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The inside of the 1845 diaries.



Diary Entries



January 1845

1st January 1845

Duke of Cleveland

Went to Poorstock and Copied the Railroad

Paid at the Acorn Ratling [sic] for Turkeys Arthur & self 9s

This has to do with the Bridport Branch Line. [See text].

2nd January 1845

Duke of Cleveland

Went to Poorstock and finished Copying the Railroad Plan and Reference Book

Paid Clerk of the Parish 2s

Do. Expenses 2s 6d

3rd January 1845

Duke of Cleveland

Working on the Railroad Plans and References

4th January 1845

Duke of Cleveland

Working on the Rail Road Plans &c

My Sister Mrs Perratt died

5th January 1845

At Home

6th January 1845

Mr Stein

Went to Cattistock and Copied Railroad Plan and Reference Book

Reced of Mr Wightman Mr Ropers Commn Expenses for Sturtle Farm Shipton Gorge £5 9s 0d

This diary contains many such entries. They relate to the landowners paying him their expenses of the appropriate tithe commutation.

7th January 1845

Working on Poorstock and Cattistock Railroads for Duke of Cleveland & Mr Stein

Paid for Stamps 9s

The penny black was introduced in 1840 but since there are no diaries between 1838 and 1845 as a consequence this is the first time that they are mentioned specifically [as opposed to ‘postage’.].

8th – 9th January 1845


10th January 1845

Edwin went to Redlynch to Live

Working on Cattistock Rail Road Plan for Mr Stein

Gave Edwin £20

Edwin was in fact moving to Shepton Montague near Redlynch to take up place as Steward to the Earl of Ilchester who had a large estate there.

Edwin took over from Frederick Martin who had died and who was son of John Martin of Shepton Montague. How they were all related is discussed in the text.

11th January 1845

Attending the Funeral of my Sister Mrs Perratt

Paid Mrs Jesty what she paid for Coffin for Mrs Perratt £3 11s5d

Gave Charlotte Pullman 7s

12th January 1845

At Home

Charlotte Pullman probably laid Mrs Perratt out as she had one for John Martin’s wife.

13th January 1845

Dined at the Acorn Lord Ilchesters Rent Day

£200 Reced of Mr David Caines on further Acct of Corfe Castle Rate

This was for the Poor Law assessment at Corfe. A nice little earlier equivalent to £12,000 in today’s money.

14th January 1845

Attending to Work People and paying Bill

Mr Bengefield from Chilthorne was here and pd Rent on a/ [see last years book]

15th January 1845

Paying Bills &c and working on Mr Steins Plan respg Rail Road

16th January 1845

Working on Mr Steins Plan

17th January 1845

Went to Chalmington with Mr Steins Plans and working on Child Okeford Net Mead

Paid for Beagles ½ Mr C Jennings paid the other ½ £5 7s 6d

18th January 1845

Working on Mr Hennings Grove Buildings Particulars

Pd Washerwoman 5s

The main road leading north from Dorchester sweeps down hill on the left were the Grove buildings a collection of houses some of which were three storeys high. Most have been swept away.

19th January 1845

At Home

20th January 1845

Child Okeford

Working on Net Mead went to Tea at Mr Wm Jennings Arthur and self

Pd Mr Fone for Gloves £1

Paid John Davis for Edwins Butter to Oxford £1 7s 8 ½ d

21st January 1845

Do. and Grove Building plan

Paid John Tompkins for Work 6s

For Graves 1s 6d

This reads in the diary as if it was for his sisters grave.

22nd January 1845

Do. and weighing Coals and wrote to Mr Lane respecting his Batcombe Expenses

Paid for 46 cwt Coals 17d £3 5s 2d

Pd Mr Critchells Ransom Poor Rates Two collections 2s 6d

23rd January 1845

Took Medicine & Looking over Bills

£ 3 3 0d Reced of Mr John Henning for making Plan of Grove Buildings

24th January 1845

Packing Bottles &c and working on the Chilthorne Poor Rate

Gave Arthur £1

Pd Spracklin Washing 1s 10d

£10 6s 6d Received of Revd Samuel Lane Batcombe Com Rate

25th January 1845

Working on Chilfrome Rate

26th January 1845

At Home

27th January 1845

Allotting Child Okeford Net Mead

Pd Ground dressing &c 4s

28th January 1845

Went out with the Beagles

Reced of Mr Wm Jennings 2nd Yrs Rent of Mowries at Somerton due Lady Day 1844 £98 1s 4d

29th January 1845

Working Child Okeford Net Mead

Pd for Envelopes &c 7s 6d

30th January 1845


31st January 1845



1st February 1845

Went to Dorchester

Mr Wm Jennings 98.1.4

½ yr interest W&D 30.7.6

Mr Lane 10.6.6

Beaminster 11.14.4

Martyn 1.9.0

Mr C Jennings 5.7.6

Mr John Henning 3.3.0

See BJ Book £160.9.2d

Pd Harriett Wang als [sic] Pullman in full £3 2s

2nd February 1845

At Home

3rd February 1845

Making Sketch of Net Mead & went out with the Beagles

Paid for Barreners &c £34

4th February 1845

Went to Maiden Newton & purchased Three Barreners & two Cows in Calf & working on Sketch of Net Mead

Paid for Letter Stamps 3s

Pd Mr Yearsley for H Ben £4

Pd for articles & Expenses 7s 6d

5th February 1845

Went out with Beagles and went to a Cow Sale at Leigh Reced from Dr & Mrs Daw a Gold Seal as a Memento

The only Cow Sale in Leigh [according to the newspapers] was on the 10th. Who Dr & Mrs Daw were is not known nor why Martin should have been given a Gold Seal.

6th February 1845

Mr White of Tintinhull here respecting Ploughing up some Pasture Land He Dined here

7th February 1845

Sent Plans of Child Okeford Net Mead to Mr Peach Mr Baldwin & Mr Smith writing Letters

8th February 1845

Went to Dorchester

9th February 1845

At Home

10th February 1845

The Queen’s Marriage

Writing various Letters and Dined at Mr Crew Jennings with M Melmoth Mr James & others

John Christopher was a 35 yr’s old butcher living in Evershot.

Mansell’s Tea in Cheapside. Varying in price between 2s 8d and 3s 8d per pound. Six pound and upwards free carriage to any part of England!

