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Wootton Fitzpaine

Parish 48

Date of Agreement / Award

Date of Confirmation of Apportionment

Wootton Fitzpaine



Date on Map

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3 chains


Kain attributes the map to John Martin but the commutation was done by John Symonds with whom Martin had worked at Symondsbury. It is not clear why the map was attributed to Martin. The original copy of the map has been cropped heavily so there are no signatures, although in the bottom right corner there is an intriguing “ot; 1838” which could, with some imagination, be the remnants of “John Martin of Evershot; 1838”. There is an Exd ### signature on the copy map but it is not clear as to what this signifies and is probably the signature of one of those men at the Tithe Commission who examined the maps.

The map is dated 1838 which is itself odd given the date of the agreement and there are substantial differences between the maps. The cartouche and title are completely different on each map and the coppices on the copy map are plain unfilled plots; on the original map the plots are filled with trees. Near Westover farm and Green Pit Bridge there was ford and on both maps there is a simple depiction of a pack horse bridge. Both maps are drawn to 3 chains to the inch but the copy map is crude in comparison. Buildings when depicted on most maps were drawn in with either a very steady hand or a rule. On the copy map some of them are wobbly. Wootton House on the original map has a nice depiction of the gardens and plantation; the copy map is a bare lined shape. There are no diary entries for Wootton Fitzpaine and frankly the maps do not bear the mark of John Martin, despite their attribution.

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act