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Parish 35

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6 chains

John Martin Valuer

This was a small parish, seven hundred and six acres of titheable land. But its smallness belies the extremely complicated ownership of the tithe. The rector, William Rush Hallett owned the majority of the tithe, however the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury owned a part of the tithe of some lands and they had leased their portion to Margaret Kitson of Torquay and Henrietta Shuckburgh of Downton in Wiltshire. Margaret Kitson had died and her sons Walter and William had inherited her share. Finally there was the vicar George Cookson who did all the hard work. In the event the Rector got £100 9s 3d, the Kitson boys £7 and the poor vicar a mere three shillings and fourpence. Mind you he did not have to work too hard. There were only seven houses in the parish. Ancestry does not have a version of this map on it’s website. The only version to see therefore is the Genealogist original.

There are no diary entries concerning the commutation but in 1838 Martin had gone to Wytherstone [as he spells it],

8th August 1838

Mr Banger – Went to Wytherstone and Valued Tithes of Farms and divided the same between Tenants – slept at Wytherstone Charge 3 Guineas

9th August 1838

Working upon the same all the Morning and returned Home and Went to Batcombe in the afternoon respg Rate

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act