11th February 1845

Went out with the Beagles Mr Melmoth and Mr James with self – Arthur & self went to Mr C Jennings to Tea

12th February 1845

Attending to Farming works & writing various Letters


Hymen to L I B

Pd Mr Hammond’s Bill of Yeovil £1 6s 8d

Paid John Criss Killing pigs 7s

Pd Mansell & Co for Tea chk £2 8s 0d

13th February 1845

Looking over Rates &c and Net Mead if the Allotting could be altered

14th February 1845

Fresh Allotting Net Mead

15th February 1845

Making Sketches of Net Mead for Mr Peach and Mr Baldwin

16th February 1845

At Home

17th February 1845

Went to Batcombe respg Poor Rate Expenses and with Beagles in the afternoon

Pd ½ yrs Land tax

Do. P Tax } Ransom 9d

1s 9d

Pd Mr G Bucknell for a Horse for Edwin £24

18th February 1845

At Home on Various Matters Geo Bucknell dined at my House with Edwin

[Had a Tea party]

£1 5s 0d Received of Mr Cowdry my Bill

£1 16s 6d Reced Mr Benj Popes Hook Com Expenses

19th February 1845

Mr J Baldwin here respecting Net Mead

£50 10s Received of Mr Henning for Valuing with Mr Knight Frome Farm

Pd at Dorchester Errands &c and Dewlish 15s

Pd Bob Sartain 5s

Do. 20s

20th February 1845

Went to Dewlish respg Commutation matters

slept at Waterson

21st February 1845

At Dewlish [slept at Waterson]

22nd February 1845

Went to Dorchester[from Waterson] and Home

23rd February 1845

At Home

24th February 1845

Went to Netherbury and Valued Lands for Mr Hill 2.2.0 paid

£5 5s 0d Reced of Mr Phelps for making the Monkton Poor Rate

½ yrs ## Schedule B for Ld I Lands due Mic 1844 3s 11d

Do. 2nd Poor Do. 10d

Do. my own Schedule A 5s 10 ½ d

Do. second Schedule D £5 16s 8d

Lord Ilchester.

½ yrs P Tax schedule A for lands at Evershot occupied by me 8s 10½ d

Second Poor

½ yrs P Tax due Mic 1844 1s 11d

25th February 1845

Writing Various Letters and Arthur went to Abbotsbury and deposited Tithe Apportionment

£2 2 0

26th February 1845

Working on Dewlish Apportionment

27th February 1845

Went out with Beagles went to Chas Jesty’s in the Evening

Pd Sally White washing 3s 4d

28th February 1845

Doing Various Jobs -Farming works &c Red Cow calved


1st March 1845

Working on Farming Business & Dewlish Appt

Paid Mr Gameaway for Pork 5s 11d

2nd March 1845

At Home

3rd March 1845

Went to Leigh with the Beagles

Pd Expenses at Leigh 4s 6d

4th March 1845

Attending to Labourers on Barrow and Doing Something to Dewlish Apportionment

5th March 1845

Writing Various Letters and working on Dewlish Apportionment

6th March 1845

Attending to Labourers

7th March 1845


8th March 1845

Went out with the Beagles

Paid for Letter Stamps 3s 6d

9th March 1845

At Home

10th March 1845

Altering the Penzelwood Rate of Expenses and sent the same to Mr Messiter

Mr Baldwin slept at my House

This is probably George Messiter, “Solicitor and Banker” of Wincanton.

11th March 1845

Unwell at Home Mr Baldwin Dined at my House

12th March 1845

Went out with the Beagles

13th March 1845

Doing Something to the Dewlish Map

14th March 1845

Went out with Beagles in the afternoon

15th March 1845

Working on the Dewlish Map

16th March 1845

At Home

17th March 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Skeleton Map and went to Abbotsbury in the Afternoon

Expenses at Abbotsbury 15s

Paid for New Pony Harness Horse Cloth &c £6 4s 6d

Was this a replacement for the one that was bought in 1832.

18th March 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Skeleton Map and Went to Abbotsbury in the Afternoon

Paid for New Tea Pot 13s

19th March 1845

Abbotsbury Tithe Commutation

Attending Commissioner at Abbotsbury hearing objections to Apportionment and returning Home £4 4s 0d

Gave Arthur £1

20th March 1845

Attending to Farming works &c

Arthur went to Redlynch

£12 Received of Mr James my share of Bill for Commutation of Tithes of Merriott

Pd him his charge on Hardington Commutation £2 2s 0d

Received Check of him £9 18s 0d

21st March 1845

Working on the Dewlish Commtn Maps

22nd March 1845

Do. Do.

£5 2s 0d Reced of Mr Frampton a Yrs interest on Cerne Turnpike due 6th April 1844

23rd March 1845

At Home

24th March 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Skeleton Tithe Map

Pd Mr Apps for re Engrossing 17 Skins of the Long Sutton Apportionment £2 2s 6d

Once a draft document had been improved it had to be turned into the final definitive version. The draft was usually written on paper and the definitive document had to be hand written or ‘engrossed’ onto parchment. Since parchment was made from cow skin a considerable number of cattle were needed.

25th March 1845

Writing Notices to Toller Porcorum Landowners for Payment of Rate

Pd Robert Way serving Toller Notices to pay Commutation Rate 2s 6d

Paid for Canvas &c 2s

26th March 1845

Working on the Abbotsbury Sketch of Skeleton Commtn Map

Pd Sweeping Chimneys 3s 6d

27th March 1845

Do. Do.

Pd Man Valuing Fordington

28th March 1845

Do. Do.

Pd Mr Froud of Dorchester what Edwin owed him 5s 6d

29th March 1845

Went to Dorchester and sent the Dewlish Apportionment to London

Paid for Various Articles and Expenses £1 1s 0d

30th March 1845

At Home

31st March 1845

Finished the Abbotsbury Sketch Map and sent the same to London and attending a Timber Sale at the Acorn Mr Mayo’s

Pd Ann Andrews on a/ of a years wages £2

Paid for a Lot of Pollard Ash at Westwoods £1 9s 0d

Not known.


1st April 1845

Went to Lower Melbury taking levels of an alteration in the Road for Lord Ilchester But obliged to leave off the Screws of the level now out of order

£61 19s 0d Reced of Mr Phillips my Bill on the Kingsclere inclosure

2nd April 1845

At Lower Melbury taking Levels

3rd April 1845

Making a Section &c of the above

Pd Sally White washing 3s 4d

Pd Mr Pearce of Yeovil for Cherry Trees &c 8s 2d

Pd at Yeovil for Sugar &c 16s 3d

4th April 1845

Gardening &c Sold Two Calves to Mr Trenchard at £3 10s 6d

Pd Mr Edwards what Edwin owed him & 1s myself owed £1 6s 9d

5th April 1845

Went to Yeovil & Purchased a Copper Hogshead Furnace of Mr Hannam 94lb at 10d per pound second hand.

Pd Mr Custard of Yeovil for a 3 foot Office Rule 11s 6d

Pd Tom Frampton 15 wks up to this time £2 5s

Curiously Martin’s maths was not up to this latter calculation as in the margin he had



45 Martin paid him 3s a week and 45 s equate to £2 5s.

Mr Custard was a stationer in Yeovil.

The most likely candidate is Thomas Frampton of Evershot [there are several others in different parishes]. In the 1841 census he is described as a farmer rather than an agricultural labourer.

6th April 1845

At Home

7th April 1845

Toller Porcorum Tithe Commutation

Attending at the Old Swan Inn at Toller receiving Commutation Expenses

Pd J Squibb cutting Pollard’s at Westwoods 7s

Pd Expenses at Toller 3s

£20 7s 6d Received part of Toller Rate

£37 6s 8d Reced ½ yrs dividend Williams Bank due Jan 15th April 5th 1845

8th April 1845

Went out with Beagles & went to Tea at Mr Charles Jesty’s

Pd Mr Bowring of Maiden Newton in full of all demands 7s 6d

9th April 1845

Looking to Labourers &c and Doing Various Jobs in the Office

Received Mr John Popes Toller Commutation Expenses £10 13s

Mr J Wallbridges £1 5s

Mr J Tuckers £1 12s 6d } £13 10s 0d

6d short all of Mr P

10th April 1845

Valuing an Estate at Marsh belonging to Beaminster Charity

Paid for Steel Pens 5s

£17 10s 0d Reced Mr Binghams Toller C Rate of Expenses

11th April 1845

Preparing Paper for Sketch Maps of Abbotsbury Com of Tithes.

