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John Martin

Just a short distance from Plush, the Mappowder commutation was unremarkable. The original map has been cropped so there is no signature but the copy map is signed. The church is shown in plan view and reflects the fact that it is asymmetric, see picture below. The most striking feature of the map is a minor tributary [now apparently dry] of the River Lydden which “meandering with a mazy motion” served as the boundary with the neighbouring parish of Hazelbury[1] Bryan. Using the Genealogist over lay the western boundary of the parish on the tithe map is found to overlay the modern map faithfully. Likewise each convoluted twist and turn of the River Lydden is also accurately reproduced but whereas the course of the river is in the same position on both maps in the northern part of the map by the time it has reached the south the modern map shows it to be some distance to the west of the tithe map. It is difficult to say how far apart is not known as there is no scale.

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Mappowder church has an aisle on the southern aspect and is thus asymmetric. Martin drew the church in plan view and  the map shows this feature.

1 Or Haselbury if you prefer.