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Diary Entry for the year 1832

Accounts entry



1st January 1832

At home

£301 3s 9d Brought from last Yrs Book

2nd January 1832

Went to Charmouth when the Tunnel was opened for Public Travelling – dined at the Coach and Horses

Paid Expenses at Charmouth & Bridport £1 1 0

£4 0 0d Received of Mr Broadley for receiving his Tithes

Now closed the tunnel eased the gradient of the road between Charmouth and Axminster. It is tempting to believe he was involved somehow in its construction but we have no evidence.

3rd January 1832

Returned Home called on Mr Broadley and settled all Accounts with him

Paid Barnett Labourer 4s

£30 0 0

Reced of Mr Davis for Rawston Map for Sir J Smith

£12 12 0d Reced ½ yrs dividend on 700£ due 5th January last

4th January 1832

About various jobs and moving Papers from above Stairs into my office below.

The Tithe map refers to him owning an extensive complex of “Dwellinghouse, Stables, Offices Gardens &c”

5th January 1832

Mr Cockeram called in the Morning & wished me to go to Fryer Maine next Thursday-writing out Bills etc & had X.Mas [sic] party.

In Western England twelfth night could be celebrated as late as the 17th January [due to a change in calendars]. The holding of an ‘Xmas’ party on the 5th or 6th is consistent with the tradition in the West Country of having a Wassail party in celebration of the cider apple.

6th January 1832

Writing Letters paying Bills &c

7th January 1832

Writing Names in Fields in Piddle Hinton Map

8th January 1832

At Home

9th January 1832

Piddle Hinton Inclosure

Making Particular Survey of Qualities

10th January 1832


Do. Do.

An over exuberance of ditto’s.

11th January 1832

Head ach [sic] and done but little – gave away the Second Poor money in the afternoon

He mentions headaches occasionally and they appear to be severe enough to stop him working. An almost unheard of event otherwise. Possibly a form of migraine.

12th January 1832

Evershot Rent Day

13th January 1832

Mr Cockeram

Journey to Fryer Maine to settle disputes between him and Mr Billett slept at Mr Sherries

This is most likely Thomas Cockeram who lived at UpCerne some distance from Fryer Maine, West Knighton. On the other hand Cockeram’s lands on the Tithe Map were occupied by a tenant so he may have been an absentee landlord.

14th January 1832

Done a Job for Mr Cockeram on Warmwell Down between him and Mr Billett charge for the whole 3 guineas.

15th January 1832

At Home

16th January 1832

Working upon “Piddle Hinton” Particular Survey

17th January 1832

Do. and Dined at Woolcombe

18th January 1832

Doing Various Jobs and done a little to Piddle Hinton P Survey

19th January 1832

Do. and Dined at Oilywell

£50 0 0d Received of Mr Baldwin further on account of Premium for his son

The local name for Holywell just down the road from Evershot. He was probably dining with Charles Jesty one of the local farmers.

Could this have been a fee payable for training Baldwin’s son?

20th January 1832

Went to Ransom and measured Land Planted above the Great Coppice

21st January 1832

Went to Yeovil and delivered my Annual Accts of Ransom up too Ly Day 1831

Paid Mr Watts on Acct of Measuring at Upwey £20 0 0d

22nd January 1832

At home

23rd January 1832

Went to Melbury House with Ball cartridge and there all the Morning assisting Ld Ilchester about them.

This would seem to indicate a change in the firearms the Cavalry was using although what that might have been is not known as there seems to have been no general change in armaments at this time..

24th January 1832

Making out advertisement of Mr Champions Timber Sale and went to Bubdown [sic]

25th January 1832

Doing various Jobs and went to Woolcombe in the afternoon

26th January 1832

Letting Timber at Bubdown

Expenses at Dorchester 7s

27th January 1832

Working on Piddle Hinton examining Claims &c and writing names in Furlongs

Gave Servants at Mr Hardings 1s 6d

28th January 1832

Went to Dorchester to speak to Mr Ingram respecting Piddle Hinton claims slept at Waterson at Mr Hardings

Waterson is a small hamlet in the parish of Puddletown. Francis Ingram was a local solicitor and Clerk to the Piddlehinton inclosure.

29th January 1832

At Waterson the whole day and slept there.

This was Waterson Manor in Puddletown. James Harding was one of the local tenant farmers.

30th January 1832

Charminster Inclosure

Viewing Bank made by Warr round the outward boundary and other matters relating to the inclosure

31st January 1832

Valuing Bubdown Timber


owe me

Ransom Plantg £4 11s 10d

Churchwarden £4 9 2d

Mullens ?? 18 7d

Potatoe Rent £1 0 10d

11 0 5d

Gold 16 1 0

Silver 2 6

Bills 65 0 0

In Bank 283 6 6

£ 375 10 5d


1st February 1832

Casting Bubdown Timber and Went to Ransom

2nd February 1832

Piddle Hinton

Preparing Collecting Sheets

3rd February 1832

Piddle Hinton

Writing names in Fields and Furlongs

4th February 1832

Preparing conditions &c for Bubdown Sale and went to Cattistock had my mare shod

Paid Mr Nobbs of Cattistock Shoeing my Mare 9s 4d

5th February 1832

At Home and dined at Woolcombe

6th February 1832

Bubdown Sale of Timber making conditions &c in the Morning

7th February 1832

Went Fox Hunting

One of only three times he went hunting. James Farquharson a Colonel in the cavalry also kept a pack of hounds locally. All of the entries date from 1832 suggesting this was not something he did regularly.

8th February 1832

Piddle Hinton

Went to Piddle to complete State of Property

Pd Mrs Martin on a/c £5

9th February 1832

At Piddle Hinton Do.

Gave Mr Knights Servants 4s

Pd Mr Trenchard for a sack of oats 12s

10th February 1832

At Piddle Hinton Do. and returned Home

11th February 1832

Went to Ransom and Measured ten acres of the Hill for Geo Cox

12th February 1832

At Home

Pd Jos Vine 8 weeks 12s

13th February 1832

Gardening Setting Pease [sic] and Beans

14th February 1832

Went to Dorchester Fair

Pd Davis for Hay Knife 5s 6d

Expenses 2s

Some entries are sporadic and the Way Rates are one of them even though they were raised annually. Parishes had the responsibility of maintaining their own roads.