£27 12s Reced Mr Ezekiel Popes Toller Rate

12th April 1845

Went to Leigh with Beagles

Pd Expenses 6s

13th April 1845

At Home

14th April 1845

Making Valuation of Tuckers Charity Beaminster and sent same to Mr P Cox Filling up Muster Roll for Mr Frith

Pd Mr Perry’s Bill owed him by Edwin £8 19s 11d

Paid John Tompkins & Bob Sartain in full £2 6s 8d

Pd for 17cwt of Coals at 1s 6d £1 2s 8d

FRANCES TUCKER, spinster, by will, dated 8 Dec. 1682,

gave that par t of her farm called North Mapperton Farm,

in Mapperton and Beaminster, for ever, as follows, viz.–

for the maintenance of a schoolmaster, successively to be chosen by her executors, or the major part of them, £20

annum for ever; which schoolmaster was to have twenty of the poorest boys of Beaminster committed to his charge: Also, of 30 a-year for ever, to be employed for the binding out poor apprentices to some honest calling, three or four of the said boys yearly, as far as the money would

reach, one whereof at least, if not two, to be sent to sea…1

15th April 1845

Looking after Work People and went to Melbury House

16th April 1845

Looking after work People Gardening &c

Paid William Beater for a Quarter of Oats £1 6s 0d

17th April 1845

Working on the Hon Mr Ashleys Valuation of Fordington Estates and sent the Dewlish apportionment a second time.

Paid for Letter Stamps 3s

18th April 1845

Sent Mr Ashleys Valuation of Fordington Went to Holywell to see Chas Jesty who met with an Accident from his Horse and Doing Various Jobs in the Office

Paid Ground dressing 5s 4d

19th April 1845

Pruning Apple Trees &c in Garden and looking after Work People

Received Mr Lewis Rate of Expenses Toller £4 1s 0d

20th April 1845

At Home

21st April 1845

Child Okeford inclosure

Completing the Net Mead Allotments

Paid Groom to Commnr 5s

Paid Mr Balster for wine &c £27 16s

22nd April 1845

Child Okeford inclosure

Went to Child Okeford in the Afternoon

23rd April 1845

Child Okeford

Staking Net Mead

Pd Expenses at Child Okeford £1 5s 0d

24th April 1845

Child Okeford Viewing the Commons &c and returned Home about 8 o’clock

Pd Mr Paul for a Load of Reed for Litter £2 12s 6d

25th April 1845

Writing Letters &c and looking to Farming Works & Brewing &c

Paid ½ yrs Tithe due Ldy Day 1845 £1 14s 3 ½ d

26th April 1845

Writing Various Letters and looking to Farming works

Paid Labourers 18s 9d

27th April 1845

At Home

28th April 1845

Looking to Farming works sowing Grass seeds &c

29th April 1845

Went to Toller Down with Beagles

30th April 1845

Sending out Yeomanry Notices and sent of two Sketch Maps to the Tithe Office


1st May 1845

Looking after work People &c & gardening

£58 8s 6d Reced of Mr Wm Jennings Penselwood Commtn Bill my own Share

Pd Mr Mullens Bill for Bread &c £5 11s 10½ d

2nd May 1845

Putting the Office to rights sent Mr Phelps of Monkton Valuation of Hillfield Farm and Mr Peach Exchange at Child Okeford between himself and Lord Rivers

Pd Geo Mullens Bill 19s 7d

3rd May 1845

Doing Various Jobs in Garden and attending putting away Board &c [Edwin here]

Paid Jack Squibb Sawing £1 19s 6d

Pd Sartain Drawing Rick 5s

4th May 1845

At Home

5th May 1845

Went to Warmwell Measuring slept at the Red Lion Winfrith

6th May 1845

Measuring at Warmwell Stormy Weather Took up my Quarters at Warmwell at Mr Saunders

7th May 1845


8th May 1845


9th May 1845

Finished Measuring at Warmwell

Pd Expenses at Warmwell Chain Man &c £1 15s

10th May 1845

Cerne Visitation

Returned by way of Cerne affixed at Holywell on my Road Home

Paid for a Rump of Beef at Dorchester 16s

11th May 1845

At Home

12th May 1845

Evershot Fair

12s Reced Mr Allens Popes Toller Commutation Expenses

13th May 1845

Took Medicine writing various Letters – Turned my Cows to Grass

£4 8s 6d Reced Jacob Andrews Batcombe Poor Rate Expenses

Farmer Bird Do. £2 19s 6d

Farmer Critchell Do. £6 1s 3d

14th May 1845

Writing Various Letters and Plotting Warmwell Field

Farmer Downton Do. £2 11s 5d

Mr Dunning Do. 9s 3d

Do. Commutation expenses 2s 6d

Jacob Andrews Commtn 1s ½ d

Farmer Crocker for Poor Rate £4 13s 11d

15th May 1845

Plotting Warmwell and preparing for Yeomanry meeting

Paid Mr Dunnings Bill Straw £4 10s 0d

Pd Chas Stainer for Hurdles 14s

Pd Jacob Andrews of Batcombe for Edwins Board when measuring at Hillfield £3 1s 9d

16th May 1845

Yeomanry Meeting at Melbury

£2 6s Reced of Mr Dunning for Measuring &c at Sydling

Pd Pullmans Bill B Smith £2 2s 3 ½ d

17th May 1845

Plotting Warmwell &c

£3 10s Reced my Bill for Valuing for Harnham Turnpike

Pd Washing and Brewing 4s 4d

18th May 1845

At Home

19th May 1845

Toller Down Fair

Sold three Barreners

Pd John Tompkins up to last Saturday 8s 3d

£19 15s 0d Reced for Three Barreners

20th May 1845

Mr Cozens

Valuing Timber at Hillfield £2 2 0d

Pd Mr Warden ½ yrs land tax due Ldy Dy 1845 2s 7d

Do. ½ yrs Assessed Taxes £4 16s 2d

£2 2s 0d Received Mr Hitt for Valuing

Gave Arthur £1

£1 Reced of Mr Dunning for altering Maiden Newton Rate

21st May 1845

Permanent Duty at Dorchester

22nd -25th May 1845


Paid Tom at Dorchester £1

26th May 1845

Permanent Duty at Dorchester

27th May 1845

Do.- Review Day

Reced Pay £4 3s 4d

28th May 1845

Returned Home

Received Profit on Oats £3

Pd Mr Russell for Two Quarters of Oats £2 16s 0d

29th May 1845

Rook Shooting at Woolcombe

Pd for Lodgings & expenses £6 10s 0d

30th May 1845

Working on the Woodsford & Woolcombe Plans for Lord Ilchester [on Railroads]

£20 4s 6d Reced of Mr John Henning the l[a]t[e] Mr Geo Hennings Fordington Commtn Rate

31st May 1845

Making up Accounts &c Looking into Valuation of Col Michels Lands at Allington and working on Warmwell 1st Class Map.

