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Uploders, 1821.

Information about the Loders inclosure is scarce and oddly there are no newspaper notices referring to it. The inclosure seems to have followed on quickly after the sale of ‘the manor or reputed manor’ in 1817 following the death of its previous owner Mr Richard Travers. Unusually from this we know exactly the state of the Manor. There was only one remaining common arable field of 161 acres in the occupation of just four tenants. The waste was a mere 51 acres given over to Furze but with 50 cow leases and over thee hundred acres of meadow and pasture. It is doubtful that this constituted the whole of the parish but it is probable that until it had been sold there were insufficient landowners by number and value to get a bill of inclosure through parliament.

The bill for inclosure was introduced and passed in 1818 and the inclosure was completed by 1821. There are surprisingly few entries relating to it. In April he,

26th April 1821

Went to Bridport Respg Loder &c

and at the beginning of June he was working on the draft award, and later in the month attended the meeting where presumably the final award was made.

8th June 1821

Loder Inclosure Examining Drft of Award returned Home

29th June 1821

Loder Inclosure Meeting Examnd Accounts &c

In July he “made Loder rate”: this was almost certainly the rate that each proprietor had to pay for the construction of the private roads [1]. In the same month he was

25th July 1821

Completing Loder award Maps

Note the plural ‘maps’. A meeting put off at the beginning of August was called on the 16th around which time he got paid.

1st August 1821

Loder Inclosure put off

Working upon Chilfrome Rough scheme

16th August 1821

Loder Inclosure to sign award

Reced my Bill on Loder Inclosure £196 3s 6d

Pd Expenses of Loder Meetings £6 10s

Pd for Horse on Do Loder 2s

His last visit was on the 22nd August. Presumably there were two Lords of the Manor at this time.

22nd August 1821

Went to Loder to divide soil allotment between the Lords Sr E Nepean and Mr Down

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1Usually expressed as how much per £5 construction cost each would have to pay. See Child Okeford Inclosure.