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Parish 10

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3 chains

John Martin Valuer

Another small parish of 760 acres it was a voluntary commutation and the original map is endorsed with the details of the meeting held at the Kings Arms but unfortunately the cropping has removed the whereabouts of the pub and it is not listed in the apportionment. It does not have appeared to survived until today. Today the village has one ‘d’ but Martin new it as Cheddington with two ‘d’s. The map is drawn to a scale of three chains per inch but is not sealed by the TC. There are no significant differences between the maps; although the title of the original has a more ornate DORSET legend than the copy, both have the names of the farms written in including the pleasingly named ‘Pretty Box’. Less pleasingly is one named ‘Rakespit’.

The tithe map and the modern map overlap exactly, surely a credit to the map maker, but even more to the planners who have not allowed overdevelopment of the village which appears to be mostly unchanged since Martin’s day. Mr Richard’s has not been traced and nor has Mr Cleall who put him up whilst staying in the village.

17th February 1838

Making out Particulars and Valuation for Mr Sabine of Cheddington late Bellamys and part of my Bill amended for him to get allowed before the Master in Chancery

Thomas Sabine farmed 8 acres 1 rood 32 perches in Cheddington as Tenant of Mr John Bellamy he paid £1 15s a year tithe. The remainder of the reference is not clear.

3rd September 1838

Went to Cheddington with Mr Richards to Measure that Parish

Unfortunately it has not been possible to trace Mr Richards.

September in Accounts

Paid Mr Cleall for Mr Richards Board &c when measuring at Cheddington £6 16 5d


List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act