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West Wellow, 1810.

The bill for the West Wellow inclosure was introduced on the 20th February 1809 two days before the Plush inclosure bill. The record shows it was in Wiltshire at the time; today it is in Hampshire. Once again William Jennings was one of the commissioners the other being George Barnes. Martin is not mentioned in any of the notices for the inclosure and is not named by Kain as the map maker [nobody is]. We know that John Martin was involved in the West Wellow inclosure however from three entries in March 1810,

30th March 1810

Set off for Plaitford slept at Woodyates Inn

31st March 1810

Meeting at Plaitford to sale [sic] Timber Wellow Inclosure

1st April 1810

Set off from The Shoe [1] at Plaitford to Bishopstone slept at Andover

Plaitford was just a very short distance from West Wellow and we know little more about the inclosure, although as was often the case with John Martin his connections with parishes ran long and deep. In 1845 he appears to have been involved in the Poor’s rate at Plaitford.

25th August 1845

Reced of Mr Cocks on further a/ of Plaitford Rate

James Bowles £5 10s 0d

Mr Hood of London 7s 3d

The Overseers 9s

£6 6s 3d

20th October 1845

Reced of Mr Crew Jennings Revd Mr Strangways Plaitford Rate £12 0s 7d

In the latter entry we almost certainly see the reason that he attended the parish in the first place. The Reverend Henry Strangways was a member of the extended Fox-Strangways family. Martin had also commuted the tithes in Plaitford in 1843. This was a small inclosure that was completed in 1811. The Wellow Village website has this to say of the inclosure:

“No details are known of the results of the East Wellow Inclosure Act of 1730, but the whole parish was already owned by the Duke of Chandos. The 1809 West Wellow Inclosure Act was different because it divided the areas of common land among a large number of smaller landowners and left a substantial area of common land which remains today as West Wellow Common.”

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