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Baruch Fox/William Henning

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John Martin Surveyor

The nine hundred and twenty two acres at Wraxall earned the rector £173; just £5 less than the rector at Winterbourne Stapleton with its greater acreages. Just another of the quirks of the tithe system. The actual apportionment was done by two apportioners, Baruch Fox and William Henning. This seems a bit over the top, because there was only one landowner in the parish John Stein who farmed all of the land himself apart from the thirty acres of glebe land.

There are no diary entries about the commutation but Martin had long history of calculating the tithe at Wraxall dating back to 1821. The parish of Wraxall was annexed to the parish or Rampisham in 1756 and in 1794 the Rector, William Pace was instituted in the parish. He had a very long run in the parish although most of the work from 1826 was undertaken by stipendiary curates. In 1821 there are at least four occupiers of the Glebe Land and it might be supposed that these also held other lands in the parish. By the time of the commutation only one, William Curtis remained.

Martin himself had farming connections at one time with Wraxall as this entry from 1827 indicates,

8th January 1827

Went to Wraxall with my Cows. Mrs Martin put to Bed of a Son ¼ past 8 o clock in the evening named Arthur

The river Frome runs through the parish, or at least one of it’s tributaries does, with the result that there were in the parish a ribbon of willow beds running along its length. Martin reports selling one of these in 1827.

22nd January 1827

Sold Andrew Groves Willow Bed at Wraxall at 55s

Rope Yarn 33 yd at 7d

When it came to 1839 all the tenant farmers with the exception of Wm Curtis had gone, Mr Jesty had given up or left the farm and the whole parish was in the ownership of Mr John Stein.

List of Commutations under the Tithe Commutation Act