Vauchurch with Map for adoption of Landowners

Pd Mr Wills for Chain Man &c at Downfrome £2 19s 6d

£30 Received of Mr Neale making M Newton rate

27th December 1838

Pasting Paper and Dined at Mr William Jenning’s

28th December 1838

Putting in Two Sketches in Margins of Deeds for Mr Templer of Bridport charge 10s each

29th December 1838

Working on Charminster Village Terrier”

Pd Mr Edwards of Yeovil for what he paid for me at C Thorne £9 11s 3d

30th December 1838

At Home

31st December 1838

Working on Charminster

Pd Rendall Glazier £1 6s 11d

Pd C Man at Stoke & Holway £1 18s 4d

Pd Susan what she paid for me 5s 2d

Pd her on acct of House 10s

Pd for paper at Dorchester and Expenses £3

Pd Bill at the Three Compasses Charminster £7 12s 0d

Paid Mr Olver in full for Measuring £94 0 0d

Paid John Drakes Bill £1 18s 6d

Pd James Groves Bill £2 8s 8d

Pd for Sawing 10s 6d

Paid James Roberts his Bill £4 10s 9d

Pd Mr Edwards in full £30

Paid English 4 wks £1 8s 0d

Paid Mrs Shorts Bill £5 12s 8d

Paid Knell Shoemaker £4 4s 4d

Paid Mrs Pouncys Bill £2 14s 11 ½ d

Paid Mrs Mullins Bill £2 9s 3 ½ d

The end of the year once again contains numerous payments. The first batch are included in the accounts section for the 31st December whilst the second are included in the monthly abstracts pages at the end of the book. Clearly he just ran out of space as he did in 1832 and put the payments where he had the room for them in the book.




Paid Cooper Chubb 15s 3d

Paid for Drawing Paper Cartridge Do &c £1 7s

Paid Nut Shoemakers of Dorchester £1 6s

Paid Edwards Shoemaker 18s 3d

£2 15s 8d Reced interest Wilts and Dorset Bank Current a/

Pd County Chronicle Bill £1 2s

Paid John Groves 4s 6 ½d

£9 7s 6d Reced ½ yr’s interest on 375£ Wilts & Dorset due Xmas 1838

Paid Mr Wm Jennings 2/5 of the above £3 15s

£40 12 0d Reced ½ Yrs dividend from Williams Bank due July 1838

Pd John Cox 1/3 rd Sherbourne Journal 6s 8d

£40 12 0d Do Do due 5th January 1839

Paid Mr Percy’s Bill £5 6s 8d




Paid Barrett Shoemaker which ought to have been entered 30th August when Pd £7 0 11d

Paid Postage &c £5 10s

£58 15s 6d Reced of Mr Trenchard for 37 Sheep and two calves

Paid 2 Years insurance £5 5s

Paid for Apple trees for Chilthorne per Mr Pyne 28 at 4/3d each £5 19s

Pd Mr Swaffields Bill for Flour &c £27 17 10d

10s Reced Share of surplus from insurance office

Paid Mr Trenchards Bill including two Hogsheads of Cider £44 5s

Pd for 63 Hundred & ¾ of coals at 15 ½ d per Hundred £4 2 4 ½ d




Pd Arthurs ½ years Schooling £26 17 7d

Pd two years Rent of Poor Close due at Lady Day 1839 £12 12s

Pd Lord Ilchester a Yrs Rent of Land £28 4 10d

Pd Susan ½ yr’s wages £5 5s

Pd Mr Bollen for Spirits £1 2s

Paid Galpin Chain Man at Toller £4 15s

Pd Lodge of Sherborne Shoemaker 19s

Pd Mr Upcotts Bill £11 19s 6d

Pd Mrs Galpin for Lodgings for Young Men when measuring Toller £10

Pd Mr Tilly of Yeovil £1 10 5d

Pd Dr Wallis for Medicine 7s 6d

This was probably Dr John Wallis of Dorchester.


Paid Mr Selwoods Bill £8 1s

Paid for Canvas 4s

Brought Forward

Received £1196 19s 5d

Paid £1141. 1s 7d

55 17s 10d

Carried to next years book.








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