15th February 1832

Working on Piddle Hinton Map completing State of Property and collecting Sheets for Geo Baldwin to begin collecting

Pd one Yrs Way Rates 16s

16th February 1832

Preparing Collecting Sheets for Piddle Hinton

£5 7s Reced Valuing Mr Champions Timber

17th February 1832

Scaling Maiden Newton

18th February 1832

Went to Ransom in the Morning and Scaled a little of Maiden Newton

Pd Mrs Martin £1

Paid Thomas Cox £1 18s

Paid Barrett for work 7s

Paid Gardening Do. 8s 9d

19th February 1832

At Home

20th February 1832

Went to Stoke Common ^ forenoon and marked out width of Road of Map in afternoon and scaled part of Map in Qualities

21st February 1832

Scaled Remainder of Stoke Common attended Turnpike Meeting at the Acorn &c

22nd February 1832

Scaling a Little of Maiden Newton in the Morning and went to Stockwood common in the afternoon – and called on Mr Champion respg division

23rd February 1832

Allotting Stockwood Common and made a Sketch for Mr Champion


charge 10£ up to this time

24th February 1832

Scaling Maiden Newton

25th February 1832

Do. and went to Ransom

26th February 1832

At Home

27th February 1832

Hauling Dung to Ransom Land and Dined at Mr John Jennings’s with Messrs Jesty &c

28th February 1832

Piddle Hinton Inclosure

attending Commnr respg Mr Churchills claim and other matters relating to the inclosure slept at the Antelope

£3 3s 0d Received of Mr Harvey for Sketch &c of Winterbourne

29th February 1832

Piddle Hinton & Charminster

returned Home – made a day at Charminster letting Gundry the Gascoigne Road to make slept at Mr Devenish’s

Paid Mr Knights share of Bill 14s

Paid my Bill Horse &c £1 8s 0d

Paid for Pen Knife 3s

The Gundry family was very extensive and no attempt has been made to establish links between the various branches.

The Gascoigne road still exists as Martin laid it out. [More or less].


1st March 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Went to Piddle Hinton respg Public Roads

Expenses at P Hinton 2s

Paid Mr Jesty to Balance his bill 9s 8d

Paid Labourer 3s 6d

2nd March 1832

Went to Ransom in the Morning and Doing various Jobs in the afternoon

3rd March 1832

Attending Mr Johnson and Mr Batten at Ransom

Mr Johnson married the daughter of John Daniell and became the Lord of the Manor of Rampisham, Martin was it’s Steward and Batten its solicitor.

4th March 1832

At Home

5th March 1832

Cavalry meeting at Toller Down

As well as Permanent duty once a year there were occasional meetings throughout the year.

6th March 1832

Cavalry meeting at Sydling Barn [very Wet day-]

7th March 1832

Scaling Maiden Newton

8th March 1832


9th March 1832

Went to Maiden Newton Fair [sold my Alderney – to Mr Symmonds of Gorwell

£10 Sold Alderney

Paid Mr Wightman for a wheelbarrow £1 4s 0d

Expenses at the Fair 2s

Expenses at Dorchester 5s 6d

Fairs were held in many areas. Not to be confused with markets [which were usually held weekly] fairs were annual

events and were the principal venue for sale of livestock.

10th March 1832

Went to Dorchester to get off from serving on the Jury on Acct of Deafness

It is not clear if this was a temporary hearing loss or something more permanent. He was 52 yr’s old at the time so either option is likely.

11th March 1832

At Home

12th March 1832

Went to the Assizes and was discharged from serving on the Jury

Pd Mr Ash for a Hat had some time ago £1 8s 0d

Expenses 4s

13th March 1832

Went to Ransom about Planting &c

14th March 1832

Scaling Maiden Newton

15th – 16th March 1832


17th March 1832

Do. and adding up Terrier

Terriers were written lists of property, tenures and so on.

18th March 1832

At Home

19th March 1832


20th March 1832

Making Sketch of Maiden Newton Down for valuing

Paid Sartain for Pitching 6s

21st March 1832

Fast Day – at Home

See text- personae dramatis. This short entry has an interesting story behind it.

22nd March 1832

P Hinton inclosure

Attending at Piddle Hinton respecting Roads

23rd March 1832

Charminster Inclosure

Attending at Charminster with Commnr respecting Roads and other matters

Expenses at Piddle Hinton & Charminster 2s 6d

24th March 1832

Went Fox Hunting and caught a Violent cold

Paid Isaac Frampton for a Sack of Oats 11s

The second entry concerning fox hunting. James Farquharson was a Colonel in the Yeomanry cavalry and also kept a pack of hounds locally.

25th March 1832

At Home

£19 4s Reced of Mr Farquharson for making Plan of Demesne Lands at Langton &c

Demesne land was land retained by the lord of the manor for his own use.

26th March 1832

Very unwell

27th – 29th March 1832


30th March 1832

Rather Better – made part of Mr Goodenough Map of West Leaze Farm

Pd 60 Poors Rates to make up the Yr £1 6s 3d

It is not clear what ‘Pd 60’ means in this context.

31st March 1832

About Mr Goodenough’s Map

Later [in May] he is paid by Mr Goodenough for Map of his Estate at Sparkford and North Cadbury. These are adjacent villages but the tithe map of only 5 years later does not show a Mr Goodenough as a landowner or occupier. Nor is there a West Leaze farm in either parish.


1st April 1832

At Home

2nd April 1832

Finished Mr Goodenough’s Map

3rd April 1832

Went to Rampisham – in the morning and to Melbury House in afternoon respg Troop work

4th April 1832

Doing Various Jobs and putting in measures into Maiden Newton Map from Mr Brownes Map [Old Inclosures]

Paid Carriage of Mr Goodenough’s Map from Mr Criswick 2s 8d

5th April 1832

Went to Yeovil to take keep [sic] for Couplers

£30 Reced for 20 Couplers

Expenses at Yeovil 8s 6d

It is not known what a coupler is. Probably a sheep of some sort.

6th April 1832

Went to Yeovil Market and sold the Couplers to Farmer Howard of Muchelny

7th April 1832

Measuring Land at Cattistock for Mr Fryer charge

8th April 1832

At Home

9th April 1832

Went to Charminster respecting the Gascoigne Road and went to Dorchester and had Edwin measured for his new clothes

Bought Books for Edwin and Arthur 7s

At 12 years old Edwin was about to go to school, hence the new clothes and books.