£20 6s 6d Reced of Mr Bengefield Arrears to Ldy Dy 1844 and on a/ to Ly Dy 1845

Arrear 13.10.1 ½

on a/ 6.16.4 ½

20 6 6

Pd Mr Russell [Acorn] for a Gallon of Gin 12s


1st June 1845

At Home

Paid Sartain drawing Rick and woman Ground dressing 9s 3d

2nd June 1845

Went to Bridport – Col Michels Sale of Lands at Allington

£1 4s 0d Reced of Mr J Pitfield his Hook Commn Expenses

£2 5 3d Reced of Mr Hodder what reced of Allington Commn Expenses

£1 5 9d

2 0d Reced Mr Tucker

£1 1 0

£2 8s 9d

3 6d Gave Hoskins

£2 5 3d

3rd June 1845

Evershot Club

Pd for Handkerchief &c £1

Pd Expenses Bridport 10s

Pd John Tompkins in full 19s 6d

Pd Mr Dermotts Bill £7

Pd Mr Geo Bucknell for Man bringing up Horse from Chinnock 2s 6d and returned 1s over charged oats

Evershot Club was the local “Friendly Society” which for a modest fee would support the poor in times of illness. These clubs were often supported by wealthy ‘honorary members’ who could not draw on the club but subscribed to it. Clubs could be national – like the Oddfellows- or local branches of a County society or confined to the parish. In most cases the parish branches enjoyed an annual meeting accompanied by much merriment.

4th June 1845

Working on the Warmwell 1st Class Map

Pd at Club Dinner for Self & Edwin & Arthur £1 14s

5th June 1845

Attending to Work People and Went to Kingscombe respg Commtn Expenses

6th June 1845

Writing Circulars to the Toller and Burton Defaulters

Pd for Stamps 3s

Pd Ann Andrews’s wages up to this time when discharged 16s

7th June 1845

Made Hillfield Comtn Rate and sent Copies to Mr Sparks and Mr Garland

Pd Tom Frampton nine weeks up to this time £1 7s

Pd John Tompkins 6s

8th June 1845

At Home

9th June 1845

Looking after work People and Doing something to the Warmwell 1st Class Map

Paid Mr Pearce for Chilthorne Commtn Expenses £3 3s 1d

10th June 1845

Attending Hauling Dung and Work People about the Milk House

Pd the Late Tailor Shitlers Bill £2 5s

11th June 1845

Working on the Warmwell 1st Class Map

£3 6s 6d Received of Mr Parminter his Commtn Expenses for Great Toller

12th June 1845


Pd Mr Trenchard Bal of a/ up to this day £6 13s 6d

13th June 1845

Do. and looking to work people

14th June 1845

Examining the Somerton Map with Arthur Respg Woods and Orchards

15th June 1845

At Home

16th June 1845

Toller Eleven ok

Attending again at Toller collecting Rate


Reced Thos Crofts Rate 0.17.0

Do. Jos Pitfields £3 18s 0d

Do. Jo Yeates £1 14 6 } £6 9s 6d

Pd Mrs Crofts her Son drawing Chain at Toller 5s

17th June 1845

Attending to Workpeople in Garden &c

Susan the Girl Servant came

Lent Richard Roberts £2

18th June 1845

Took Medicine

19th June 1845

Went to Burton Bradstock to receive more of the Rate slept at Bridport

Pd Expenses Burton & Bridport £1

Pd for articles at Bridport £1 5s

20th June 1845

Receiving arrears at Allington and returned Home

£12 7s 2d Reced more of Burton Rate

£1 10s 9d Do. Allington

13s Do. Of Walditch

4s Do of Symondsbury Mr S Gundry

21st June 1845

Making up Accounts &c and Scaling Warmwell Field Map

£8 16s 0d Reced of Mr Willis Lord Eldon’s Bill for making Map of Norden Farm

Paid Barrett a weeks work 9s

£6 1s 0d Pd Reced of Mr J Russell Mrs Bangers Toller Rate

22nd June 1845

At Home

23rd June 1845

Looking over Bill &c and making out a/ how to make up my return for the income Tax from1845-1846 [Began Mowing Poor Close]

Pd mowers on a/ £2

Reced of Mr Wm Symes his Toller Rate £2 1s 6d

24th June 1845

Scaling Warmwell Field

25th June 1845

Do. Do.

26th June 1845

Writing Various Letters and Haymaking

Misses Banger 6.6.0 on Gundrys

Mrs Daniel 5.2.1 Do.

J Russell 2.2.0 on Williams’s

Mr Willis 9.16.0 Do.


22.1.1 sent to Wilts and Dorset this day

£2 2s 0d Received of Mr J Russell my charge for Valuing Lands at Stoke

£5 2s 1d Received of Mrs Daniell her rate for Burton Commtn

Paid Mansell & Co for Ten Pounds of Tea Wilts and Dorset £2

27th June 1845

Working on Warmwell 1st Class Map of the Warmwell Field

Pd Sally White washing 3s 6d

£3 17s Reced Miss Bangers Toller Rate

28th June 1845

Attending Men Making New Garden Walk

Paid T How in full of all demand £8 5 s 3d

29th June 1845

At Home

30th June 1845

Haymaking in Poor Close and the Land sent the Warmwell Map & Apportionment with the 1st Class Map of Warmwell Field to London

Pd Newberry of Ransom for Bricks 1500

18s 9d


1st July 1845

Making out Return of the 1st Troop to the Surveyor of Taxes and

Pd J Bishop for 8 Loads of Screened Gravel for Garden Walk £1

Oddly the entry finishes ‘and’

2nd July 1845

Haymaking and altering the Toller Poor Rate as tested by the Tithe Commnrs Arthur Assisted principally

Pd John Christopher for Dung 14s

£10 9s 0d Reced ½ yrs int C: a/ Wilts & D

3rd July 1845

Gardening &c and altering the Toller Rate Book

Pd McPerrott in Full £1 18s 0d

Pd Mowers & Haymakers 10s

Pd Expenses Fordington 7s 6d

4th July 1845

Went to Fordington by desire of the Overseers & attended a Vestry Meeting But all there was done at this meeting was the appointment of a committee to examine the Rate – Therefore I shall charge 2.2.0 and expenses

Pd Mr Gamaways Bill £11 9s 0d

Pd Sartain Mason 6s

IN PENCIL Ld Egremont

5th July 1845

IN PENCIL The Cow Neale to my Lds B


Pd Mowers & Haymakers 10s

Pd Expenses Fordington 7s 6d

6th July 1845

At Home

7th July 1845

Went to Dorchester and Met Mr David Caines respecting the Corfe Castle Commutation Rate of Expenses

£90 Reced of Mr Caines on further a/ of Corfe Rate

Pd Expenses and articles purchased 12s

8th July 1845

Haymaking in Pipershay &c and writing Letters

9th July 1845

Haymaking in Pipershay

Pd Miller for Pork 5s

10th July 1845

Competing the Chilfrome 2nd Rate

£1012.10s 0d Pd up

£30 7s 6d Reced ½ Yrs dividend Wilts and Dorset due mid 1845

Pd Mr Wm Jennings for his 35 shares £7 17s 6d

11th July 1845

Went to Redlynch in the Afternoon

135 Shares in the whole 35 of which belong to Mr W Jennings

12th July 1845

Went to Penselwood with Edwin and Thos Gregory to see Mrs Bigins’s Coppice

13th July 1845

At Redlynch- went to the Chapel

14th July 1845

Met Mr Davis at Wincanton and went on to Pen to Value Lands to be paid for by Lord Ilchester and returned Home charge £4 4s 0d & Expenses £1 2s 0d

