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Parish 33

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3 chain

John Martin Valuer

Another Somerset parish and the same rector as at Chinnock, Charles Digby, and the same important landowner, the Earl of Ilchester although he was in good company as the Earl of Egremont had large chunks of the seven hundred and ninety five acres. An entry from 1821 finds him receiving 17s 6d from Wm Jennings for “Chiselborough Timber” so it was not the first time that he had dealings with the parish. The map is unremarkable although this is another of those parishes where the road system gives the clue as to the position of what was almost certainly at one time an open field system, even though there is no record of it’s inclosure.

There is a splendid pictorial representation of the Blessed Virgin Mary with its central spire and the map shows what might be regarded as an archetypical Somerset village as virtually all the houses, clustered at the centre of the parish are surrounded by cider orchards. A few remnants of these survive to this day. There is only one entry from the diaries

August 1845

Received of Mr Richard Randall by John Pattern his Chiselboro’ Com Expenses £5 10 3d

Richard Randall owned 35 acres and his rent-charge was £12 18s 4d


List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act