10th April 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Examining claims with Map

11th April 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Do. Do.

12th April 1832

Piddle Hinton Inclosure

Putting Qualities on the Map of West Down – and making alterations in castings on acct of the New Road

13th April 1832

Piddle Hinton Inclosure

Taking up the New Road on the East Side of the Parish in order to lay it down on the Map Mr Knight attended

14th April 1832

Went to Dorchester with Mr Knight Dined at Mr Ingram’s with him and returned Home

Paid at Mr Knights 2s

Paid for seeds &c 3s

15th April 1832

At Home

16th April 1832

Gardening and laying down the East Road on Piddle Hinton Map

17th April 1832

Charminster Inclosure

Attending at Charminster to settle with Gundry for the Gascoigne Road but it was not completed to my satisfaction when he agreed to cover it with Fine Gravel 1 ½ inch thick

Expenses at Charminster 1s 6d

Paid Goldring Gardg 5s 4d

Paid Mr Trenchard for Porters Land at Rampisham £80

Paid #### Bill for various shop goods £8

Paid ½ yrs Tithe due Mic 1832 £1 11s 0d

Paid Postage on Business 6s

Do. my self 2s

Charminster inclosure 2s

Maiden Newton Do. 1s 6d

P Hinton Do. 1s 6d

Mr Trenchard was the local butcher. Many butchers appear to have had large land holdings. Food miles were virtually zero the butcher breeding, finishing and ultimately slaughtering his own animals.

Porters Land was a one and a quarter acre meadow in Rampisham.

18th April 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Laying down the New Road on the Map and putting the Parish in Districts preparatory to making General Survey

19th April 1832

Doing various jobs in Garden

20th April 1832

Doing Various Jobs in the Morning and went to Melbury House respg Troop in afternoon

21st April 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure”

Went to Maiden Newton and marked off the different qualities of land on the Down preparatory to Valuation

22nd April 1832

At home

23rd April 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

attendg Cmmnr at Maiden Newton when Public Roads were finally settled by Mr Churchill the Magistrate

Paid Man attending Commnr Valuing arable Lands & Liquor 6s

Paid Crew Jennings’s for Deed of Porters Land £8 3s 0d

Pd Frampton going after Edwin and returning 12s

This probably refers to Edwin being collected from school in Dorchester.

24th April 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Valuing arable Lands

£100 Reced on Acct of Maiden Newton Inclosure of Mr Peter Cox

25th April 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

Valuing arable Lands

26th April 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

Finished Valuing arable Lands

27th April 1832

Writing to Mr Johnson and went to Rampisham[Gardening &c}

28th April 1832

Went to Beaminster after Level &c and went to Horn Hill

The Charmouth tunnel was not the only one to be built in 1832. One at Horn Hill outside Beaminster was another such.

29th April 1832

At home

30th April 1832

Attending Cerne Turnpike Meeting at Dorchester

Paid Wm Ellis Gardening 7s 4d

Expenses at Dorchester 1s 8d


1st May 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Putting in Values on Map and altering the same in Terrier preparatory to casting

2nd May 1832

Do. charge one day for yesterday and today

Paid Mrs Martin on a/ of House &c £5

3rd May 1832

Attending the Charminster Road Men and making out a New Troop Roll for Lord Ilchester

Paid Ruben Groves for 5 Peck Barley 5s

4th May 1832

Doing various Jobs & working on the Rampisham Rough Rental to Ldy Dy 1832

Paid ½ years Taxes £1 2s 7d

Do. ½ years Land Tax 2s 7d

5th May 1832

Went to Woolcombe and Stayed there the greatest part of the day

6th May 1832

At Home

7th May 1832

Doing Various Jobs in Garden paying the Charminster Road makers &c

8th May 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Taking Levels of New Line of intended Road

9th May 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

making Section of said Road and Estimating Expenses of making the same

10th May 1832

Making Sketch of Exchange between Ld Holland and Mr Valder preparatory to putting it on the Margin of the Deed


Sent Colt to Keep

It is tempting to think this relates to Maiden Newton but neither person appears to have owned land in the parish.

11th May 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Attendg Commnr revising Valuation of Lands

12th May 1832

Do. and returned Home

13th May 1832

At Home

14th May 1832

Evershot Fair

Paid Vine on acct 5s

15th May 1832

Putting in Qualities in Piddle Hinton West Down &c &c

16th May 1832

Making Particulars calculations of Maiden Newton Road putting in Qualities in P Hinton East Down and went to Woolcombe Rook Shooting

£10 11s 0d Reced of Mr Goodenough for Map of his Estate at Sparkford and North Cadbury

Paid Geo Brett having my Colt to Bincham 3s

17th May 1832

Went to Dorchester and met the Quarter Masters and Col Frampton resp Quarters &c

Paid expenses 7s 6d

18th May 1832

Went to Toller Down Fair and making out List of Troop for Billetting

£2 Reced for Two Calves

Paid for articles purchased at Mr St Quintins sale £1 15s

Paid working Garden 2s 6d

Toller Down has been mentioned several times. A theft at the fair was noted by Thomas Hardy in his notebook.

19th May 1832

Maiden Newton

Went to Ransom in the Morning and working upon Maiden Newton Claims in afternoon

20th May 1832

At Home

21st May 1832

Making Two Sketches of Exchange Lands between Ld Holland and Mr Nalder in Margin of Parchment Deed

£2 2s 0d

Parchment [calf or cow skin] was the preferred means of recording all legal transactions as it appears to be almost indestructible over many centuries.

22nd May 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Went to Maiden Newton and let part of New Road to be excavated at 4 ½ d per yard – and packing up my Troop articles ½ day £1 1s 0d

23rd May 1832

Permanent Duty at Dorchester

Paid J Frampton for Ploughing Ground 8s

Paid Mrs Martin on Acct House £5

24th – 29th May 1832


£5 2s 0d Reced 1 years interest £127 Cerne Turnpike due Lady Day 1832

Paid Handkerchiefs for Edwin 5s

Paid Man looking after my Horse 12s

During the Napoleonic wars under threat of invasion ‘Permanent Duty’ could become just what it said. A ‘volunteer’ militia became, de facto, a Do.mestic army. By 1832 the risk of invasion had disappeared and Permanent Duty for the Cavalry at least was reduced to a week.

30th May 1832

Do. and returned Home

At this point Martin realised that the diary had been printed incorrectly and he had to renumber the days. The 1st June had to be relabelled 31st May. Oddly by the 4th June the dates and days had become correct again.