15th July 1845

Attending to Pipershay Rick &c and Gravel Walks

16th July 1845

Working on Child Okeford preparatory to making Draft of Award

17th July 1845

Attending Haymaking &c and working a little on Child Okeford

18th July 1845

Working on Child Okeford

19th July 1845

Do. and Haymaking

20th July 1845

At Home

21st July 1845

Arthur deposited the Dewlish Appt & Map Making Dft of Child Okeford Award Journey to Dewlish 1 day ½ £3 3s 0d

Gave Arthur when went to Dewlish 9s

£1 5s 6d Reced of Mr Daniell his Rate Burton

Pd Mr Bollen for Wine £6 14s

Pd John Tompkins in full 6s

22nd July 1845

Working on Child Okeford Award and Ricking part of Courtlands

23rd July 1845

Working on Child Okeford Award

24th July 1845


Fordington Ten o/k

Attending the Committee at Fordington on the Poor Rate

25th July 1845

Do. Do. and returned Home

Pd Expenses at Dorchester £1 10s

Paid Haymakers £2 12s 0d

26th July 1845

Completing the Fordington Rate

27th July 1845

At Home

28th July 1845

Ruling New Book for the Fordington Rate and Working on Child Okeford Award all day

Paid Butcher Miller for Reeds 3s

£8 8s 0d Reced of Mr Harvey Senr my Bill on Lord Rivers

£4 Reced of Miller for Fat Pig

Pd him for Pork 13s 9d

Pd Arthur what he pd for me £1 10s 0d

Pd Dr Martyns Bill £1 3s 0d

Pd for Edwins Horse chk Williams’s £28

29th July 1845

Working on the Child Okeford Draft of Award

£100 Reced of Mr R Harvey on a/ of Commutation Rates

30th July 1845

Examining Fordington Rate and Okeford Award

31st July 1845

Went to Chinnock Arthur with me after a Horse Edwin Bought of Wm Templeman


1st August 1845

Examining the Warmwell Engrossments &c

£4 7s Reced of John Patten Mr Phelp’s West Chinnock Commutation Exp

£5 10s 3d Reced of Mr Richd Rendall by J Patten his Chiselbro Com Expenses

Pd Expenses Chinnock Pattern 5s — 8s

2nd August 1845

Taking off or rather reducing the Child Okeford inclosure Maps on Vellum

£4 8s Reced of Miller for a Pig

Pd him for Pork —– [nothing]

Pd Sally White 3s 4d

Pd Horse for Pony £2 2s 0d

£3 8s Reced Mr Austins Com Rate Symondsbury

Keeper Green 2s 6d

3rd August 1845

At Home

4th August 1845

Working on the Child Okeford Award & Map

5th August 1845

Mr Russ called respg; the Ditcheat inclosure. Writing many Letters on Commtn Rates and working on Child Okeford Award Map

£12 Reced of Mr Jon Neale his Toller Commn Expenses all but 17/6 }

Pd for Corks and Bungs 5s

The inclosure at Ditcheat had been started by John Martin of Shepton Montague. On his death John Martin of Evershot took over.

6th August 1845

Went to Dorchester Fair Arthur with me. Pd Mr Upcott for McDermotts Bill for Wellmans Forage Cap &c £1 16s 6d

Pd W McDermott in full of all demand IN PENCIL Wellmans bill is part of this £2 12s 4d

Mr Rossiter check 3. 8.0

Jon Neale 12.0.0

Mr Harvey 8.8.0

Pd into B 23.16.0

7th August 1845

Answering Various letters and looking into the Cheselbourne Com Rate respg the Rectors Rate.Mr Wm Jennings, Mrs B Jesty & Misses M dined with me on Venison.

£1 7s Reced Mr Boyers Holy Trinity Comm Rate

£1 8s 0d Reced of Mr Chapman Mitchells Toller Commn Rate

Pd for Articles and Expenses Arthur and self £2 0s 0d

8th August 1845

Working on Child Okeford Award Map

9th August 1845

Do. Do.

10th August 1845

At Home

11th August 1845

Dewlish Tithe Meeting Ten 0’clock

Attendg Commnr at Dorchester hearing Objections to Rent Charges Mr Knight Also [£2 2s 0d]

Paid Expenses &c 12s

Pd Pounceys Bill at Antelope5s 9d

£3 12s 0d Reced of Mr Woods& Mr Coombs his Apportionment Expenses for the Holy Trinity Pd into W&D last Wednesday

£11 17s 6d Reced of Mr Farwell Duke of Cleveland’s Toller Rate Pd Check Devon & Cornwell Banking Company

12th August 1845

Working on Child Okeford award Map &c

Pd for a Pig £1 10s

Pd Mr Hawn for Spts £3 12s 0d

£4 17s Reced of Mr Sparks his Fordington Commnr Rate

£18 8s 0d Reced of Peter Erle Esq the Late Revd N Templemans Commn Expenses at Belchalwell and Child Okeford

Belchalwell 13.8.0

Okeford 5.0.0


13th August 1845

Working on Do. &c

£34 14sReced of Mr Bartlett Mr Trenchard’s Child Okeford Rate

Pd for Shammys & Sponge 2s 6d

14th – 16th August 1845

Do. Do.

£19 1s 0d Reced of Mr John Pope his Toller Rate

Pd Spacklin washing 3s 1d

17th August 1845

At Home

18th August 1845

Working on Child Okeford Award Map &c

Pd Mrs Ward making Edwins Shirts Check on Williams £2 5s 0d

Paid Mr Wardens 3rd qtr Poor Rates up to Mic 1845 £4 12s 6d

Reced of Mr Warden on a/ of Debt owed me as per Church Book £5 10s

11.01.01see Mr Wardens paper


still due 5.11.1

John Warden is another mystery man. He was clearly of some importance as these entries indicate. The census from 1841 shows he was then aged 40 ; no occupation is given but he employed three female servants all from the same family. His involvement with the church suggests he was parish clerk.

19th August 1845

Attending to Workmen and working on the C Okeford Map

To be allowed

Pd Mr Warden ½ yrs P tax for lands belonging to Lord Ilchester Ly Dy 1845 Schedule A 8s 10 ½d

Do. Do. ½ yrs P tax for 2nd Poor Ground Do. Schedule A 1s 11d

½ yrs P tax for my House due Ly Dy 1845 schedule A 5s 10 ½d

Do. Schedule B Ld Ilchester 3s 11d

My own Do. 2nd Poor 10d

Do. Schedule D income £5 16s 8d

Reced of Mr Dashwood on further a/ of Manston Rate £29 4s 9d

20th August 1845

Examined the Warmwell Engrossments &c and sent Checks to W&D

Pd John Groves of Fox for Pork 10s 9d

Pd Wm Childs 10s 4d

21st August 1845

Examined Warmwell Engrossments

Writing Various letters & sent Checks to W & D Bank – Had Tea Party


Farwell 11.17.6

Dashwood 29.04.9

Sparks 4.17.0

Erles 18.8.0

Bartlett 34.14.4

Ewens 15.0.0

Champion 10.2.6


22nd August 1845

Making my self acquainted with my new Theodolite but could not make it out to my satisfaction.

