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Pitton and Farley

Parish 26

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Pitton & Farley



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This is the first of the Wiltshire commutations and there are no diary entries about it although there are several from the 1810 diary when he was involved in the inclosure of the parish. The map has been heavily cropped and no signatures are included but the instrument of apportionment records that John Martin apportioned the parish. The Rector was the Reverend Liscombe Clark of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury but unusually he had leased part of the tithe to another corporation, the Warden and Fellows of St Mary Winton College, Winton. The vicar was the Reverend Hugh Stephens and he did all the work. He got one hundred and three pounds compared with the lessees, St Mary Winton College getting three hundred and thirty.

One of the tropes about the tithe is the ‘Tithe Pig’. In fact pigs are rarely mentioned anywhere in the commutations but on this occasion there was a modus of 6d for every calf and colt and 2d for every pig. Gardeners had to pay 1d as did those who had chicken and paid 1d a year for the eggs.

The maps are unremarkable but the principal roads are named and both churches, Pitton and Farley are depicted pictorially. The most prominent feature on the map is a massive coppice of some one hundred and sixty acres which was tithe free by prescription and leased by the Earl of Ilchester.

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act