31st May 1832

Making up Accounts and went to Melbury House in the afternoon

£2 6s 4d Reced pay on Permanent Duty


1st June 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Went to Maiden Newton in the morning respecting Road and Doing Various Jobs in the afternoon charge 1 guinea

Paid Lodgings & Expenses on Permanent Duty £3 15s

£2 Reced Profit on Oats

Paid weeding Gardens 2s 6d

Officers and men in the Yeomanry were paid but as can be seen he was still in debt on the week to the extent of £1 8s 8d.

2nd June 1832

Maiden Newton

Went to Melbury in the Morning and examining claims with the Map with Farmer Bishop the afternoon till 8 o’clock charge 1 guinea

Paid Mr Cary’s Bill for Scales &c per Mrs Coleman- £1 4s 6d of which is Mr Baldwins} £1 17s 0d

3rd June 1832

At Home

4th June 1832

Rampisham Rent day

Pd John Beater for Coals &c £8 17s 6d

5th June 1832

Went to Maiden Newton and Measured the Road Work and returned to Mr Wm Jennings to see his Fish Pond drawn.

Pd Mr Selwood for office Stool £4 1s 4d

Paid for Two Pigs £1 16s

Expenses at Bridport 2s 6d

I suspect this means that the pond was dredged rather than he made a picture of it.

6th June 1832

Went to Allington to settle Tithes between Mr Hodder and Mr Fox

£1 1s 0d Reced of Mr Fox for Journey to Allington

James Hodder owned 130 acres or so in Allington. Presumably there was a dispute over that years valuation.

7th June 1832

Maiden Newton

Making out advertisement of Meeting to receive requests for exchanges and whether Proprietors choose to pay by Rate or Sale of Land and working upon Ransom in afternoon.

8th June 1832

Scaling Maiden Newton Down

9th June 1832

Went to Cerne Visitation and came back with Mr J Jesty to Oyleywell for Bacon & Eggs

Expenses at Cerne 1s

Paid Goldring in full for work 2s 6d

Martin was a long standing church warden. A responsible post and periodically the parishes were subject to inspection- Visitation- by the diocesan bishop or deacon. Bacon and eggs were clearly a treat for him.

10th June 1832

At Home

11th June 1832

Finished Scaling Maiden Newton Down and went to Ransom in the afternoon

Pd small sums not recollected £1 7s 0d

Pd James Curtis for a Sack of Beans £1 4s 0d

12th June 1832

Went to Dorchester on Business at the Bank called at Mr Fryers Cattistock and received my Bill of him

£11 Received of Mr Fryer for Copy of Valuations of Cattistock Tithes

13th June 1832

Working about Ransom accts and making up my own &c

Purchased £100 in 3 ½ per cents £93 7s 6d

14th June 1832

Went to Maiden Newton in the Morning and waiting on Dally in the afternoon respecting Road

Paid Hay & Straw Mr Caines when on Permanent duty 5s

Paid Mr Caines for keep of my Horse when measuring at Charminster 10s

Pd Spaying my old Cow 3s

Why would an old cow need spaying ?

15th June 1832

Piddle Hinton Inclosure

Taking up Roads on the West Down and part of the Arable Fields ½ a Day charge 1 guinea

£500 [sic] Reced of Mr Wm Jennings on acct of Rents and Interest

This is a huge payment received of Mr Jennings. What it was for is not known but in today’s money it is nearly £34,000.

16th June 1832

Piddle Hinton

Making Rough Scheme for Allotting £2 2s 0d


Check owe me £6 1s 0d

In Bank £234 5s 0d

Cash £29 18s 0d

Bills £71 0s 0d

Check £500

£841 4s 0d

owe Mr Dunning Oats £23

all right £818 4s 0d

17th June 1832

At Home

18th June 1832

Met Mr Johnson at Ransom and went to Mr Willmotts Sale at Benville purchased a Grinding stone

19th June 1832

Rode out in the Morning Receiving several Ransom Rents & making out Troop Muster Roll

Paid for Grinding Stone and Rakes 11s

20th June 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosures

Attending Commnr Valuing Downs 2 2 0

Paid Man attending Valuation M Newton 2s

Pd Butcher Miller for Meat 6s 6d

21st June 1832

Making Valuation of Maiden Newton Down and casting the same and preparing Rough Scheme ½ day & went to Ransom drank Tea at Mrs Willmotts

Paid Mr Mullens Balance of Bills 17s 16d

£1 1s 0d Reced of Mr J Jennings macking [sic] off a bit of Land at Milplash [sic]

The first reference to drinking tea in the diaries.

22nd June 1832

Doing various Jobs upon Ransom Accts & completing receipts as far as received

Paid Mr J Jennings for Letters of Administration to my Mothers Effects but it should have been to my Fathers Effects it was done wrong and I am this money out of my own pocket £10 10s

The only mention of his parents in the diaries. He was clearly cross with Jennings for obtaining the wrong letters.

23rd June 1832

Doing something to Ransom Accts and making out Rough Bill of Charminster inclosure

24th June 1832

At Home

25th June 1832

Ower Moigne Inclosure

To hear objections to Private Roads I met Commnr today to settle Rate &c

£1 14 11d Received of Geo Perratts Bill upon Mr Johnson which will increase his

Bill on me to [£] 18.4.7

Geo owe me [£] 30.0.0

due to me 11.15.5

26th June 1832

Over Moigne Inclosure

Hearing objections to Private roads and making Rate of Expenses

Paid Raffleing [sic] at Dorchester £1 5s

Paid Jo Vine 17s

Pd Expenses on Ower[moigne] £1 5s

27th June 1832

Returned Home Charge

35.0.0 Reced of Mr Manfield for Measuring the late Mrs Lisles Property at Upwey

Paid for New Hat £1 5s

28th June 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

receiving requests for Exchanges and paying in Money

£10 Reced a Yrs interest on Beaminster Turnpike £200 up to 6th May last

He was getting a 5% return on the turnpike.

29th June 1832

Went to Beaminster to the opening of the Horn Hill Tunnel

Expenses at Tunnel dinner 13s 6d

Unlike at Charmouth we have definite evidence he was involved at Horn Hill.

30th June 1832

Rather unwell today done but little divided the Purchase money of Upwey for Mr Manfield

Did he have slightly too much to drink at the dinner?