23rd August 1845

Working the Theodolite and attending to Gardening

Pd John Chubb for Beer when Mr Wardens Chimney was on Fire 3s 4d

24th August 1845

At Home

25th August 1845

Cleaning up the Office and Doing Various Jobs in the Garden & Farming works

£6 6 3d Reced of Mr Cocks on further a/ of Plaitford Rate

James Bowles £5 10s 0d

Mr Hood of London 7s 3d

The Overseers 9s

£6 6s 3d

26th August 1845

Practicing [sic] the Theodolite with Arthur in Funts Close

Pd James Roberts Bill £2 0s 5d

Pd John Pounceys Bill £2 4s 4d

Pd Pullman Blacksmith in full of all demand £2 5s 3d

Pd Stuckey & Bagehots for Slates and Coal £2 15s 0d

Let Arthur have to pay for Paper Sherborne £1

Pd Pullman for Box to send Telescope to London 1s

Pd John Groves for Pork 4s 6d

11s 4d Reced of Mr Crew Jennings for Beer pd for my me when Mr Wardens Chimney was on Fire

Pd for Stamps 6s

The problem with the theodolite may have been because it was faulty. It appears to have been sent back to London for repairs.

This must have caused Martin some concern for almost certainly the cottages were thatched and Mr Warden lived next door to John Martin. It is not reported in the newspapers.

27th August 1845

Plotting and Proving Work Done with the New Theodolite

28th August 1845

Doing Various Jobs in the Office & wrote to Mr Whitaker respg taking part of the Survey of the Exeter Yeovil & Dorchester Railway

29th August 1845

Working on the Child Okeford Award Maps

30th August 1845

Do. Do. IN PENCIL Take Note Paper and Drawing Paper

31st August 1845

At Home


1st September 1845

Working on Child Okeford Awd Maps

Gave towards Fordington New Church 10s

Paid for Fowls 2s

2nd September 1845

Went out with Arthur Shooting

3rd September 1845

Finished the Okeford Award Maps

4th September 1845

Went to Weymouth Races

5th September 1845

At Weymouth Races

6th September 1845

Returned Home

Pd Expenses & Articles purchased Paper &c £5

Paid Carriage2s 4d

7th September 1845

At Home

£2 5s 0d Reced of Messrs Alford & Chandler Revd. Birchs Cheselbourne Rate

Paid for New Harness £6 15s 0d

8th September 1845

Went to North Perrott on Railroad works

Reced of Mr Saunders his Poor Rate Expenses Batcombe £2 15s 9d

IN PENCIL Warmwell 27 Sheets

This may have been the number of parchment skins needed to engross the award.

9th September 1845

Finishing the Dewlish Maps Arthur and self

10th September 1845

Sent off the Dewlish and Warmwell Engrossments and Maps to London and Preparing for Railroad works

11th September 1845

Went to Misterton on Railway work slept at Crewkerne Arthur with me

Pd Expenses at Crewkerne £1

12th September 1845

At Misterton

Pd Tom Frampton £2 2s 0d

13th September 1845

Do. and returned home

14th September 1845

At home

15th September 1845

Working in Office writing Letters &c Arthur went to Dorchester after the Carriage

Gave Arthur 5s

16th September 1845

Went to Misterton in the afternoon

£1 13s 1d Reced of Geo Baker Hopkins by Messrs Slade and Vining his Rate Sydling

17th September 1845

Returned from Misterton did not approve of the Rail Road Surveyors Rules

Pd Man & Expenses £2

Pd Washerwoman 4s 8d

18th September 1845

In the Office on Various matters

19th September 1845

Making out Copy of Hillfield Rate for Tithe Commnr and Warmwell Bills

£12 16s 0d Reced of Winchester College Hillfield Rate

The Rector of Hillfield was “The Warden and Scholars of St Mary’s College Winchester.”

20th September 1845

Upon Farming matters & in the Office

Pd Rendall mending Parlour Glass Door &c 6s 6d

£2 19s 0d Reced of Mr Evans Boveridge Almshouses Manston Rate

In 1660 Thomas Hooper endowed and built 3 almshouses in the hamlet of Boveridge just outside of Cranborne “by which three single persons, particularly old servants and tenants of the family have been paid £6 1s 4d a yearly.”2. How he came to acquire the land at Manston which in 1660 was known as Over Thatcher’s Lease is not known; the land itself amounted to 30 acres and was apparently sufficient to keep the almshouses going over several centuries.

21st September 1845

At Home

22nd September 1845

Went to Dorchester

Pd Mr Selfs Bill and other articles £1 15s 0d

Paid J Squibb for Barley £1 15s 0d

Do. Fowls 2s 6d

23rd September 1845

Attending Harvesting Wheat &c

£3 10s 0d Reced of Maria Beater a Yrs interest of £75 4s 1 ½ d due 23rd instant

Pd her for Eggs 5s 6d

Still paying off her loan.

24th September 1845

Attending Labourers &c Setting Early Yorks &c

Pd for Pork 3s 2d

£23 19s 0d Reced of Mr Wm Roberts his Commutation Rate Burton

Early Yorks are cabbages.

25th September 1845

Looking over the Ditcheat inclosure papers and writing to Mr Russ to fix a meeting at Yeovil on the Rate of Expenses

26th September 1845

Attending to Farming Works Mr Wm Roberts dined with me and paid his Burton Comn Rate

27th September 1845

In the Office in the morng and went to Holywell

Went to Chilthorne with Arthur who left a Notice at Wm Bengefields for his quitting my property at Chilthorne in the afternoon to see the men Boring on Railway works

The Great Western line was eventually to run through from Yeovil Pen Mill to Weymouth. The summit of the line was at Holywell [the station was to be named Evershot] and to reach this a tunnel had to be bored through the chalk at Melbury Bubb. Although the line still exists, Evershot station with the nearby Strangways Hotel has closed.

28th September 1845

At Home

29th September 1845

Went to Chilthorne with Arthur who left a Notice at Wm Bengefields for his quitting my Land at Chilthorne

Pd Expenses at Yeovil 5s

30th September 1845

Working on Commutation Bills &c


1st October 1845

Edwin went to Beaminster on Railroad work

Getting in Apples &c

Pd Mr Custard of Yeovil for Edwin £2 5s 0d

2nd October 1845

Attending to Labourers getting up Potatoes etc

Pd for Pork 5s

Pd Alex Wellman for Straw 6s

Pd for Stamps 10s

3rd October 1845

Fetched my Two heifers from Batcombe Hill and writing Letters on Commtn Rates

£10 17s 0d Reced of the Revd. Geo Radcliffe his Belchalwell

4th October 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Enlarged Plan of the Town for Lord Ilchester

5th October 1845

At Home

6th October 1845

Working on the Abbotsbury Town Plan for Lord Ilchester

sent Mr Wm Roberts Check to Bank £23 0s 0d

Let Arthur have to buy me a Knife £1

Pd Ld Ilchester a Years Lords Rent due Mic 1845 3s 6d

Pd Jack Groves at the Fox as he says for Cleaning out Pond 7s 6d

Martin seems to be a little uncertain about the payment to clean out his pond.

