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Parish 8

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3 chains

John Martin Valuer

The Mosterton maps are again unremarkable although there is one curiosity found on both original and copy maps. In addition to the usual map appurtenances there is an “Explanation” written onto the maps: “Meadow and pasture lands are coloured green, Arable and Gardens – brown, Dwellinghouses – pink, outbuildings – black, Rivers and Ponds – blue”. The curiosity lies in the fact that on both maps the explanation has been scribbled out with the scribble lines on the copy being in almost identical positions to the original: a true copy indeed. Whilst the apportionments often name the inn’s they are not usually named on the map itself but at Mosterton the local hostelry – the Anchor Inn-is marked in. The rendition of the church varies between the maps, both are in plan view, but the roof of the church on the original map is hatched in whereas on the copy it is plain but with a cross inscribed on it. The withy beds are rendered particularly well on the original map. There is only one diary entry for Mosterton and we can be confident that at least part of the parish was measured by Martin’s new assistant John Pine. [Pyne].

12th September 1838

Went to Mosterton with Mr Pine to begin Measuring


List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act