1st July 1832

At Home

2nd July 1832

Began mowing Courtlands Haymaking

Brought Forward

Received £1147 5 0d

Paid £293 18 7d

3rd 4th July 1832


5th July 1832

Ricked Courtlands

6th July 1832

Haymaking the weather rather wet

7th July 1832

Haymaking in the morning and went to Maiden Newton in the afternoon respg road

8th July 1832

At Home

9th July 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Journey to Piddle Hinton Measuring Cox’s Road work

Expenses 1s

10th July 1832

Haymaking Ricked Marsh Orchard

Pd weeding Garden 3s

11th July 1832

Working upon Maiden Newton Castings and Haymaking in the afternoon

Pd Mowing Piperhays 12s

12th July 1832

Went to Maiden Newton in the Morning respecting Road and preparing General Survey Book in afternoon for Allotting

13th July 1832

Went to Yeovil respg Rampisham returned by 3 o/k made up Ransom Accts &c

Pd Mr Edwards for Green Cloth for Pony Chaise £2 15s 0d

Paid for Rhubarb &c 3s

He had the cloth but at this stage as we will see he had no chaise.

14th July 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Making general survey

15h July 1832

At Home

16th July 1832

Working on “Maiden Newton” General Survey and Haymaking

17th July 1832

Ricked Pipers Hays

18th July 1832

Horn Hill

Went to Horn Hill and took Levels towards Toller Down in order to estimate expenses let the work to B Cox

Pd Vine mowing the Land & Haymaking 12s 6d

More work on the extension of the Maiden Newton turnpike through to Beaminster via Evershot.

19th July 1832

Making Section of the above and Estimate – went to Maiden Newton respg Road in the evening

Paid Mr Eaton for Seeds and ### £2 9s 6d

20th July 1832

Attending Benj’n Cox Junr The whole of the Morning and let him Road to make at Beaminster at £400 – charge for taking levels making section &c £4 4s 0d Rick’d the Lord in afternoon.

Paid Thos Cox’s Bill £3 9s 0d

21st July 1832

Went to Chetnole and making Sketch of Mr Bridges Estate there did not finish

22nd July 1832

At Home

23rd July 1832

Went to Chetnole and made Sketch complete of Mr Bridges property reduced the same charge 3 guineas

Paid uncle Thomas for a Cheese 12s

24th July 1832

Making reduced Sketch for Mr Bridge and went to Maiden Newton in the afternoon respecting Road

25th July 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Finished General Survey hard days work

26th July 1832

Went to Sherborne Fair and had a Pony of Mr Helby on Trial

Expenses at Sherborne 1s

He now had a pony but as yet no chaise.

27th July 1832

Went to Dorchester with Edwin to School

Pd Edwins ½ Yrs Bill for Schooling £19 8s

Pd Other expenses 6s

28th July 1832

Maiden Newton

Preparing Allotting Book and taking up part of New Roads

£14 7s Received ½ yrs dividend on £810 due July 5th

Paid Wm Jerrards Bill for work £2

Pd Martha Haymaking 7s 6d

Pd Sally White Hay making 4s 6d

Pd Mowing 15s

Of note here is that women were Doing the haymaking.

29th July 1832

At Home

30th July 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

At Maiden Newton all the day Measuring Excavations and Flints &c

The next week or so has a number of references to gravel being removed from the waste at Maiden Newton for constructing new roads.

31st July 1832

Casting Excavations of Maiden Newton Roads &c &c

Here it appears that he was calculating the amount needed to be extracted for the roads.


1st August 1832

Attending at Piddle Hinton to Stake Sale Allottments

2nd – 3th August 1832


4th August 1832

Do. and returned Home

5th August 1832

At Home

6th August 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Went to Dorchester & met Commnr & Settled the advertisement & description of Sale Lots

Expenses at Dorchester 1s

7th August 1832

Went to Rampisham and Doing Various Jobs in afternoon at Home & making out Cavalry Muster Roll

8th August 1832

Went to Maiden Newton measuring stones & gravel and measured Dally’s work again Casting Stones in the afternoon and making muster Roll of Troop

More on gravel [stones].

9th August 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Making Maps of Sale Allotments

Paid Haymakers 7s

Paid 100 Poors Rates £2 3s 9d

Paid Jos Vine 14s

10th August 1832

Do. – and Completed the same and waiting on Ransom Accts charge £3 3 0d

11th August 1832

Writing Ransom Accounts and went to Maiden Newton in afternoon to stop Gravel drawers & from there to Ransom to see Mr Johnson

It appears by this time that the correct amount of gravel had been taken and the ‘gravel drawers’ had to stop.

12th August 1832

At Home Mrs Jesty & Mrs Carter dined &c at my House

13th August 1832

Writing Ransom Fair Accounts &c

Pd Mr Dunning for Two Loads of Straw £4 4s 0d

Pd Mr D##ns quarterly Shop Bill after deductn £2 1s 7d £3 13s 0d

14th August 1832

Went to Maiden Newton and let Dally the Haulage of the New Gravel went to Oileywell for Tea

Paid Jenny Groves Maid 4s 6d

Received ½ yr Salary on Ransom due Lady Day 1832 £10 10s 0d

15th August 1832

Doing Various Jobs respg Ransom &c

16th August 1832

Making out the case &c of Frys Estate at Rampisham & Doing something to the Ransom Accounts

Thomas Fry was an agricultural labourer in Rampisham.

17th August 1832

Doing Various Jobs in the Morning and went to Girt in afternoon to a Pick nick

Girt farm in Evershot was in the possession of John Swaffield and Henry Guppy. Did Mrs Martin go as well?

18th August 1832

Preparing for the Maiden Newton Meeting and went to Ransom in afternoon

19th August 1832

At Home

20th August 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Attending Commnr at Maiden Newton receiving requests for the situation of Allotments

Pd Postage on M Newton 2s 6d

Do. Piddle Hinton 1s 6d

Charminster 1s

on Business 2s 6d

myself 4s 2d

Pd small sums not recollected £1 11s 0d

21st August 1832

Making up Ransom Accounts my own Accts Potatoe Rents &c &c

22nd August 1832

Went to Ransom in the Morning and about various jobs in afternoon in Garden

23rd August 1832

Maiden Newton

colouring old inclosures taking up New Roads and entering them in the General Survey

There were few wholly uninclosed parishes in Dorset by this time. Many had been partially inclosed [to varying extents] by a variety of legal or quasi legal non parliamentary means. Old inclosures are thus frequently mentioned in inclosure awards.

