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The Land Surveyor

Much of the work in these sections is of a technical [but not difficult to understand] nature and looks at the origins of the land surveyor and how he went about his business.

  • A short history of the land surveyor    The modern profession of land surveying began , according to one source around about the year 1520. In this section I examine the reasons why the profession suddenly took off and the difficulties they encountered.
  • The Perfect Survey   Using 19th century text books I describe how the land surveyor went about his business. The theory was relatively simple but the practical difficulties were immense.
  • Making the Map   For some of us maps have a peculiar fascination about them. In the past they were, in my view, genuine works of art. Aside from the vellum, parchment or linen on which they were drawn the map was hand made by the surveyor and his assistants. Here I give an outline as to how it was done.
  • Five Acts of the 19th Century   Whilst inclosure maps were a part of the everyday work of the land surveyor , the 19th century brought new legislation concerning the tithe and the poor law. Out of the blue new areas of work presented themselves which for the first time became regulated by parliamentary legislation. These five acts began the process of standardisation in our national life.