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Parish 21

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John Martin Valuer

Of a similar size to Compton Vallence, nearly twelve hundred acres, and yet the rent-charge was a meagre £44. Again the details are tantalisingly absent but the award states that the rent charge of £44 “was fixed under an eroneous [sic] supposition that the said Rent Charge includes a certain prescriptive payment named in the said agreement and also the Rent-Charge fixed upon the Glebe by the said Agreement and that the said Agreement as it at present stands would be unjust and if such error as aforesaid had been made known to the said Tithe Commissioners they would have declined to confirm the Agreement…..”

The award was inserted as the second page of the instrument which was unfortunate as it meant that a part of the first page had to be hatched out. The award granted the rector a further five pounds. One reason the rent-charge was so low was the existence of two moduses. One of these was unremarkable as it was a modus of 1s per cow [8d for a heifer] in lieu of the tithe of milk. The other however was modus of £2 13s payable for Hook Farm. Out of a total one thousand one hundred and ninety acres in the parish a massive eight hundred and forty seven belonged to Hook Farm. The iniquity of the situation cannot have been lost on the other villagers. Theophilus Bartlett for example owed nearly as much [£2 3s 6d] for a mere twenty three acres and must have wondered how the Earl of Darlington and the Countess of Sandwich, who owned Hook Farm could get away with paying so little.

The new rent-charge was £49 13s 4d, a mere £5 13s 4d more than the original award and as the modus on Hook farm was not altered the extra burden must have fallen on the other landowners presumably through the tithe on milk. The original and copy maps are very similar although the copy map has a few names attached to the fields, farms and Warren Hill which are absent on the original map.

17th February 1845

Received Mr Benj Popes Hook Com Expenses £1 16s 6d

2nd June 1845

Received of Mr J Pitfield his Hook Commn Expenses £1 4s 0d

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act