24th August 1832

Went to Maiden Newton in the Morning and taking up more Roads on Map in the afternoon

25th August 1832

Doing Various Jobs in the Morning and Went to Maiden Newton in the afternoon respecting Road

26th August 1832

At Home

27th August 1832

Went to Ransom in the Morning and saw Mr Johnson intended to have went to Dorchester to see Edwin on my way to P Hinton but the Rain prevented me

For a man who lived his life outDo.ors and whose son was at school it must have been pretty heavy rain.

28th August 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Went to Piddle Hinton to finish Staking Sale Allotments

Paid Mrs Martin £5 0s 0d

Expenses at P Hinton 3s

29th August 1832

P Hinton

Staking the remainder of Sale Allotments and looking over the Fields regarding situation of Allotments

30th August 1832

Maiden Newton Inclosure

Attending commnr at Maiden Newton valuing old inclosures to be Exchanged

It was not uncommon during inclosures for old inclosures to be swapped. Sometimes an old inclosure might be swapped for a new allotment. In all cases it was not the area of the land that was important but its value. This however was determined by many factors not the least of which was the wish to consolidate lands in one place.

31st August 1832

Maiden Newton

Completing Rough Scheme &c and taking up more Roads &c


1st September 1832

Maiden Newton

Taking up New Road in the west Field on the land and Staking out New Road in Sheep Lands and Rudden Barrow

2nd September 1832

Dined at Woolcombe on Venison

Presumably a red letter day to have had venison.

3rd September 1832

Laying down New Roads on the Map and finished Rough Scheme

M Newton

4th September 1832

Allotting Maiden Newton

5th September 1832

Do. and Settling with Dally his work for Road

6th September 1832


7th September 1832

Went to Toller Down Fair

Paid for 35 Lambs at Toller Down £33 0s 0d

IN PENCIL Mr Manfield owe me 1£

8th September 1832


9th September 1832

At Home

10th September 1832

Maiden Newton


Paid Mr Cave for Gin £1 8s 0d

Paid Mr Joseph for Shoes £1 10s 8d

11th September 1832


12th September 1832

Dorchester Races – went to the Races and returned about 8 o’clock

Expenses at Races 2s 6d

13th September 1832

Maiden Newton

Attending Farmer Bishop in the morning Respg Allotments and Exchanges and Allotting in the afternoon

14th September 1832

Allotting- Maiden Newton

15th September 1832


made up Allotments in the Morning & Doing various Jobs in afternoon

16th September 1832

At Home – Dined at Mr Thos Jestys

17th September 1832

Went to Rampisham with Mr Trenchard respg letting him the Glebe Allotment on the Hill waiting on Farmer Peach at Burl respg his Rent and went to Ransom again in the Evening

Burl farm was in Evershot.

18th September 1832

Waited on Mr Johnson at Ransom writing Letters &c and Notices to Quit

Paid for County Chronicle 18s

Paid a Years composition to the Highways 16s

Another reference to the Waywarden’s rate.

19th September 1832

Doing a Little to Maiden Newton Allotting and went to Totnel Corner and bought a Pony cart

Expenses at P Hinton 3s 6d

Paid for Pony Chaise £34 9s 0d

Paid for Cart &c at Totnel Corner Sale £1 19s 5d

At last he had his pony chaise. Totnel corner is in the parish of Leigh.

20th September 1832

Went to Piddle Hinton to show Mr Knight the Maiden Newton Allotting but he was from home slept at Mr Hardings Waterson

21st September 1832

Met Mr Lever of Wimborne with Pony Chaise and returned by way of Dorchester and bought Edwin Home for Two or three days’s

There are very few of us who cannot resist playing with a new toy and John Martin was no exception. It is not mentioned again in the diaries.

22nd September 1832

Measuring Pond at Chalmington for Mr Stein Charge

John Stein was a major landowner in Cattistock just down the road from Higher Chalmington. Google Earth still shows a large pond there today.

23rd September 1832

At Home

Another flaw in the diary occurs at this point. The previous page was labelled September and week 38. This page is labelled October week 39. Martin has noted this and crossed out October and written in September.

24th September 1832

Piddle Hinton Inclosure Sale

Attendg at Dorchester [symbol] for two days

Paid Mrs Martin to pay Mr Jesty’s Meat Bill £12

Do. on Acct House £5

25th September 1832

P Hinton inclosure

Returned Home

Expenses P Hinton 3s 6d

26th September 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure attg at Maiden Newton when allotments were submitted to Proprietors

Expenses Maiden Newton 6s 6d

27th September 1832

Valuing an Estate at Mangerton belong to Lord Barnard and others £2 2s 0d

Received of Mr Farwell for Valuing the said Estate £2 2s 0d

28th September 1832

Making out the above Valuation and completing the Maiden Newton Allotments for staking out – charge a day

Paid Andrew Groves for Thatching £1 18s 0d

Pd Jos Vine 14s

29th September 1832

Preparing for Cavalry meeting and went to Ransom with Notices to Quit

30th September 1832

At Home


1st October 1832

Cavalry meeting at Sydling Barn

Situated in Sydling St Nicholas this is an ancient tithe barn. It’s listing states it was built in the 16th century.

2nd October 1832

Do. Toller Down

3rd October 1832

Beaminster Turnpike

Attending at Beaminster Letting Benj Cox more work £2 2 0d

Pd Mr Templeman for Cider £3 5s 0d

Expenses 2s

4th October 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

Staking allottments 2 2 0

5th October 1832

Making Sketch of Maiden Newton as Allotted for Mr Peter Cox

6th October 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

attendg Commnr at Dorchester to receive requests for the situation allotments

Paid Expenses at Dorchester 19s 6d

When consolidating strips of open fields at inclosure the commissioners had to take into account the situation of the existing strips and the lanDowners interests.

