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Winterbourne Monkton

Parish 28

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Winterbourne Monkton



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3 chains

John Martin Valuer

A small parish of six hundred and thirty one acres just to the south of Maiden Castle. It is unusual at apart from a modus of 4d per milk cow the rest of the tithe had been paid in kind. The landowners and rector could not agree the rent-charge so George Lewis ATC was called in and he “estimated the clear annual value of the said Tithes in the manner directed by the said Act of Parliament and have also taken into account the Rates and Assessments paid in respect of such Tithes during the Seven years of average prescribed by the said Act”. The term rates and assessment does not usually appear in an ATC’s award and it is not sure what was meant by this. It is possible that they were used in deciding how the rent-charge was to be apportioned. Reference to the tithe file [if available] might clarify this.He ended by awarding the rector one hundred and thirty one pounds and twelve shillings.

The maps are unremarkable with barely nine houses in the parish. They were received in the Tithe Commission in March 1841 and December 1841. There is one entry relating to Winterbourne Monkton and as it was from 1838 and the award was not made until 1839 it suggests Martin was still valuing the tithe in the old manner. This would not be a surprise for there were no monetary compositions or moduses in the parish and the tithe being paid in kind would have to be valued each year.

20th December 1838

Valuing Monkton Tithes Slept at Dorchester

The parish was inclosed in 1816 by Wm Jennings so Martin may have been involved in this as well.

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act