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Compton Dundon

Parish 40

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Compton Dundon



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6 chains

John Martin Valuer

Compton Dundon, in Somerset, was inclosed in 1803. Kain attributes the map to William Jennings Jnr. This is probably based on a map signature but at the time Jennings was building a career as an inclosure commissioner and it may be that Martin was involved in the inclosure but we have no proof of this. The reason for Jennings’s involvement was almost certainly the fact that the Earl of Ilchester had large land holdings in the parish. Either of these reasons might explain why John Martin was called in to apportion the parish.

Charles Pym the ATC made an award in this parish in 1841 although no reasons are given as to why this was an award and not an agreement. The rector was the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Wells but they had sold the lease to a local man, James Lloyd who claimed the tithe of ‘corn grain and hay’ at the time of the apportionment. The vicar got the rest. The parish was quite large and unusually Martin does not spell out the area of the lands but puts them into a table instead. The total award was for £448 of which the vicar got £119.

There are three centres of population within the parish, most of the tenements were surrounded by orchards as befits cider country. There is an extensive road network and it is possible from the layout of the roads and settlements to envisage where the open fields had been. Some are clearly inclosure roads. Many of the roads have narrow strips, seemingly cut from them, which contain orchards. Today these have pretty much all gone, ribbon housing having replaced ribbon orchards. The map and apportionment are signed by John Martin but there are no diary entries.

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act