7th October 1832

Returned Home No charge

8th October 1832

Finished Sketch of Maiden Newton for Mr Peter Cox charge Mr Brown £3 3s 0d

9th October 1832

Maiden Newton

Staking Allotments

10th October 1832

Completed sketch of Maiden Newton and other jobs

11th October 1832

Rampisham Court

12th October 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Journey to Piddle Hinton to Measure excavations of Hill &c &c

13th October 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

Staking Allotments

14th October 1832

At Home

15th October 1832

Staking Allotments Maiden Newton

Expenses Horse 2s 3d

16th October 1832

Journey to Dorchester for Mr Johnson respecting Ransom Votes

Paid Mrs Martin to pay Price & Purdy £7

17th October 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosures making Fair General Survey for allotting

18th October 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Attending Commnr at Piddle Hinton rough scheming allotments

Expenses at P Hinton 2 s 6d

19th October 1832

Do. Do.

20th October 1832

Do. Do. returned Home

21st October 1832

At home

22nd October 1832

Piddle Hinton

Finally taking up New Roads allotting second Sale Lots and completing General Survey

Reced of the Revd Mr Lane for measuring £4 9s

Received of Capt Scott for valuing at Buckland

£2 2s 0d

Paid ½ yrs Tithe £1 9s 1d

23rd October 1832


Making Fair Scheme and Preparing allotting Book

24th October 1832



Paid Mrs Martin to pay Mr Jestys Meat Bill &c £12

Do. on Acct House £5

25th October 1832



Expenses P Hinton 3s 6d

26th October 1832



Expenses Maiden Newton 6s 6d

27th October 1832



Received of Mr Farwell for Valuing the said Estate £2 2s 0d

28th October 1832

At home

Paid Andrew Groves for thatching £1 18s

29th October 1832

Allotting Piddle Hinton

Maiden newton inclosure Pd Messenger to Mr P Cox 2s

Pd #### Bill £5 12s 6d

Pd Mr Perratt on a/ for 1000 of Bricks being 2 ½ years composition Tithe for Brick yd & plot due at Michsas 1832 £1 15s 0d

30th October 1832


31st October 1832

Reced Letter from Mr Johnson Respecting Floods distress and Farmer Peachs arrears written in an arbitrary manner which I did not like & I answered it by saying I should decline the affairs of Ransom

This was quite a bust up between Martin and Johnson presumably over Martin’s handling of two minor estate issues. John Flood was a leather dresser born in 1750. The commonest cause of destitution was simply growing old and being unable to work.


1st November 1832

Piddle Hinton

Attending Commnr at Dorchester respg Allotments &c

Pd for things at Dorchester 6s

Pd Expenses at Antelope 13s 6d

Pd Farmer Peach what I owed him 3s 9d

2nd November 1832

Working upon Ransom accounts -settled with Farmer Peach &c

3rd November 1832

Piddle Hinton


4th November 1832

At Home

5th November 1832

Went to Ransom in the Morning and delivered my Accounts to Mr Johnson

Working on Piddlehinton Allotting ¾ day

Despite the disagreement Martin continued on as Steward to the Manor at least until 1852 when the surviving Court roll ends. His involvement with the manor probably continued to his death in 1863.

6th November 1832

Piddle Hinton


7th November 1832

Do. Finished

8th November 1832

Valuing Chetnole for the Overseer 5 5 0

9th November 1832

Piddle Hinton

Showing allottments to Proprietors went by way of Dorchester to show the same to Mr Ingram

Expenses 4s

Pd my half yrs Taxes £1 5s 2d

Do. Mr Baldwins House 14s 4 ½ d

This is the follow up to the meeting of 6th October.

10th November 1832


Mr Knight and self attending Proprietors to show allotments

John Baverstock Knight again.

11th November 1832

Returned Home to Breakfast

12th November 1832

Ransom Rent day

Receiving Rents at Ransom

13th November 1832

Making up Ransom Cash &c & went to Piddle Hinton in the afternoon

Pd ½ yrs Tithe my Land 2s

14th November 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Staking Allotments -wet day

15th November 1832

P Hinton

Staking Allotments

Pd for a Pair of Shoes at Piddle Hinton 10s

Pd To Pullman for Haymaking &c £1 0s 8d

16th November 1832

P Hinton

Staking Allotments

Paid my Rent of ¼ acre in Nine Acres10s

Pd Isaac Frampton hauling Bricks 3s

17th November 1832

Piddle Hinton

Staking Allotments returned Home Received Potatoe Rents

Pd J Squibb for work 1s

Pd Barrett for work 5s

Pd at the Fox can’t recollect 2s 6d

Another hard night at the Inn?

18th November 1832

At Home

19th November 1832

Valuing Thornford or rather revising Valuation made in 1819

Pd James Moore Thornford 4s

We Do. not know what the original valuation was for or why it was being revised.

20th November 1832

Working upon Thornford Valuation

21st November 1832

Do. and completed the same three hard days work £10 10s 0d

22nd November 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Staking Allotments

Pd Servants at P Hinton 8s

23rd November 1832


24th November 1832

Do. returned home

25th November 1832

At home

26th November 1832

Piddle Hinton Inclosure

Staking allotments

27th November 1832


28th November 1832


29th November 1832


30th November 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

Met Mr Knight at Maiden Newton and Valued old inclosures to be exchanged Mr Bishop & Whittle

Paid Servants at Mr Knights 6s 6d

Paid Robert Pope & others Staking Allotments £4 0s 0d


1st December 1832

Went to Dorchester respecting Hanging Langford inclosure dined at the Antelope with Mr Knight at his Tithe audit slept at Burton

Paid John Beater for Coal 3 6 8

Haymaking &c 17s } £4 3s 8d

2nd December 1832

At home

Pd Rich Groves Boy Haymaking 10s

3rd December 1832


Making Sketch of Allotments for the use of Commissioner delineating to whom the fences belonged

Paid Mr Conways Bill £4 2s 1d

Paid Mrs Martin £3

Pd Poors Rates 100 £2 3s 9d

The inclosure maps were drawn so that the fences [ a general term applying to hedges as well ] were shown pointing into the field of the owner with responsibility for them.

4th December 1832

Do. Do. worked late

£5 5 0d

Pd Mr Spinks for two sacks of Beans 2 0 0

5th December 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

Staking Allotments

Pd Expenses at Dorchester£4 12s

6th December 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Attendg Commnr submitting Allotments to Proprietors

Paid Nail brush 2s 6d

7th December 1832

Do. Do. describing Public and Private Roads

8th December 1832

Do. Do.

9th December 1832

Returned home

10th December 1832

Went to Maiden Newton to view Tollerford Bridge for the Revd. W Lane 1 1 0

Paid Jos Vine 10 weeks £1

The Revd. William Lane was Rector in Frome Vauchurch where the Tollerford Bridge was situated. Boswell notes that this bridge was maintained by the parish. Hence Lane’s involvement.

