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Parish 54

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John Martin

Martin was familiar with Plaitford in Wiltshire [it’s now in Hampshire] as he had been there in 1810 when nearby West Wellow was inclosed. The parish was unusual in that it had 161 acres of titheable coppice, 420 acres of arable and 565 acres of pasture. The pasture however was concentrated , in Plaitford common. This was a massive area comprising 491 acres. A few closes had been carved into it [known as assarts] but for the rest it was given over to common pasture. The tithe map shows that there were no open fields left but the common must have been an attractive option to those keen on inclosure. But somehow, against all the odds, it survived and even today remains untouched. The assarts that can be seen on the tithe map are clearly visible, and almost unchanged on Google earth today.

There is not a lot to say about the commutation except that the rent-charge which was only £168 was low for the size of the parish. The reason being that the massive common was seemingly tithe free. Very often the rent-charge for the common pasture was included in the charge for the owners other lands but when this is the case the apportionment usually says so and this is not the case at Plaitford.

The map shows the ‘Shoe Inn’ which was still extant in 2019 and the course of the current A36. In 1843 it crossed Plaitford common and was no more than a green lane, being represented by ==== lines.

There is only one diary entry and this could well be to do with the Poor rate. The Earl of Ilchester owned the majority of the land and a relative, Henry Strangways was the Rector appointed to the job by the Earl in 1817.

James Bowles owned a modest 26 acres of mostly arable land but he paid a substantial rent-charge of £6 11s on the land. James Cocks was the owner of the Shoe Inn and appears to have been acting as the agent for the landowners by which they remitted their money to Martin.

25th August 1845

Reced of Mr Cocks on further a/ of Plaitford Rate

James Bowles £5 10s 0d

Mr Hood of London 7s 3d

The Overseers 9s

£6 6s 3d

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act