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Date of Agreement / Award

Date of Confirmation of Apportionment

Agreement 11th April 1842 Valuer William Pickering

The Halstock commutation was undertaken by William Pickering who also signed his maps. However Martin was not averse to helping out his colleagues and there are two entries in the 1845 diary suggesting that Martin had some small role in the commutation.

22nd December Attending at Bridport when met Mr Pickering on the Halstock T Commutation Bills
23rd December Returned Home Charge 5 guineas to be pd me by Mr Pickering who charged it in his Bill

Halstock is an interesting parish and is considered in the In depth section.

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act

In depth Aristogyton, Lycurgus and Pelopidas ; the field names of Halstock