11th December 1832

Maiden Newton inclosure

Staking [Down] Allotments -made Sketches of P Hinton Second Sale Lots ## made Two for first Sale

Thos Cox ½ pig 4st 4lb at 8/6 a stone £1 15 8d } paid

Mr Pouncey 2st 6lb at 8/6 19s 6d }Paid

Mrs Perrat 1st 16lb at 8/6 15s 4d

An interesting reference as Cox, Pouncey and Perrat seemed to own a pig between them in varying shares. Thus he paid each of them in proportion.

12th December 1832

Staking Allotments at Maiden Newton

Pd Mr Sydenham Yeovil 2 6d

13th December 1832

Staking Allotments ½ day M Newton The other half altering Hodges & Warners Allotments charge Childs 1£

Reced of Mr Wm Jennings on further acct of Settlement £600

Pd for Paper 14s

Again another massive payment which almost certainly comes from one of the inclosures he was working on.

14th December 1832

Went to Yeovil

Pd Mr E Watts for measuring and mapping in Full £28

Expenses at Dorchester 5s

Paid J Squibb for fetching home my colt 3s

Evidence that at least some of his work was being subcontracted to other surveyors.

15th December 1832

Went to Dorchester on my own Business to the bank and had home Edwin

16th December 1832

At Home

17th December 1832

Doing Various Jobs sold my old Cow to Mr Jesty for Six Pounds

Pd Mullins Bill Baker £1 17s7d

Pd Watkins Tinman £1 3 5d

18th December 1832

Maiden Newton

Measuring Lands to be exchanged between Messrs Brown and Bishop 2 2 0 charge Exchange

Paid Mr Creswick Balance of his Bill for Measuring £19

Another colleague. In this case he appears just the once.

19th December

Making out part of Ransom half years Accounts -and other Jobs

20th December 1832

Went to Ilchester to Vote for Sanford and Tynte

Paid Expenses at Ilchester 4s 6d

Paid Farmer Dodge for a Hogshead of Cider £2 10s 0d

This was the year of the Great Reform Act and Martin at the age of 52 yr’s could vote for the first time.

21st December 1832

Went Fox Hunting &c

£35 18s 8d Reced 1 yrs interest on Bishopstone due 29th September last

Purchased £500 in 3 per cent Consols July 31st last £419 7s 4d

The third and final mention of fox hunting.

22nd December 1832

Piddle Hinton inclosure

Second Sale of Lands at Dorchester

23rd December 1832

At Home

24th December 1832

Went to Maiden Newton Finished measuring Land to be exchanged and Looking after Glebe Fences &c

Paid Thos Vine on a/ 2s

Paid for a Grate 4s 6d

Reced from Mr Stein for measuring his pond Mud [sic] £1

Seemingly no job was too small. Stein was a large landowner and Martin’s business sense would have told him not to decline such a small commission.

25th December 1832

Dined at Woolcombe

26th December 1832

Numbering and Lotting Timber at Bubbdown

27th December 1832


28th December 1832

Making out Hand Bill of the above & casting the Exchange between Bishop & Brown at Maiden Newton dined at Mr Wm Jennings

Pd Mr Poynter for Spirits £4 5s 0d

Pd for making Poor Close Hedge 12s

29th December 1832

Went to Coursing

30th December 1832

At Home

31st December 1832

Waited on F J Browne Esq respg Staking [sic]Plan of Water Meadows at Frampton

Francis J Browne was a local magistrate and land owner at Frampton. It was he who donated Forston House to the county as its first mental asylum.

After the 31st December the following were recorded in the Monthly Cash Abstracts. I have entered them under the months they were recorded on the page.

It is doubtful that they refer to the month in which they were incurred.




Paid Cooper Chubbs Bill 14s 10d

Pd Mr Pouncys Bill £7 0 8d

Paid Ld Ilchester s rent £20 14s 10d

Paid Levibank for Coals £1 13 4d

19s 6d Reced of him for Pig Meat

Paid for Keep of Colt £5 10s 6d

Paid yrs rent for Poor Close £6 6s 0d

Pd Mrs Short £1 7s 6d

Pd Mr Yeatman for Wine £10 16s 0d

Paid Rendall Glazier £1 2s 2d

Paid Mr Swaffields Bill for Flour &c £21 14s

Pd Mr Trenchards Meat Bill £20 17s 10d

Paid Mr Templeman for a Pony £10 10s 0d




£5 5s 0d Reced of Mr Messiter for Journey to Stourton Rose vs Biging

Paid Jos Vine the 20th January 1833 19s

Paid Knell Shoemaker 9s 6d

£50 Reced of Mr Baldwin further on a/ of his Son

Paid for Apple Trees 9s

Paid Pitcher 3s

Paid Arthurs Schooling £1

Paid Mrs Martin Mr WJ £5

Paid Mrs Martin £5

Paid Pitcher Gardening 18s

£1 Reced altering ##### allotment at Maiden Newton

Paid a Yrs insurance £1 9s 8d

Paid Roberts Blacksmith £3

£50 Reced of Mr Wm Jennings a Yrs Salary to Mic 1831




Pd Mr Selwoods Bill £2 6s 6d

Paid John Groves Mason £2 1s 5d

Paid Mr Hannan Yeovil 12s 2d

Paid J Edwards Shoe Bill 17s 4d

£10 10s Reced ½ Yrs salary from Ransom due Michas 1832 when I retired from the concern.

Pd Wm Jerrards Bill 5s

Paid Decus’s [sic] Shop Bill £4 17s

Reced of Mr Jesty for a cow £6

£21 17s Reced ½ yrs dividend on £1300 in the Funds due Janry 1833

Paid Barrett Shoemaker £3 8s 1d

Paid Mr Jesty’s Bill for Meat Pigs &c £8 4s 8d

Paid Mr Hardy for Bricks 15s

Paid for Canvas for Hanging Langford 3s 6d

Paid Edwards & Deane £4 14s 7d

Paid Mr Severn for Carriage of Coals £1 13s 4d

Paid Edwins Schooling £20 13s

Paid Mr Waygoods of Beaminster Ironmonger £1 4s 8d

Years Income over expenditure.

£1963 6s 2d

£1154 6s 0d

£ 809 0s 2d carried to next Book

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