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North Poorton

Parish 3

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North Poorton



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6 chains

John Martin of Evershot in the County of Dorset Valuer

This is and was a tiny hamlet of some 659 acres in Martin’s time. It was more populous in former times with some 112 inhabitants in 1841: today only about 20. The original map is signed by the five land landowners and is signed by Martin as, “John Martin of Evershot in the County of Dorset Valuer”. It is also signed by Lieut Dawson. Most maps usually only have two signatures on them but unusually it bears the signatures of three Tithe commissioners, Blamire, Buller and Jones. The apportionment was conducted early after the Tithe Commutation act was passed so they may have been feeling particularly enthusiastic.

The copy map is not signed by the landowners, does not bear Martins’ signature and has no supplementary signatures. It is an attractive map the colours on the copy being vivid helped by the fact that the usual green and ochre are joined by a light pink as for some reason various plots in the village belonged to the parish of Poorstock.

The apportionment is unusual in that it is entirely hand written on parchment and does not use the standardised forms. A modus of milk was payable at Easter but the gardeners of the parish could not have been happy as they had to pay 1d per garden a year.

The diaries have quite a few entries relating to North Poorton and of interest is the fact he was using Mr Edwards for some of the work. There are no references to surveying or measuring. Mention is made of “Particulars casting values”. Casting meant calculation of the area of a piece of land, and I take this entry to mean that he was apportioning the rent-charge to particular plots of land according to their area and their quality. Martin also attended numerous visitations of the Bishop of Salisbury [or his stand in] and this year it was at Cerne.

21st April 1838

Went to Dorchester with the Corfe Rate and made declaration for Seven Parishes as Valuer Melbury Osmond, Melbury Sampford, Stockwood, Batcombe. Downfrome [Frome Vauchurch] Stratton North Poorton charge 1 Guinea each.

4th June 1838

Valuing at North Poorton

8thJune 1838

Went to Cerne Visitation and working on North Poorton Valuation

16thJuly 1838

Poorton Commutation Working on Particulars casting values Mr Edwards worked two days on Particulars casting.

17thJuly 1838

Poorton Commutation Working out Rent-Charges

18th July 1838

Journey to Poorton with Abstract Rent charges and examined the same with Mr Symes £2 2 0

19thJuly 1838

Poorton adjourned meeting. Mr Benjamin Jesty Buried at Bubdown [Bubdown] Mr Edwards making out Particulars for agreement 10s

14th September 1838

Working on North Poorton Commutation and assisting taking of Toller Map


List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act