7th October 1845

Went to Abbotsbury correcting the Village and finding out Owners and Occupiers

Pd Expenses at Abbotsbury £1 10s 0d

8th October 1845

At Abbotsbury

9th October 1845

Measured 18 a[cres] of Land at Leawell [Lewell]

Do. and returned Home

Pd Poor Rates Ransom 2s 9d

Do. Church Rates 4d

£37 6s 8d Reced ½ Yrs dividend Williams Bank due July 5th & 10th Oct 1845

Another trip to Lewell farm.

10th October 1845

Sending out Yeomanry Notices and working on Abbotsbury &c

11th October 1845

Working a Little on Abbotsbury and on Farming works &c -some one stole two small Tubs from Marsh Orchard House [in which I fed my Cows with oil cake in] last night.

Pd Tompkins for work 11s 9d

Rural crime was prevalent despite the sometimes draconian sentences imposed on the perpetrator. Nothing appears in the newspapers however about this theft.

12th October 1845

At Home

13th October 1845

Preparing Various things to go Measuring on Railroad works on the line from Beaminster towards Milton


Thompkins owe me 3d

14th October 1845

Enlarging the Village of Abbotsbury for Lord Ilchester

15th October 1845

Exeter Yeovil and Dorchester Railway

Went to Beaminster on Railroad works slept at Do. Viewing the Lines all day

Pd for Braces &c 5s

16th October 1845

Taking Perpendiculars slept at Netherbury

Pd Expenses 15s

Pd for Spade & Hook 3s 6d

17th October 1845

Do. and laying out Lines slept at Melpash

18th October 1845

Do. Do. Walked home Arthur and Self from Half Moon Melpash

Pd Chain Man 8s 6d

11 14s 6d Received of the Duke of Cleveland by Mr Farwell my Bill for work done £

19th October 1845

At Home

20th October 1845

Preparing for Yeomanry meeting

£12 0s 7d Reced of Mr Crew Jennings Revd. Mr Strangways Plaitford Rate

21st October 1845

Yeomanry Meeting at Stratton & met the Dorchester Troop

£193 6s 10d Reced of Mr Wm Jennings Lord Ilchesters Compton Dundon Commn Expenses

£186 12s 8d Do. on further a/ of Lord Ilchester Somerton Expenses

22nd October 1845

Exeter Yeovil and Dorchester Railway

At Netherbury Measuring

Sent to Wilts & Dorset Bank

Mr Radcliffe dft £10 17s 0d

Mr W Jennings £193.6.10 above

Do. £186.16s 6d

£390 16s 6d

£1 6s 0d Reced Messrs Chicks Walditch Rate of Expenses

23rd – 24th October 1845


Pd for Coals £2 11s 0d

Pd for Braces &c 10s

Pd Thomas How for Hay £4

Paid Chain Men 12s

This was the second pair of Braces that he bought within the same period of time.

25th October 1845

Do. and returned Home

26th October 1845

At Home

27th October 1845

Measuring at Netherbury on the proposed Exeter Yeovil and Dorchester Railway

Pd for Braces 6s

£2 2s 0d Reced of W Hardy and Co my Bill

Pd ½ a Years Tithe £1 9s 1d

£5 8s 6d Reced of Miller for Pig

Pd him for Pork & Him 17s 6d

And then a third pair.

28th31st October 1845


£34 17s 8d Reced of Merriman & Co a years interest from Wilsons Estate at Bishopstone due 29th September last }


1st November 1845

Do. and returned home.

Pd Chain Men 17s

Pd Harman & Gilletts Bill of Yeovil by Check £5 0s 4d

Turnpike &c 11s

2nd November 1845

At Home

3rd November 1845

Measuring at Netherbury on the Exeter Yeovil and Dorchester proposed Railway

Pd the Servant Girl on a/ of Wages £1

Pd Rebecca Jessop for work 5s 6d

4th5th November 1845


Pd Carriage & Parcels 5s 6d

Pd Chain Men Netherbury 13s

6th November 1845

Do. Do. and returned Home Arthur and self

Pd Expenses at Half Moon and Lodgings at Mr Browns &c £9 2s 0d

7th November 1845

Plotting the above work

Pd Sally White washing 3s 4d

Check 0.2 11

Cash 0.3.4

Let Edwin have at Beaminster £5

Pd Mrs Spracklin 9s 3 ½ d

8th November 1845

Do. Do.

9th November 1845

At Home

10th November 1845

Plotting Netherbury

Pd ½ Years Land tax 2s 7d

Do. Assessed Taxes Check on Williams £4 16s 2d

Arthurs Certificate £4 1s 10d

Probably a Game Certificate

11th – 12th November 1845


Paid Carriage of paper from Mr Whitaker 2s

13th November 1845

Do. ——- Do. when finished the job as also Edwin and sent off the same to Exeter

£6 Reced of Mr Whitaker on a/ of Netherbury and Edwin reced fourteen

Gave Arthur £1

14th November 1845

Do. ——–Do. when finished the job as also Edwin and sent off the same to Exeter

£3 5s 0d Reced Geo Udalls Rate of Expenses S Gorge

Pd Carriage of the Warmwell Map from Mr Easton 2s

15th November 1845

Went to Dorchester with Arthur on his way to Exeter – to go & Mail tomorrow morng

Pd for Bacon &c Dorchester and Expenses Arthur & self £2

Pd Mr Patch for pencils & envelopes 5s

16th November 1845

At Home

Gave Arthur £10

Pd Hasel of Cerne for seeds 3s 6d

17th November 1845

Making Particulars of the Line thro Fordington Field Exeter Weymouth and Dorchester Railway Mr R Reeve

Gave Edwin to give my Brother Thos £10

18th November 1845

Looking to Farming Works &c Edwin went to Redlynch sent my Bill to Thos Whitaker Exq Exeter for Railway wks

19th November 1845

Working on the Abbotsbury Town Plan and writing Circular for Chilfrome Rate

Paid John Fountain qtrs Poor Rates ordered last September

£2 2s 0d

This probably represents the cost of repairs to his theodolite. William Cary [died 1825] was a famous microscope/sextant/telescope/theodolite manufacturer. This must have been his son or possibly one of his brothers.

20th November 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Plan of the Town writing Chilfrome Circulars &c

Paid Mr Cary’s Bill Mathematical Instrument Maker thro “Wilts & Dorset” £4 8s 2d

Do. Do. Mr Patricks Bill £1 17s 6d

21st November 1845

Do. ———-& other Jobs

22nd November 1845

Do. Do.

P Mansell & Co for Tea thro the Wilts & Dorset £2

23rd November 1845

At Home

24th November 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Town Map and making up Potatoe Rents

Gave Mr Eaton for Missionary Society 5s

25th – 26th November 1845

Do. Do.

Pd for Pork 4s 3d

27th November 1845

Chilfrome 11 o’clock

Attending at Chilfrome to collect Commutation Rate

£20 2s 6d Reced pt of Chilfrome Rate

Pd Expenses 4s

28th November 1845

Went to Dorchester and met Mr Taylor of Corfe and received half of my Bill for the Corfe Town Map slept at Dorchester

Pd Reason of Dorchester for Carriage £5 7s 6d

£30 Reced of Mr Taylor ½ of my Bill for Corfe Town Map pd it into the Wilts & Dorset Bank }

29th November 1845

Doing Various matters about Dorchester and returned Home Very Wet day

Pd for ### Bridle 15s

Pd Expenses & Various articles Umbrella &c £2 15s 0d

30th November 1845

At Home


1st December 1845

Working on the Abbotsbury Town Map

Pd Mr Collins 2 yrs Evershot Poor Clothing Money £1

Do. Do. Coal Club £1

This would appear to be an informal charity for the poor.

