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Parish 51

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John Martin

Hezekiah Bartlett Guy

Another of the Somerset commutations, the instrument of apportionment refers to this as a provisional agreement but it appears that no new agreement was made subsequently and it is in this form it was confirmed by the Tithe Commission. Martin undertook the apportionment jointly with the splendidly named Hezekiah Bartlett Guy. Once again the Earl of Ilchester owned a substantial amount of land in the parish.

The map is cropped so there are no signatures but it was clearly drawn by Martin. There is a note that plots 349-253 were wrongly included in the parish and belonged to Stourton [1]. This may have been important as there is no commutation for Stourton; it must have been a tithe free parish. Although the agreement was provisionally agreed in 1842 the work for the apportionment had begun much earlier in 1838 as the diaries show. Although the entries are not unambiguously about the commutation the entries cannot have been about anything else as the parish had been inclosed in 1821 [Kain makes no attribution for this].

5th November 1838

Examining Penselwood Map and writing out Godmanstone and Upwey inclosure Bills

19th November 1838

Working on the Penselwood Particulars

20th November 1838

Sent the Pen Map to Mr Guy and Pasting Paper

The instrument was agreed in 1844 but Martin was still at work in 1845 although again it is possible this was Poor Law work.

10th March 1845

Altering the Penselwood Rate of Expenses and sent the same to Mr Messiter Mr Baldwin slept at my House

1st May 1845

Received of Mr Wm Jennings of Penselwood Commutation Bill my own Share £56 8 6d

12th July 1845

Went to Penselwood with Edwin and Thos Gregory to see Mr Bigings Coppice

14th July 1845

Met Mr Davis at Wincanton and went on to Pen to Value lands to be paid for by Lord Ilchester and returned Home Charge £4 4s 0d expenses £1 2s 0d

December 1845 Accounts

Reced of Mr Crew Jennings my Bill for Valuing lands at Penzelwood [sic] between Mr Biging & Lord Ilchester £7 7s 0d

Mr William Heal Bigings was a local landowner, both a freeholder and a leaseholder, presumably under Lord Ilchester. Edwin was by now Steward to Lord Ilchester and whose wife Mary also held land in the parish.

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act

1The status of Stourton is not clear. Today it is a civil parish the village containing the entrance to Stourhead.