2nd December 1845


Pd for Fowls 7s 6d

3rd December 1845

Do. and making out Potatoe Rental

Paid for Stamps &c 9s 6d

4th December 1845

Do. Do.

£5 Reced of John Stein Esq my Bill on Him

£24 Reced of Mr Geo Bucknell by Arthur Dibble for Horse

£1 Reced of Mr A Dibble for potatoes

Paid him for Cider £4

5th December 1845

Went out with Beagles and Drank Tea at Moor Fields

£2 16s 0d Received of Mr Henry Brake his Hardington Com Expenses

6th December 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Town Map and writing Various Letters

Paid Tom Frampton 12 wks £1 16s

7th December 1845

At Home

8th December 1845

Working on the Abbotsbury Town Map and writing Various Letters &c

9th December 1845

Went out with Beagles and writing Letters in the Evening &c

10th December 1845

Working on the Abbotsbury Town Map and altering the Hillfield Commn Rate

11th December 1845

Went to Hillfield & Leigh and examined the Leigh Inclosure Award respg Allotments to Bailey Ridge Farm £2 2s 0d

£26 4s Reced Mr E Popes Com R for Chilfrome sent to Bank 12th Dec

£11 3s 0d Reced Mr Stones Commutation expenses Hillfield

Do. Mr Slys 13s

12th December 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Town Map &c

Pd Way Rates Ransom 6d

13th December 1845


Pd Maria Beater for Coals £1

Pd Mr Bridge for Oats £1 6s 0d

As well as lending her money he also bought coal from her.

14th December 1845

At Home

15th December 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Town Map and settling with Mr Bengefield &c

£36.12.11d Received of Mr Bengefield Bal of Rent due Ly Dy 45 see Book

16th December 1845

Ditcheat inclosure

Went to Castle Cary to arrange with Mr Russ respecting making the Rate of Expenses

Paid Tailor Milborne his Bills Edwin Arthur & self £13 16s 0d

Pd for Nails Paint &c 10s

Pd Mr Edward’s Bill £14 7s 11d

17th December 1845

Ditcheat inclosure

working in Mr Russ’s Office the whole day and Dined with him at 5 o’clock

Pd Mr Geakes Bill for Kitchen Chairs & Looking Glass £2 4s 0d

Pd Expenses out and Home £2 10s 0d

18th December 1845

Ditcheat inclosure

Returned Home 9.9.0

Pd Sally White washing 3s 4d

Money 0.0.9

Check 0.2.7


19th December 1845

Working on Abbotsbury Town Reference

20th December 1845


21st December 1845

At Home

22nd December 1845

Attending at Bridport when met Mr Pickering on the Halstock T Commutation Bills

Pd Mr Dunning for Meat Safe £1 5s 0d

23rd December 1845

Returned Home Charge 5 guineas to be pd me by Mr Pickering who charged it in his Bill

Pd for Umbrella 7s 6d

Pd Expenses [nothing listed]

Another Umbrella, the second in a month – what was going on?

24th December 1845

Finding out Valuation of Bishopstone Prebendal land for Mr Webb – Went to Tea at Mrs Jestys

My Brother Geo[rge] here

£1 8s 6d Reced Revd. Mr Colmers Allington Rate

Elizabeth Frys Do. 9s

Robert Cornick Do. 8s 3d

Pd Mr Day Collecting 4s 3d

Paid My Potatoe Rent 10s

25th December 1845

Christmas Day – at Home

Paid for a Goose 3s 6d

Turkey or Goose – either was served at Christmas in the Victorian era.

26th December 1845

Working on the Bishopstone prebendal Valuations &c

Paid Expenses £1 2s 0d

£3 8s 6d Reced Sherborne School Symondsbury Rate Com Tithe

27th December 1845

Do. Do.

Pd Mr Cooper for Lime 5s 5d

28th December 1845

At Home

29th December 1845

Making out Bishopstone Prebendal Valuation and Examining the Abbotsbury Town Reference with Mr Wm Jennings

Pd John Tompkins for work 17s 4d

4s 4 ½ d Reced of him for cheese

Pd Henry Conways Bill £6 5s 4d

Pd Edwins Bill £1 9s 11d

30th December 1845

Went to Holway with the Beagles

Pd Mr Crew Jennings a years insurance due Xmas 1845 £4 10s 0d

Do. a Years Beagles £2 2s 0d

31st December 1845

Made the Ditcheat inclosure Rate and Dined at Mr C Jennings with my Brother Geo & others

IN MARGIN £1012 10s 6d Pd up

£7 7s 0d Reced of Mr Crew Jennings my Bill for Valuing lands at Penselwood between Mrs Biging and Ld Ilchester

Pd Mr Swaffields Bill £13 12s 0d

Pd H Sandiford for Apple Trees & Planting at Chilthorne £3 9s 6d

Pd a Years Rent to Lord Ilchester due Ly Dy 1845 £27 8s 3d

£30 7s 6d Reced ½ Yrs dividend Wilts & Dorset Bank due Xmas 1845

Pd Mr Wm Jennings for his 35 shares £7 17s 6d




Pd Labourers 2s

Pd Stamps 6s

Pd a Yrs Comn Rt Charge Ransom for 1845 2s 7d

Pd Thos Hows Bill £5 17s 3d

Pd Mr Nobbs of Cattistock for farriering [sic] and Shoeing £1 2s 3d

Pd Jas Groves bill £1 1s 6d

Pd Robt Pullmans Bill £1 12s ½ d

Do. John Cox 15s 10 ½ d

Do. John Edwards £1 18s 2d

Do. Cooper Jas Chubb £1 6s 4d

Do. Thos Frampton £1 1s 4d

Do. James Knell £1 14s 2d

Do. Richard Roberts £1 13s 8d

Do. Mr Sydenham of Salisbury by Check dated 16th January 1846 £2 1s 0d

Pd Mr Balster Sherborne by Check W&D £7 8s 0d

Pd Ld Ilchester for Timber for Milk House £1 18s

Pd John Groves Bill £4 8s 1d




Pd Farmer Downton for keeping two Beasts on Batcombe Hill £1 16s

Pd Pounceys Bill Evershot 14s 6d

Pd Tailor Chisletts Bill £1 3s 5 ½ d

Pd Gannaways Bill [Shopkeeper £6 14s 9d

Pd Mrs Mullens Bill £6 13s 4 ½ d

Pd James Roberts Bill £1 2s 0d

Pd Charlotte Pullmans Bills £4 4s 6d

17s 7 ½ d Received of her for Cheese

Pd Mr Upcotts Bill £2 7s 8d

Pd Mr Haynes Bill for Candles £1 17s 0d

Pd Mr Patchs Bill £2 1s 0d

Pd Mr Caines Malt Bill £9 16s 9d

Pd Mr Enson for Oil Cake £3 7s

£5 0 6d Reced ½ yrs int c/a Wilts and Dorset


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1Boswell Civil Divisions of the County of Dorset 1833.

2Boswell E The Civil Division of the County of Dorset 1833.